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Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirement: Unlock in (Basketball Guidance) Subaru Akehoshi's Idol Road
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Season: Spring (春) Location: Grounds

Mm~ It's really good weather today ☆ It's the perfect weather for a walk, huh, Daikichi? ☆

Hey, hey, don't get all excited, dashing off like that!

Tugging me by the leash, my wrist's gonna tear off! It'll tear right off~♪

Huh, it's Transfer Student! Yo, yo, good morning~☆

What are you doing, this early in the morning? Me? I'm doing my usual, with Daikichi... That is, I'm walking my dog. ☆

W-whoa... Down, down, Daikichi, don't jump up on Transfer Student! You'll get her uniform all dirty, you know~

Sorry, okay? My dog, he really likes you, Transfer Student ♪

Hmm. To build up your stamina, you go jogging every day? Really, that's admirable!

It's true that sometimes, Transfer Student, you get so exhausted that you can't move, huh~?

Well, you are a girl. I think that it can't be helped that you don't have much stamina compared to us. But I guess that's pretty frustrating too, huh~ Transfer Student, you sure have guts ☆

Alright. If that's the case, then I'll cooperate too! If Transfer Student grows stronger, it'll also benefit us Trickstar!

Ju~ust kidding. If it were Hokke~, he'd probably say that huh? ♪

Simply put, when I see you doing your best, Transfer Student, it makes me really happy! I'll do my best too~!

Okay, okay. If that's the case, I've got an idea. There's a fun way that you could train your body. Come with me!

I'll teach you something interesting ☆

Scene Change: Gymnasium
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C'mon, c'mon, have you gotten changed? Ahaha, my gym clothes are all baggy on you, huh? ☆

Though, Transfer Student too, if you're doing things like jogging, it’s better for you to wear something like your jersey from the start, not your school uniform, you know?

Well, I was also walking my dog in my school uniform, though ☆ It's a pain to change clothes every time, so I get it!

Transfer Student, you've got some guy-like qualities once in a while, huh~? ♪

Anyhow, c'mon. Have a basketball match with me, right away ☆

Huh, what are you staring at me blankly for? Like I said, let's play basketball! Basketball!

It's really fun~ Way more than just plain running ☆ Well, try it just for the heck of it, okay!

I've wanted to play ball games and stuff with you, Transfer Student ☆

It can't be helped, but it's gotten to be that I only hang out with you, Transfer Student, during idol work.

I wanted to have fun and play around for no reason more, like a regular high school student ☆

... Am I the only one that thinks so?

So come on, it's fine to just do whatever at the start! Don't worry about things like rules!

It'll be dull to just do it strictly, right? That's what I think ☆

This ball, we throw it high into the air with a who~osh ☆ Like a shooting star! If it goes into the basket, it's OK.

Just learn that for today and head home, okay? Transfer Student, wanna try too?

Wow, you're way more powerless than I thought! The ball didn't reach the basket at all!

It might be better if you threw it from a bit closer? Right, right. Ahh, that's not it. A little more like this. Your legs should be like this, your arms like this...

Oops, I'm sorry. I touched you without asking. U~m but I couldn't just watch!

I see, the arm strength of a girl's about this much...?

Interesting! I don't get to interact with girls my age that often, so I'm really curious watching you, Transfer Student!

From now on too, even more and more... Teach me about more things, "Producer" ☆

Alright, Daikichi, go and get the ball~♪

It's a contest to see who could bring back the ball faster, yahoo! ☆

It's fun! If you're also having fun, Transfer Student, I'd be happy too ☆

Ahh, it's really good weather today! It seems like it'll be the best day ever ☆

Translator: Riitranslates
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