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Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirement: Intimacy Level 2
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Season: Spring (春) Location: Grounds

Wait, wait, Daikichi!

If you run around so much you’ll get tired! Or rather I’ll get tired before then!

Wait, don’t pull! You’ll rip my arm off!

Hm, did you find something shiny?

You like shiny things too, huh? You won’t even pass up a little coin on the side of the road.♪

Oh, transfer student! Hi hi!☆

What are you doing here on the weekend? Or am I just making a mistake and it’s actually a weekday?

Crap, if I skip class, Hokke will get mad at me!

Hm? Right, yeah, it’s definitely Sunday! Thank goodness.☆

That’s confusing, transfer student! Why are you wandering around school with your uniform on?

Well, I’m wearing my uniform too. They won’t let you in here in regular clothes!

Ahh, right, you transferred here! You probably still have forms to fill out. Good work coming here on the weekend.☆

I’m sorry… You’re so busy, and we involved you in this whole showdown with the student council.

I got it, I’ll buy you a can of juice in apology! There’s a vending machine over there.☆

Oh, I found some forgotten change in here! Lucky!☆

There are a lot of celebrities and stuff at our school, and a lot of them just leave the change in the vending machine!

Look look, Daikichi! Money! So shiny!☆

You’re mine now! Ahahaha!☆

Hm? Oh, this is my dog! His name is Daikichi[1]!

He’s very lucky! And he loves shiny stuff, just like me.♪

On Sunday mornings, the upperclassmen in the basketball club are really insistent about staying inside, so I don’t have club activities.

But in the afternoons, they get excited and put their all into it, and it turns into a practice from hell.

So I’m free in the morning. But it’s boring staying at home, you know? So I’m taking a walk!

This school is huge and the scenery is nice, so it’s perfect for taking walks!♪

Oh, Daikichi! Stay, stay! Don’t jump on the transfer student!

You’ll get her uniform dirty. It’s still all sparkly and brand-new!

Or maybe Daikichi’s excited because it’s sparkly…?

Wow, a fresh, new uniform! That’s just like you, transfer student. Everything about you is shiny.☆

Here, some juice! Go ahead and drink up! It was no coincidence we met up here!♪

When you’re done, give me the can! I like aluminum cans, they’re so shiny.☆

Oh?! Transfer student, why are you throwing it? Littering is bad!

W-Wow, that’s avant-garde. I’m impressed, transfer student!

Huh, you’re saying I should go pick it up?

If I want it, I should take it with my own hands?

Okay, I’m okay with that! I got it, transfer student! Nice, producer!☆

I, Subaru Akehoshi, will take that can with lightning speed!

It’s a race to see who can get that can first, Daikichi! Ahahaha!☆

  1. Daikichi means "Great Luck"
Translator: YumenoUkihashi
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