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Summer Live
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Season: Summer (夏)
Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Chapters: 27
Hiyori Head.png Jun Head.png Subaru Head.png Hokuto Head.png Mao Head.png Makoto Head.png Rei Head.png Eichi Head.png Tsumugi Head.png
Chapter List
  • Prologue
  • Omen: Ch 1 - Ch 2 - Ch 3 - Ch 4 - Ch 5
  • Foreign Enemy: Ch 1 - Ch 2 - Ch 3 - Ch 4 - Ch 5
  • Exchange: Ch 1 - Ch 2 - Ch 3 - Ch 4 - Ch 5
  • Monologue
  • Cheers: Ch 1 - Ch 2 - Ch 3 - Ch 4 - Ch 5 - Ch 6 - Ch 7 - Ch 8
  • Epilogue: Ch 1 - Ch 2
Story Notes

Associated Songs: DIAMOND SUMMER, Sunlit Smile!

  • This isn’t important, but I just noticed after this chapter that Subaru refers to Hiyori as Ohii-san as in おひ~さん which is a tiny bit different than Jun’s おひいさん, haha.
  • Aside from Prologue, Monologue and Epilogue, all of the chapter names are actually two kanji words, though it’s difficult to carry over to English. “Cheers” (the wording I choose might be confusing, but it’s cheers as in when you toast) in Japanese is pronounced kanpai (乾杯) and it’s a homophone of “total defeat’ (完敗, kanpai), which is… what Trickstar experienced in that chapter. I didn’t mention it before because other chapter names might be wordplay I’m not aware of too, and it’ll be strange to just point out that one, but oh well.
  • Kiseki series is written in katakana (キセキ), but in the event name (輝石☆前哨戦のサマーライブ), kiseki is written with the kanji for pyroxenes (輝石), and separately these kanjis mean sparkling (輝) and stone (石).
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