Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Summer Flowers Chapter 4
Location: AV Room
A couple minutes later
Makoto Yuuki Summer School Dialogue Render
Excuse me, I’m coming in…?
Sora Harukawa Summer School Dialogue Render
HaHa~♪ Sora is back, Shishou! Just as you wished, Sora brought Yuuki-sensei with him! Sora wants his reward!
Natsume Sakasaki Summer School Dialogue Render
Alright, this was a fair exchange after All. You love Lollipops, so here you Go ♪
Sora Harukawa Summer School Dialogue Render
Waaah! Sora loooves these ☆ Licky licky ♪
Makoto Yuuki Summer School Dialogue Render

Uh, Sakasaki-kun… Care to explain what’s going on?

We haven’t been in contact for a while, so I’ve been a little worried. Has the SVRS been well since then?

I’ll help you out if you need debugging or something.

I mean, we’ve worked so hard on developing this! I want to be involved with it as much as I can until it’s complete.

Natsume Sakasaki Summer School Dialogue Render

Yeah, that’s why I called for You. As thick-headed as you may Look, you’re as good at guessing as Always ♪

Just sit in an empty seat for Now. I will be explaining the situation to not only You, but to all our guests who have gathered here as Well.

It wouldn’t be efficient to explain the same thing over and over Again, so this way we can be done with it in one Go.

Makoto Yuuki Summer School Dialogue Render


Woah! The AV room is full of people I’ve never seen before!

Natsume Sakasaki Summer School Dialogue Render

I’m sure you have seen some of Them. These are mostly our Schoolmates, after All...

More people have showed up than I had Thought. I sort of wish we had arranged a wider Room.

Hehe. It’s summer Break, after All. Everyone must be bored out of their Minds.

In any Case… Dear Guests, please be Silent!

We will now be beginning the trial run and explanatory meeting of the Switch VR System, SVRS in Short!

Sora Harukawa Summer School Dialogue Render
Clap clap clap ♪ Ehehe! Sora is looking forward to this!
Makoto Yuuki Summer School Dialogue Render

Uh, yeah, me too...? I’m still not sure what exactly is going on though. I’m totally lost.

So a trial run, huh...? Well, he did say we needed to do that earlier.

Natsume Sakasaki Summer School Dialogue Render

You two over There, cease your Whispering. We will hold a Q&A session after the Run, so be quiet and listen to me for Now.

Umm, Ahem ♪ Please look at the documents you’ve been Given!

The details are written There, but the SVRS is basically a revolutionary VR system we have Developed!

I’m sure you are all aware that “VR” stands for Virtual Reality.

The SRVS aims to trick the five senses and cause players to confuse dreams with reality and actually feel Them.

Perhaps one could call the SVRS a magical item that allows the user to experience a dream while maintaining their Consciousness.

But it is probably hard to understand through my words Alone, and I’m sure it is boring for those who are already familiar with the Matter… So let us demonstrate its functions at Once.

Now, Yuuki-kun. Put on these Goggles.

Makoto Yuuki Summer School Dialogue Render
Huh? M-me? What?!
Natsume Sakasaki Summer School Dialogue Render
Put them on! Abrakadabra ♪
Makoto Yuuki VR Dialogue Render

Eek? Ugh, you guys are both so pushy! Explain everything properly!

Wai-, huh? Is-...have you booted up the SVRS already?

Natsume Sakasaki Summer School Dialogue Render

Yep. It is hard to understand from the Outside, but one of the developers of the SVRS, Yuuki Makoto-kun, is in dreamland right Now.

Yuuki-kun, can you tell us what you’re seeing right Now?

Makoto Yuuki VR Dialogue Render

Ah! Yeah! Woah, a bunch of colors are wriggling around in circles and mixing in together!

W-what the heck is this?! It’s gross!

Natsume Sakasaki Summer School Dialogue Render

Ahaha. I guessed how those with Synesthesia, such as Sora, must see the World.

I figured I could perhaps understand Sora’s feelings better if I saw the same things he Does.

Makoto Yuuki VR Dialogue Render

Harukawa-kun, you always see the world like this? Hah? Doesn’t your head go weird?!

Sorry, but can I take the goggles off for a second?

Sora Harukawa Summer School Dialogue Render
HiHi~♪ Sora sees those stuff all the time. But unlike Sora, Yuuki-sensei seems to think the world of synesthesia is uncomfortable and gross...
Makoto Yuuki VR Dialogue Render

U-uhh? It’s more like I can’t tell what’s what?

What’s that beautiful, sparkly thing over there? Is it...Sakasaki-kun by any chance?

Natsume Sakasaki Summer School Dialogue Render
My, I seem “beautiful” to You? That makes me sort of Happy ♪
Sora Harukawa Summer School Dialogue Render
Yes! Shishou is always beautiful and sparkly ♪
Makoto Yuuki VR Dialogue Render
Yeah, like a jewel...
Natsume Sakasaki Summer School Dialogue Render

Hmm, how Interesting. As I Said, that is the world of Synesthesia, so you should be able to perceive Smells, sounds and everything visible as Colors.

But we can only guess how that must Feel, so I don’t think either of us can say I’ve perfectly replicated what Sora Sees.

Anyhow, let me go back to explaining this to our Guests.

Yuuki-kun is currently having a dream that I have Prepared. Or Rather, he is in a Dream, like Alice in Wonderland.

After Yuuki-kun, others who are interested may test it out as Well.

I guarantee that you will be able to experience a dream more Sophisticated, Natural, and high quality than you would with even the most prominent VR technologies out There.

Do you all understand the meaning and value of this Technology? It can be used in all sorts of Fields.

For Example, we are Idols, so we are planning to use it for our Performances.

For Instance, if we have our viewers wear SVRS Goggles, we can make them see magical Performances.

We can demonstrate all sorts of Miracles. We can shoot fire from our Hands, make flowers bloom alongside our dance Steps...

We can have a volcano explode the moment our song hits its Climax, we can create Rainbows...anything is Possible.

Anything that can’t be created in real Life, or would at least require an absurd amount of money to perform on Stage, can easily be shown using the SVRS.

We can create a performance filled with Magic, which would fit Switch Perfectly.

Makoto Yuuki VR Dialogue Render
Ahh… Is that why you guys started developing the SVRS?
Natsume Sakasaki Summer School Dialogue Render

Yes. Peculiar performances involving magic tricks and chemicals is our unit’s trademark, after all.

We are Magicians. We showcase Dreams. The method we use does not Matter.

We shall use VR Systems, a cutting-edge Technology, to decorate our Performances.

Some amusement parks already have shows that use VR Technology.

We also want to adopt such fine Technology, so that we will not lose to Them.

Of Course, there is also the fact that we love games more than anything Else.

We thought That, if we had VR Technology, we could enjoy interesting games we have never gotten to play Before.

We knew that this project being successful would provide us with a great Profit, and it failing would just mean that we had killed some of our Time. Thus, we were able to start development in a rather casual Fashion, and for better or Worse, we have Succeeded.

It was all fun and games until Here, but we’ve got to be fair and discuss the bad as Well-- there are still many problems surrounding the SVRS.

We have gathered you here in order to solve Them.

“And what exactly are those Problems?” you may Ask. Well, quite Unsurprisingly, it is the same problem one can find anywhere in the World.

To put it Simply, we don’t have enough Money. Thus, we want you to invest the money we need in order to develop and improve the quality of the SVRS.

Translation: Kona
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