Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
Summer Camp - 8
Location: Tent Area at Camping Site
(Nemesis Summer) Rei Sakuma Full Render Bloomed
Hmm. These branches are spread out perfectly for a tree shade. This would be an excellent time for a nap, so I suppose I’ll take a short break.

How could I have not noticed that a camp site existed this close to the academy?

It would be very comfortable to roll around in a cool room with air-conditioning, but listening to the murmuring of the stream and feeling the wind on my skin is not bad as well ♪

Koga Oogami Camp Dialogue Render
Hey, vampire bastard! What’re you doin’ mumbling to yourself. Are ya talking to your imaginary friend or somethin’?
(Nemesis Summer) Rei Sakuma Full Render Bloomed
Oh, Doggy. What’s wrong? You were supposed to be setting up the tents with Adonis-kun, weren’t you? Have you finished already?
Koga Oogami Camp Dialogue Render
Yeah, a long time ago. Looks like Adonis went to help “Ra*bits”.

Every one of ‘em are so tiny, so I guess he can’t help but feel the urge to help and protect ‘em.

They didn’t even ask him to do all that.

(Nemesis Summer) Rei Sakuma Full Render Bloomed
I see, it’s a very Adonis-kun thing to do…♪ It’s not very often that we come to a camp site, so go play in the river when you’re finished.

As much as I would love to join you, I’m afraid the sunlight is too much for me. I feel as though I’ll turn into ashes the moment I set foot outside of this area.

Miss Anzu has requested the teachers for a training camp with “Ra*bits”,

So it shouldn’t be an issue if you had a lesson with one of their members.

You’re a very caring boy as opposed to your appearance, Doggy.

I am worried whether you’ll force them to undergo a spartan-like training and it’ll become traumatic for them, but if they cannot overcome that, it just goes to show that’s all they’re capable of.

Nevertheless, it’s not as though they have requested for a proper lesson, so it should be fine if you showed them a couple of dances steps, that sort of thing.

I’m counting on you, Doggy ♪

Koga Oogami Camp Dialogue Render
Say what? So you’re telling me you’re gonna escape to someplace cool and observe from there?

You were the one who asked her… the “producer” for an opportunity like this ‘cause “UNDEAD” wasn’t makin’ any progress, right?

This ain’t no different than how you acted in the academy then. All you did was coop yourself in the coffin while we practised by ourselves. Some training camp this is.

And here I was, hoping that you’d be able to move during the daytime for practice.

(Nemesis Summer) Rei Sakuma Full Render Bloomed
I’m sorry to say I’ll have to go against your expectations, Doggy. I can practise when the sun has set, so you only have to be patient for a short while.

I’ll be resting here, but I can still watch over you all.

I could only take note of the situation by sound when I was in the coffin, so compared to that, this is much better to some degree, is it not?

It appears they’ve finished setting up the tents and Tenma-kun is dragging Adonis-kun to the riverbed.

Hmm. This is a rather unexpected picture.

Koga Oogami Camp Dialogue Render
He’s the guy who declared that he’d protect all those who are weak, y’know? I bet he’s thinking that it ain’t a good idea if he tore himself free from the kid’s grasp only to see him fall and trip.
(Nemesis Summer) Rei Sakuma Full Render Bloomed
Why don’t you go and join them, Doggy? You can do the doggy paddle, can’t you? I shan’t be worried about you drowning then.

I don’t particularly like the water, it’s about as dangerous as turning into ashes in the sun. It’s rather disappointing to say in the least. I may have failed as your master.

Koga Oogami Camp Dialogue Render
Daaaah! I’m not a dog, got that! Besides, how many times have we had this conversation!? Don’t ya ever learn…!?

Dammit, now you’ve made me shout for no damn reason… You better not move an inch from here, vampire bastard. It ain’t my fault if you scatter into a thousand pieces!

(Nemesis Summer) Rei Sakuma Full Render Bloomed
I have no intentions in turning into ashes, so rest assured.

