'Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
Summer Lesson Chapter 5
Location: Grounds
Subaru Akehoshi Summer Lesson Dialogue Render

Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!

The water walker is red a-i-u-e-o. The small shrimp are swimming in the submerged seaweed, too. The persimmon tree, the chestnut tr-...[1]

Hm? I finished what I was doing and have time, so I was doing some vocal training~☆

Ukki~? Ukki~ is still running. Hokke~ is... Ah, looks like he's on his way back. Heey, Hokke~!

(Happy Sunset) Hokuto Hidaka Full Render Bloomed

Don't yell so loudly.

Good grief, you've only finished that sort of menu and you can be so lively.

Subaru Akehoshi Summer Lesson Dialogue Render

Really? If you compare it to Hokke~'s demonic training, this much is really relaxing, relaxing~♪

(Happy Sunset) Hokuto Hidaka Full Render Bloomed

Even though you're good enough to do it, it's your bad point that you're not able to show that all the time.

... At any rate, that guy, Isara, has he come back yet?

Subaru Akehoshi Summer Lesson Dialogue Render

He really is a bit late, huh~? I'll go and see.

Eh, Anzu will go?

(Happy Sunset) Hokuto Hidaka Full Render Bloomed

That's right. We had better leave this to Anzu, don't you think so?

Until they come back, we'll continue to work hard with our intensive training. Come, Akehoshi. Let's go.

Subaru Akehoshi Summer Lesson Dialogue Render


See ya, Anzu. Take care of Sari~ okay? ☆

(Blossoms in the Night Sky) Mao Isara Full Render


Is this clean enough?

When it comes to watermelon juice, it doesn't come off very easily when you wash it with water, huh? This is taking longer than I thought it would.

But it's really hot huh...

In this heat, even my jersey'll dry up right away, I guess, but...

Ahh damn it, I want to dump water on my head! That's how hot it is!!

... At any rate there's no one around, so it should be okay to bathe a bit in the water, right?

Phew... At last, I've come to my senses.

Aahh, the water is cold, it feels good. As always, bathing in cold water during the summer is the best... Huh?

(Blossoms in the Night Sky) Mao Isara CG
(Blossoms in the Night Sky) Mao Isara Full Render

Whoa, Anzu!? Since when were you th-...!?

Ah, I hadn't come back yet, so you were worried and came looking for me?

No, I had originally planned on coming back right after I'd cleaned off the stain from my jersey.

But, it's this heat, y'know? It makes me want to bathe in cold water like this.

Then, it kinda feels like it was wrong timing that Anzu found me, yeah~?

... Umm, that is, Anzu?

When you're just standing there staring like that, it's embarrassing y'know.

Hm? It's rare for me to have my bangs down? Well, that's because I usually have them up, huh?

It's become pretty bothersome so I want to have it cut any time now, but I've gotten used to this hairstyle.

H-hey, don't get all red like that. It's kinda awkward, isn't it!?

(Up til Anzu transferred, there were only boys here, so at times like these, how should I deal with this so it'll be okay~?)

(A-anyway, it's bad for Anzu if I stay half-naked like this forever.)

(I should put my bangs up like I usually do...)

A-as I thought, it feels more calming this way, huh?

Anzu feels that way too? Y-yeah, that's right, yeah.

Well then, shall we go back to where Subaru and the others are soon? If Anzu heads back late too, then those guys'll probably worry, right?

We'll meet up with them, quickly, and catch up on what we missed, then~♪

  1. Subaru is reciting a poem called 五十音 (Gojuuon/Fifty Sounds) by Kitahara Hakushuu, which is commonly used for voice training exercises because of how it uses all the sounds of the Japanese syllabary. The section that Subaru says is a portion of the first three lines: 水馬赤いなあいうえお/浮藻に小蝦も泳いでる/柿の木栗の... (Amenbo akai na a-i-u-e-o/Uki mo ni koebi mo oyoideru/Kaki no ki kuri no...) If you're interested, the full poem is here (though this is in Japanese). Also here is a video of someone actually reciting it.
Translation: Riitranslates
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