Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
Summer Camp - 6
Location: School Store
Akiomi Kunugi School Dialogue Render
A training camp… you say?

“UNDEAD” had a similar request, so we might as well hold a combined training camp with the unit Tenma-kun is affiliated with, “Ra*bits”.

Mitsuru Tenma Summer School Dialogue Render
“UNDEAD”…? That’s the unit Ado-chan-senpai’s in, y’know!

So, I’ll get to be in a training camp with Ado-chan-senpai, huh. I’m so happy I feel like jumping up and down, y’know~ Boing boing ♪

Akiomi Kunugi School Dialogue Render
Perhaps I should adapt one of the school rules into “no jumping about in the hallway”.

Putting that lecture aside… with a combined training camp, you can deepen your relationships with each other as well as improve yourselves.

Anzu-san, can you gather “UNDEAD” together and let them know in my stead?

Thank you. Now, Tenma-kun. I shall give you a strict lecture in the staff room, so be prepared.

Mitsuru Tenma Summer School Dialogue Render
I-I’m sorry, sir! I think I just remembered something important, y’know!

Looks like it’s an emergency, probably. So, let’s save the lecture for another day, y’know. Dash dash!

Akiomi Kunugi School Dialogue Render
Hey, wait! Tenma-kun, you won’t get away today…!
(True to Himself) Tomoya Mashiro Full Render
*Wheeze… pant…* Mi…tsuru, where’d you go…

*Inhale, exhales…*

Ah, Anzu-san. Have you seen Mitsuru around here?

There was a student who saw him buying bread from the school store, so I thought he’d be here somewhere.

…Huh? Kunugi-sensei saw him buying and eating bread, and then he ran away from his lecture?

Hmm, guess I was a step behind… Mitsuru’s in the Track and Field Club, so he’s got really fast legs.

Kunugi-sensei’s probably going to lose him midway though.

Um, you were just with the two of them, right, Anzu-san?

Then, you must have heard about the training cam-- Ah, so you have.

A training camp with “UNDEAD”…? Wait, you’re talking about that “UNDEAD”, right? How did we end up in a combined training camp!?

“UNDEAD” came to you for advice then you told Kunugi-sensei about it…

And Mitsuru was talking about something similar, so we might as well have it together, huh.

I’m surprised. I can’t believe “UNDEAD” would be thinking of something like that, too…

Uuu, I thought it’d just be us members of “Ra*bits”, so this is pretty unexpected. I’m feeling a pain in my stomach. I hope I don’t collapse from nervousness…

No, it’s not like I hate the idea of a training camp with “UNDEAD”. It’s just that they’re a little scary.

Nii-chan talks to them from time to time and it looks like Mitsuru has a senpai from the same club who’s also in “UNDEAD”.

Well, Mitsuru’s friendly, so I’m sure he’ll be good friends with all of them in no time, though.

I’m slightly worried since there’s a scary senpai there…

What’s his name? Um, Oogami-senpai.

I haven’t spoken to him much, and I know it’s not right of me to label him as scary, even if I don’t know him very well, but…

I saw a really angry and menacing Oogami-senpai before. It’s not like he was yelling at me, but he was so terrifying, I just froze on the spot.

Ever since then, I’ve always thought he was someone intimidating.

I know he might turn out to be someone really nice, so I hope we could get along somehow ♪

…Woah, sorry for talking for so long.

I’ve got to let Nii-chan know about the combined training camp, so I’ll take my leave now… ♪

Summer Camp - 6 Scene Change
Location: Shopping District
(True to Himself) Tomoya Mashiro Full Render
(And the day of the training camp has finally come. Ever since I told them the news, Nii-chan, Hajime and Mitsuru were overjoyed.)

(I’m happy too, of course, but I didn’t even get much sleep last night because I was so nervous. It’ll be troubling if I stifled a yawn in front of our senpais.)

(I’ll hit my cheeks to get some fighting spirit.)

*Slap slap!* Alright, that should be enough!

(We are going to be in their care, more or less, so I bought some drinks from the supermarket, but they’re not as cool as they were when I first bought them.)

(I should have brought a cooler or something. I don’t have time to go back now and get one… Maybe I should buy one from the supermarket.)


(I feel like I’ve seen the person walking in front of me somewhere before. It might be Anzu-san seeing how she’s wearing a skirt. It definitely won’t turn out to be that perverted mask, right?)

Anzu-san…! Thank goodness, so it really is you. Good morning ♪

Oh and please treat me kindly in the next few days! Huh? You don’t have to be so formal…?

I-I didn’t mean it like that, but I suppose I’m a little stiff from feeling nervous.

Maybe I’ll take a drink and calm down… Ah, would you like one, too, Anzu-san?

I’ve got soft drinks, tea and other ones, so pick whichever one you like ♪

Yeah, I’ve got a lot, right?

We’re going to be having a training camp with “UNDEAD”, so I bought these for everyone as gratitude, and seeing how we’ll be in their care and all.

Although, they’ll probably be lukewarm by the time we reach the train station.

You can drink the tea that way, but carbonated drinks taste way better when they’re cold!

Ahaha, guess I faile– huh? You can use my bag if you like… you say?

That’s a cooler you have there. Anzu-san, do you carry this with you wherever you go?

Ohh, so you put drinks and snacks in there. I’m grateful you brought this with you, even if it may have become a habit of yours… ♪

Alright, I’ll take you up on that offer and use it, then ♪

Translation: Creampuffs
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