Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Summer Live Cheers 1
Location: Summer Live Stage
(Special Task) Subaru Akehoshi Full Render Bloomed
Yahoo yahoo yahoo☆

Today’s finally the day of the Summer Live we’ve been waiting for! Like its name, it has a very summer feel to it; the sun’s all sparkling~☆


Jun Sazanami Summer Live Dialogue Render
…Why are you so full of energy, Akehoshi-san…?

You’ll run out of gas quickly if you start out with a dash like that~ We’re going to be performing nonstop in this heat, after all.

Hiyori Tomoe Summer Live Dialogue Render
Yes yes! Subaru-kun is still young, so shouldn’t he be fine?

Instead, we should be careful not to be influenced by his enthusiasm and get ourselves too excited… Jun-kun♪

You’re still bad at pacing yourself, after all! You greenhorn! Ahahahaha☆

Jun Sazanami Summer Live Dialogue Render
How come that you look the most animated when you’re putting other people down… Ohii-san~?

Geez, with Akehoshi-san here, the two of you together are even more grating.

Hiyori Tomoe Summer Live Dialogue Render
Yes yes, being full of energy is a good thing!

Listening to his story, he seems to be shouldering a rather heavy past—that he can smile so innocently in spite of that, is it because he’s strong or just dense?

Well, that doesn’t matter! Other people can do whatever, but we’ll follow our own rules… We will simply perform elegantly, like we always do!

(Special Task) Subaru Akehoshi Full Render Bloomed
Eeh~ Don’t be so distant! We’re here as comrades today, so let’s harmonize our paces! Let’s do our best☆
Hiyori Tomoe Summer Live Dialogue Render
Yes yes! I’ve said this many times before, but you all should address me in polite language!

Even if we’re comrades, we’re not equals~ I’m higher in status and older in age than you, so you should act meek towards me, okay?

(Special Task) Subaru Akehoshi Full Render Bloomed
Ahaha! You’re still talking about boring things like status, even though we’ve practiced together like buddies for a whole week?
Hiyori Tomoe Summer Live Dialogue Render
For just a week—right? It isn’t good to delude yourself with the thought that you understand the person you spent such a short time with!
(Special Task) Subaru Akehoshi Full Render Bloomed
Right, practice is practice, after all! Maybe if we can succeed together on the real deal, we’ll be even closer?
Jun Sazanami Summer Live Dialogue Render
(Hnn~… Akehoshi-san’s awesome. He’s conversing with Ohii-san normally~ Like, what they’re saying properly mesh.

On the surface, Ohii-san is acting insulting like always, but he seems to be having fun under that.

He’d often reject job offers he doesn’t like or cancel on the last minute.

But it seems he’s planning to see Summer Live through to the end.

Well, I’ve got no complaint if he’s willing to do his job properly, but it doesn’t feel like you, you know… Ohii-san?)

Hiyori Tomoe Summer Live Dialogue Render
Hmm? What’s wrong? I’d like that you refrain from staring at me! My face shouldn’t be anything new to you after all this time, right, Jun-kun?

Ah, don’t tell me! Does seeing me act relatively intimate with Trickstar members concern you?

When we work for Eden and stuff, you’d have a sullen look on you when seeing my closeness with Nagisa-kun, don’t you~… Jun-kun♪

Ahaha, so you’re jealous!

Don’t worry, don’t worry! As Eve, you’re my partner, Jun-kun! Of course, if you turn out to be useless, I’ll quickly switch you for another kid!

Jun Sazanami Summer Live Dialogue Render
…I have a lot to retort, but… you do realize you’re not being yourself, right?

Aren’t you being strangely excited? What, did your heartstrings got tugged by Trickstar? Did you get lost in the fun of playing friends?

You understand what we’re here for, right?

Hiyori Tomoe Summer Live Dialogue Render
Of course! Rather, the fact I’ll have to take on an undesirable role hereon makes me so uneasy—that I’m simply running away from reality by acting like a drunk!

Honestly, Eichi-kun asks the most troublesome favors…

Perform with everything you have as if to crush Trickstar, he said.

Unlike Eichi-kun, I don’t make it a hobby to bully the weak, you know?

If I were to crush insects underfoot as I walk, my impeccable attire will be sullied! A foul weather…!

Jun Sazanami Summer Live Dialogue Render
Kicking others down to no end, isn’t that the reality of the deceitful idol industry?

I’ve decided my resolve a long time ago, y’know~ On the day I enrolled to Reimei Academy.

Hiyori Tomoe Summer Live Dialogue Render
Yes yes! To be unmindful of diving into mud is the nature of hyena—that drive to improve is one of your few strengths!

I might not dislike the thought of learning from your example on that point… Jun-kun♪

Fufu. To be honest, just spending a mere one week together… has turned me quite fond of Trickstar.

All four of them have their unique shine, their own radiant talent; they’re such adorable and fascinating children.

But that’s why… this spotlight is not for Eden, for fine, nor for Adam—it’s for us Eve.

Those other groups might just accidentally find themselves destroying those sparkling ores, but…

We’ll polish them gently as if to comfort them, and make them shine to the utmost under the summer sun♪

If the number of excellent idols increase, the concept of idols will achieve a great rise in its value!

In other words, it benefits me! My policy is to nurture anything that’s worth nurturing, even if they’re enemies!

Jun Sazanami Summer Live Dialogue Render
Okay, okay. Well, we’re soft compared to those two from Adam…

Let’s defeat them gently, in a way that won’t kill them.

My condolences, gentlemen of Trickstar. Maybe you were beside yourself with joy just by being able to participate in SS, but life isn’t so easy.

I’m pretty fond of you guys, too.

At least we’ll rock you in our arms and comfort you, like a mother~…♪

Translation: kotofucius
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