Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Summer Flowers Chapter 5
Location: At the bulletin board
Almost an hour later
Makoto Yuuki VR Dialogue Render

Hah…! Hah…!

Dammit! I always thought that maybe the guys from the Game Research club were a little funny in the head sometimes– turns out I was right!

T-they’re treating me like their toy…!


S-sorry for bumping into you! I was sure you were a character in the game, so I thought I could maybe slip through you…

Huh? Sorry, I can’t understand what you’re saying! I’m wearing earphones right now, so I can’t hear anything other than the game’s BGM and stuff!

Ugh… The SVRS really is filled with problems… Well, that’s why we’ve gotta do a trial run and debug.

P-please wait! I’m taking my goggles off now!

Makoto Yuuki Summer School No Glasses Dialogue Render

Hah! Ahh, how I’ve missed you, the real world! I feel like I’ve come back to life ♪

Wai-, huh? Anzu-chan! You’re the person I walked into?

Thank god it's you! I was scared it was a scary delinquent or something ♪

Well, I haven’t really seen anyone like that around recently…

Hehe. Really sorry for walking into you… What are you doing at the school during summer break?

We’re doing the trial run for SVRS right now, so entering this part of the building is forbidden right now…

Yeah, Sakasaki-kun said he used his mysterious authority to reserve this place.

Ahaha. So you were aware of that, but you got too absorbed in your work…

You just remembered hearing about it, so you picked up all your stuff and tried to leave.

Hehe. You seem like such a proper person, but you’re pretty careless sometimes ♪

Huh? You try not to be careless during work, so it’s alright?

Ah, no, don’t accept everything I said like I was scolding you…

Woah! The goggles are vibrating! And they’re making a weird beeping noise too!

W-what is this…? I think they’re monitoring me, so did Sakasaki-kun notice I took off the goggles? Is he complaining?

Huh? Ah, yeah… I’m, like, helping out with the trial run for this new technological device called the SVRS.

It's a VR system I developed along with the Game Research club, and it actually turned out really well!

I want to let you try it out once we’re done with the debugging and everything.

It still doesn’t operate perfectly, so it’s not exactly safe… I guess it’s better if you don’t touch it.

Ah, you’re interested? Yeah, VR is amazing! It feels so futuristic ♪

Ehehe. I like new stuff, so getting to use new technologies makes me pretty happy…

Is that a nerdy thing to say?

Woah, the beeping’s getting stronger and stronger! The sound's making me a bit anxious!

Ugh… But yeah, we did this and that and…in the end, we happened to complete the SVRS.

We’re the developers, yet even we don’t know how and why it’s working properly.

So right now our goal is to check how well it’s working, stabilize and possibly improve its functions, and then figure out a cheap way to mass produce it.

Seems like Sakasaki-kun wants to give every audience member one of these goggles during Switch lives.

So we absolutely have to mass produce it, but we don’t have enough money for that.

We pretty much exclusively used our own money for the development costs, but we will need even more money from now on.

So right now we’re performing for investors in hopes to convince them to help…so like crowdfunding, I guess.

A small event that includes a trial run…

If anyone who watches it thinks “Man, that’s nice”, “I wanna use that system too” or something, they’ll offer us some money.

Everyone will only give like 1000 yen or something, but that should build up to a significant amount.

Looks like some business people have come as well, so I feel like we may be able to reach our goal.

But it’s like the entire event is just people watching me do the trial run and laughing at me…

It’s like…how should I put it…like a let’s play?

That’s a pretty hip thing, and it’s fun to watch…

But being forced to play some weird game I don’t understand is such a pain! They’re expecting me to react to stuff in funny ways, so it’s making me a bit nervous…

Well, I guess it’s like a rehearsal for variety programs… Not to mention I lovegames, so it’s not like I’m not having fun.

But I’m not just sitting in front of a screen and playing with a controller– this is a VR game, after all…

I’ve gotta move my body in real life, and boy is that hard! I’m getting tired…

Ah, sorry I complained so much. Anzu-chan, they’ll probably get angry at you for staying in this forbidden zone for long, so you should probably leave.

I’ll also prepare myself and return to the game.

We worked so hard on developing the SVRS, so I want to put it out to the world and let lots of people enjoy it… So I’ll do my very best!

Ahaha? You’re asking if there’s anything you can help with?

Hmm… Nah, no need. You’re supporting us as always– I guess that’s enough to make me happy.

Just knowing that you’re out there supporting us gives us all the power in the world!

Translation: Kona
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