Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
Summer Camp - 4
Location: Staff Room
Akiomi Kunugi School Dialogue Render
Good grief, where has Sagami-sensei gone off to during this busy time?

There is a mountain-load of documents on his desk, and I’m sure he hasn’t even taken a look at it. The dates on the papers are from before the summer break.

He’s brought in personal belongings into the infirmary and appears to be staying there,

But what good is it if a teacher breaks public morals. He’s setting a bad example for the students, so it seems I’ll have to tell him a thing or two when I find him… Oh?

Anzu-san, is that you? If you’re looking for Sagami-sensei, then I’m afraid he’s not here.If you don’t mind, I can pass your message onto him.

Hmm, so “UNDEAD” has asked you to find a cool location as they’re lacking in practice.

If that’s the case, then how about here?

There is a camp site 30 minutes by train from the train station. I’ve taken numerous other students there before and it’s a nice area surrounded by nature.

If you wish to reserve the camp site, then Sagami-sensei and I shall accompany you.

Students from Yumenosaki Academy usually use the camp site around this time of the year, so bookings may be full, but…

It appears you’re lucky, no one has applied for a booking.

Anzu-san, how are you with time?

I see. If you’re free, then can you please wait here for a moment? I’ll confirm if there are free bookings at the camping site.

Summer Camp - 4 Scene Change
Location: Hallway
Mitsuru Tenma Summer School Dialogue Render
(Ugh~ Anzu Onee-chan wasn’t in the classroom.)

(When I asked the people inside, they told me she came to school, but… they didn’t know exactly where she was.)

(Nee-chan’s looking after a lot of units, so I thought she might be in the Light Music Club Room.)

(I took a look, but she wasn’t there.)

(Fuu, it feels so cold, y’know. My head’s spinning ‘cause I don’t know where to go, y’know~…)

(Uuu, I ate the cookies Hajime-chan gave me, but I’m getting hungry already.)

(My stomach’s growling, y’know.)

(It must be because I ran all over the place looking for Nee-chan. The school store should be open at this time of the day, y’know.)

(I’m gonna eat bread bread, bread and fill my energy levels~ ♪)

Summer Camp - 4 Scene Change 2
Location: School Store
Mitsuru Tenma Summer School Dialogue Render
And I’m here ☆

There’s bread with cheese, bread stuffed with red bean paste, red-ish looking bread and… there’s even yakisoba bread, y’know.

They all look so good I’m drooling, y’know ♪

…I’ve decided! I’m gonna buy the bread that’s stuffed with red bean paste and the yakisoba one, y’know.

Red bean paste bread is Ado-chan-senpai’s favourite, munch munch!

Woah, the shop assistant told me off ‘cause I was eating inside the store, y’know. I’ve gotta watch my manners, y’know, heheh ☆

Munch munch, gobble gobble ♪

The bread with the red bean paste is so good since it’s stuffed with it~ It’s so weird that they’re always left over when they’re so delicious, y’know.

I wanna share this with Ado-chan-senpai, but the Track and Field club doesn’t have any club activities today. I’m sad, y’know~…

After I eat this red bean paste bread, it’s the yakisoba one. Munch munch ♪

The yakisoba bread is the second most popular bread at the school store, so it’s rare to see leftovers of them, y’know. Maybe it’s 'cause I’m lucky today.

I feel like something awesome’s gonna happen today, y’know~ ♪

Translation: Creampuffs
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