Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirement: Intimacy Level 10
Subaru Akehoshi Sub Story Part 2
Season: Spring (春) Location: Classroom

Morn~ing, Transfer Student ☆

Huh? Huuh? Transfer Student looks pretty lifeless today? C’mon, look outside!

The sun’s shining brightly—what awesome weather we’re having~ These sorta days increase the tension!

I even took Daikichi for a walk around the Academy this morning, you know~ ☆

Eh? A late night? You stayed up all night, Transfer Student!? Ahh, no wonder you’re so sleepy~

I also stay up playing games, and I remember how painful it is the next day.

You know, I really love shiny things, so I unconsciously get caught up in collecting gold coins~

But it’s in-game money, so it’s not like I’ll be able to touch it in reality.

Being able to collect shiny things but not touch them—that’s way too sad~……

Hm? You didn’t actually stay up playing too many games? Homework? Hmm, did we have any?

Ah, aaah—! The physics homework, right. Come to think of it, there was that~ You’ve got a good memory, Transfer Student ☆

Me? I just remembered now because I heard it from you, so of course I haven’t done it.

Ahahahaha, you don’t need to panic so much, Transfer Student. The physics teacher isn’t that strict, after all.

I think they’ll just give me a lil warning and then it’ll be over ♪ This is coming from someone with experience, so I can’t be wrong!

I should properly hand mine in? Transfer Student sure is diligent~ Yep. You’re kinda like Hokke~

Hokke also gets really mad when I forget my homework~

Oh yeah… If he finds out about this, I wonder if I’ll get another scolding……

Sigh…… Hokke’s lecturing is so long and wordy, and listening to it makes you sleepy.

I always fall asleep half-way through~ ☆

Hmm, what a pinch I’m in. Is there no goddess here who will show me her homework, I wonder……

Aw, jeez—that’s where you’re supposed to say you will, Transfer Student ☆

Eeeehh!? “No”!? You gotta help me out here! Transfer Student—no—Goddess……!

N-next time I better do it……? Ah~ It’s not like I hate doing homework, you know.

It’s just that I put it off till later because no worries and all~ That’s why I forget every time ☆

Ah, I think I’ll be able to remember if I receive a reminder from Transfer Student!...... Maybe.

If you add that shiny thing into the deal, then I’ll definitely remember! I promise.

Ahaha, even though Transfer Student shares some similarities with Hokke, you’re really kind~ Using rewards alongside punishments—as expected of someone like a Producer.

I think I’ll cause you more trouble from now on too, so let’s get along, Producer ☆

Translator: Nhi
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