Look, Adonis-kun and his friend have already entered the river as we were talking. You should go along now if you wish to join them.

Koga Oogami Camp Dialogue Render
I’m not a kid who wants to play and mess about in the water.

You’re taking a break, Adonis went to the river, and that playboy’s… Come to think of it, I can’t believe he actually agreed to take part in the training camp.

(Nemesis Summer) Rei Sakuma Full Render Bloomed
Surely, it’s because Miss Anzu is here.

It wasn’t necessary for her to come along, but it appears she told the teachers that it was natural for a “producer” to do so. I have no complaints, so I let her come.

I’m sure Kaoru-kun wouldn’t have taken part if Miss Anzu wasn’t here.

Everything worked out as desired on my end, and it seems he’s sticking to her like glue as they’re working on setting up the tents.

Koga Oogami Camp Dialogue Render
Anzu’s a girl, so there’s no way she can sleep in the same tent as us.

It doesn’t look like that playboy’s used to setting up tents, so I’ll go and help them.

(Nemesis Summer) Rei Sakuma Full Render Bloomed
Hmm. It appears he’s just getting in the way of things; they’re not getting anywhere, considering how he’s moving his mouth and not his hands. Go help them out.

If you chase Kaoru-kun away, I’ll praise you like a good boy~♪

Koga Oogami Camp Dialogue Render
No thanks! First you treat me like some dog and now you’re treating me like a kid? Annoying, much.

Well, whatever. Guess I’ll finish that up in a flash and then I’ll go teach those first year “Ra*bits” a thing or two ♪

(Awakening Heat) Kaoru Hakaze Full Render Bloomed
Anzu-chan, just let me hammer the pegs. I’m good at this kinda stuff~ I’m not kidding. Really, I mean it ♪
Koga Oogami Camp Dialogue Render
You’re just taking your sweet time. Hakaze… -senpai, pass me the hammer, I’ll do it.
(Awakening Heat) Kaoru Hakaze Full Render Bloomed
Ohh, Kouga-kun. I don’t remember calling for your help. Me and Anzu-chan can handle this ourselves, so can you go somewhere else?
Koga Oogami Camp Dialogue Render
On the other hand, Anzu looks overjoyed to see that I’m here to help.
(Awakening Heat) Kaoru Hakaze Full Render Bloomed
Say what~? I finally get to be alone with you, but you’re saying that you prefer to be with Doggy here instead?

That hurts, you know? Well, I guess it’s okay. You’re not running away from me if our eyes meet now, anyways.

I guess there’s no need to rush things since we’re slowly getting closer to each other~ ♪

Koga Oogami Camp Dialogue Render
You’re awfully positive in some weird ways. Not that I’d wanna learn a thing or two from you.

There, done. I’ve hammered the pegs down pretty hard, so you don’t needa worry ‘bout it flying off.

Huh? There’s no need to thank me. I just helped out halfway through, so you should be thanking Hakaze-senpai instead.

(Awakening Heat) Kaoru Hakaze Full Render Bloomed
Thank you, as well, Hakaze-senpai, huh…? I don’t really like the idea of how it feels like you’re just saying that because Kouga-kun told you to, but you’re welcome, I guess ♪

Since we’re finished here, want to go play in the river, Anzu-chan? Sakuma-san won’t move an inch during the day, you see~ So to be honest, I’ve got nothing else to do.

Besides, we don’t usually get to come to a camping site. Anyone would get bored from having lessons from the first day, right?

Koga Oogami Camp Dialogue Render
Is playing with Anzu all you’re thinkin’ about? Whaddya gonna do about lunch?

You’re in charge with that first year kid, Shino, remember?

(Awakening Heat) Kaoru Hakaze Full Render Bloomed
Oh, right. I wanted to make lunch with you instead, but we can do that during dinner~

I hope you’ll look forward to it, Anzu-chan.

Translation: Creampuffs
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