Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Summer Flowers Chapter 7
Location: VR Corridor
Almost an hour later
Makoto Yuuki Summer School No Glasses Dialogue Render

(Alright, so far so good ♪)

(This is an original game that the Game Research club made, so I don’t know exactly how long it is…)

(But based on the icons I see on my scree-...around me, I think I’m near the end right now.)

(I was able to advance all the way here without making any big errors...I think.)

(The point of the game is simple. This entire VR environment is a beautiful flower garden, and I’m a honeybee exploring it.)

(But looks like they couldn’t prepare the CG of the honeybee outfit in time, so it’s sorta like a make-believe.)

(Since I’m a honeybee, my goal is, obviously, to collect honey.)

(I’m able to collect them by touching the flowers placed all around the school.)

(The amount of honey you can collect from a flower is in proportion with the flower’s size. I can get honey from the teeny tiny flowers all around me as well.)

(But I think my goal is to collect more than a certain amount of honey…)

(Well, Sakasaki-kun didn’t tell me what exactly I have to do to beat this game, so I can’t be sure, but...)

(I think I’m supposed to be collecting honey from big flowers rather than the tiny ones.)

(But those flowers have a bunch of enemies protecting them.)

(I guess they’re useful insects protecting flowers from harmful ones, birds that eat bugs, and stuff...)

(I’m just a frail little bee, so I can’t beat them.)

(But I can shoot a certain amount of the honey I’ve collected through this syringe-shape gun I got.)

(It’s sorta like a birdlime-- I can use it to stun enemies for a fixed amount of time.)

(That’s my only means of attacking them, but it obviously drains the honey I’ve worked so hard to collect, so I absolutely can’t waste it.)

(I guess managing your honey is a big part of this game.)

(If you keep using your honey to run away, you won’t die, but you also won’t ever be able to clear the game.)

(It’s a simple game, but it’s well made. Not only that but...yeah, it’s pretty fun, too ♪)

(I think I got the knack of it-- if I can keep going like this, I should be able to finish the game pretty fast.)

(Maybe I shouldn’t be playing through it so fast, though.)

(I guess I have a “clumsy character” sort of image as an idol.)

(Sakasaki-kun’s been contacting me from time to time-- according to him, that part of me is pretty popular.)

(The audience seems to be having fun… They’re so enthusiastic in fact that Harukawa-kun’s apparently feeling a bit tired.)

(I’m glad… I’m fulfilling my duty properly...)


Natsume Sakasaki Summer School Dialogue Render

“Yuuki-kun. You’re getting silent and focusing on the Game, but we can’t have that during a Program...rather, a Let’s Play.”

“Please react to things in a flashier Fashion, or at least report the Situation, no matter how bland it may Be.”

Makoto Yuuki Summer School No Glasses Dialogue Render
Ah, yeah, got it. I shouldn’t forget that there are people watching me.
Natsume Sakasaki Summer School Dialogue Render

“Exactly. As we didn’t have much time to Prepare, this game of ours is rather monotonous and Boring.”

“So the energy of this video depends on your Variety Show Power.”

Makoto Yuuki Summer School No Glasses Dialogue Render
“Variety show power”... No, I think it’s a pretty fun game though?
Natsume Sakasaki Summer School Dialogue Render
“Ahaha. As the Game Research Club, we have decided we cannot trust your views of Fun."
Sora Harukawa Summer School Dialogue Render
“HaHa~♪ Yuuki-sensei, if you find this fun, then Sora bets you’re the kinda person who’d pull an all-nighter for three days just to play Tetris!”
Makoto Yuuki Summer School No Glasses Dialogue Render
Huh? But isn’t Tetris fun…?
Natsume Sakasaki Summer School Dialogue Render

“Normal humans cannot stand playing games where you do the same monotonous things over and over Again.”

“The brain craves rest to save its Energy, so game developers are required to come up with ways to keep their players interested in the Game.”

“Not to Mention, in a Let’s Play, a gap of information between the player and the viewer stimulates Interest.”

“An example would be coming across a puzzle people can easily find the answer to using walkthrough Sites, and showing them how confused and troubled you Are.”

“It is just a little Trick, but it gives the viewers a feeling of superiority and makes them feel Good.”

Sora Harukawa Summer School Dialogue Render
“HiHi~♪ It is a technique used a lot in sketch comedy! The one where people go ‘Behind you! Look behind you!’”
Natsume Sakasaki Summer School Dialogue Render

“Kids nowadays don’t usually know about that Stuff, do They? You hold knowledge about some strange Things, Sora…”

“Well, what he said is fitting, However.”

“By establishing a difference in the amount of information the two parties Have, we can allow the viewers to have a simulated experience in which they watch the Foolish, confused player from the viewpoint of a God.”

“It’s like seeing a child make a cute Mistake, and finding it Charming.”

“That is why ‘clumsy’ characters who lack talent and skill are loved more than perfect Prodigies.”

“Idols Are...No, You, Yuuki-kun, are also the type of person who delights his fans with That.”

“People who see you don’t only make fun of and laugh at You, they also feel love towards that part of You.”

Translation: Kona
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