Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Summer Flowers Chapter 8
Location: VR Corridor
Makoto Yuuki Summer School No Glasses Dialogue Render
…Ah, so that’s what you mean. Got it.
Natsume Sakasaki Summer School Dialogue Render
“Oh? Have I given you too many hints by any Chance?”
Sora Harukawa Summer School Dialogue Render

“HuHu~♪ We will edit the video before sharing it online, but this live broadcast is getting a little too long…”

“Sora guesses Shishou is giving Yuuki-sensei hints to speed things up?

Makoto Yuuki Summer School No Glasses Dialogue Render

Yeah, thanks for the helpful hint. I see… Man, this sure is a good game.

A gap of information… It was stupid of you to tell me that– the information war happens to be my field of expertise.

There’s a lot of information kept away from me right now, the most important one being what I need to do in order to complete the game.

The game keeps displaying my bottle, so I thought my objective was to fill it up until it was full. But is that not it, by any chance?

This game has pretty exaggerated aspects to it, but for the most part it’s based on the way things are in reality. And in reality, the goal of a bee is not to collect honey.

That is the bee’s means to achieving its goal. It uses the honey to supply its children and queen with nutrients– to keep its friends and family alive.

So my queen and larvae should be somewhere in this VR environment.

I’ve got to find them and give them a certain amount of honey to complete the game…right?

But since I didn’t know that, the viewers were watching me keep collecting honey for no reason and finding my misdirected actions amusing.

They were waiting for me to figure out my objective with anticipation. That’s what performing using a gap of information means, right?

Natsume Sakasaki Summer School Dialogue Render

“Hehe. You’ll See… We will not be helping you any Further.”

“You completing the game quickly has its own set of Problems, so we’ll be doing our bests to disturb you from now On ♪”

Sora Harukawa Summer School Dialogue Render
“HeHe~♪ Time to add a bunch of enemies and launch a bunch of traps ☆”
Monster C “He figured it out… He figured it out…”
Monster D

“You’ve figured out the reality of this world, you bastard!”

Makoto Yuuki Summer School No Glasses Dialogue Render

Eeek! So many evil monsters are showing up!!

They already look super gross, but the stuff they’re saying are so unnecessarily profound and horrifying! I don’t wanna mess with them! Time for a detour!

Monster E “Hold your horses! We won’t let you leave this place alive, you inferior fool…!”
Makoto Yuuki Summer School No Glasses Dialogue Render

(Eeek! A huge herd of enemies!)

(Taking the game’s capacities into consideration, I’m guessing most of them are powerless fakes…)

(I think they duplicated them to try to trick me into thinking there are a bunch of enemies.)

(But what if this is a trap where I think that and then it turns out that they were all real all along?!)

(You of Morning Glories) Makoto Yuuki CG
Makoto Yuuki Summer School No Glasses Dialogue Render

(All I can do is run away! Even if I fought I wouldn’t win-- I’d just be using up my honey supply!)

(Ugh! They’re attacking from all sides of the corridor! I can’t go forward or back!)

(What should I do? Should I just open this door, dive into the classroom and then jump out the window to escape?)

(I’ll probably die if I make the wrong choice! Ahh, this is so fun! I’m being forced to make so many decisions on the spot!)

(This thrill is so addictive! It's the biggest charm of gaming ♪)

(You only have one life in reality, so you can’t be very reckless...)

(But in games, you can take on life-threatening challenges as many times as you want!)

Summer Flowers Chapter 8 Scene Change
Location: Garden Space
Hinata Aoi Summer School Dialogue Render

Mhmhmhmm ♪

Here! I’ll water you too, Anzu-san! We don’t want you having a heat stroke ♪

Woah, a counterattack!

You’ve been so cheeky recently-- you’re really not holding anything back! That’s fine with me though-- I’ll make you soaking wet ♪

Ahaha, sooo fun ☆

But is this seriously fine, Anzu-san?

You’re our producer, so you should be busy in summer break, right? How can you afford to help me with my gardening?

The same does go for Yuuki-senpai, but...he was going to the cafeteria to eat, and then he ran into me…

So he just casually started helping me out.

But I’m fine! I’m doing this because I enjoy it, anyway.

It’s not my job or anything, so I wouldn’t be causing anyone problems if I just neglected the garden and let all the crops rot.

So aren’t there more important things you should be doing? You’re both so bad at using your times efficiently ♪

...I am grateful though. Working on my own makes me feel lonely.

Hmm? Ah, yeah, Yuuki-senpai’s been helping me a lot recently! Man, what a weird guy he is!

Sure we started the revolution with Trickstar and all that, but I’d never talked to Yuuki-senpai before…

So this all just feels so fresh and interesting!

Yuuki-senpai is sooo nice… And surprisingly reliable, too! It sorta feels like I got myself an Onii-chan!

Makoto Yuuki VR Dialogue Render
Hinata Aoi Summer School Dialogue Render
Woah! Speak of the devil! Uhh… What’s going on, Yuuki-senpai? Are you done helping out?
Makoto Yuuki VR Dialogue Render

Is this it?! This is…

Ahh, I missed! This is a real actual field, isn’t it? Is this one of Sakasaki-kun’s traps?! Or, no, maybe I’m just wrong?

Hinata Aoi Summer School Dialogue Render
H-heeey? Huh? Can you not hear me?
Makoto Yuuki Summer School No Glasses Dialogue Render


Aah! You scared the life out of me! Don’t just suddenly take my goggles off, Anzu-chan!

If you cut the connection without doing the official procedures, some unexpected problems may occur and cause bugs-...

Hinata Aoi Summer School Dialogue Render
Makoto Yuuki Summer School No Glasses Dialogue Render

Huh? Ah, Hinata-kun!

Sorry! Did you think I was ignoring you?

I can’t hear sounds from the real world once I enter the VR environment!

Hinata Aoi Summer School Dialogue Render

...Ah, nah, that's fine. Anzu-san told me what you're up to while she was helping me out with gardening, so I'm aware.

That aside, I’m sure you didn’t mean to do this, but uh… Care to take a peek under your feet, Senpai?

Makoto Yuuki Summer School No Glasses Dialogue Render


Aaah, I’m so sorry! I didn’t notice I stepped on your field!

You’d said you’d planted new seeds here, hadn’t you? Aaagh! I completely ruined it!!

I’m so, so sorry! There are flowers all over the VR world, so I couldn’t really see what’s under my feet!

Ugh! I got so invested in my game that I caused trouble for people in reality! I can’t call myself a gamer anymore…!

Translation: Kona
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