Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirement: Automatically unlocked
Subaru Akehoshi Idol Story Part 1.png
Season: Spring (春) Location: Starmaker Production Lobby

Howdy doo, Producer! Look over here! Aaaand-- Smile!

Alright, now give me a peace sign...☆

OK, got it! This is the most you've sparkled yet ☆

Thanks for your cooperation, Producer! See ya~♪

... Ah, you wanna know what I'm up to? Jeez, you sure are greedy! I really love that part of you ☆

Wait, that's not it, uh-- You really haven't heard anything, Producer? So maybe Eichi-senpai came up with this idea totally on his own?

Okay, to catch you up, I guess you could say I'm going paparazzi on idols who're represented by ES?

I was told to do something like, shooting videos of idols and talking to them and stuff, you know?

Yep. The other day, Eichi-senpai asked for me personally. I was like, what the heck's going on?

'Cause I'm never really sure what that guy's thinking, though that's nothing new.

Though last year, Sakuma-senpai did the same thing, come to think of it...

Maybe it’s something to do with observing another idol’s activities and being inspired by it, so you could get a proper understanding of what is considered “normal” for idols…?

I heard that if you make footage of some good looking stuff, PR can use it...

But I'm no photographer, and I don't think anything shot on this camera's actually usable.

And for some reason, especially with idols who I barely even know, it seems like when others see me they shy away, like they’re too nervous.

Man, I don't really like getting that kinda reaction...

There's no need for them to be so scared~, I'm pretty friendly, aren't I?

Huh? You think he's also hoping I can get our more unmotivated coworkers psyched up by talking to them too?

Ahh, maybe... Eichi-senpai does that sorta thing too, he'll suddenly ambush and surprise you.

It'd be nice if he could trust everyone a little more~ But I guess it does seem like if you leave 'em alone for too long, they start to slack off one after the other for some reason.

I wonder why they get that way...? Like, I’m personally always 120% motivated to do something, y’know?

Anyway, It's pretty rewarding in itself. We pretty much bled out a bunch of funds during our BIGBANG, so I've been hurting pretty bad for money--

So I like, immediately accepted his request.

It's getting pretty fun, anyway. And if I can have fun and make money, that’s just the best.

Yup yup. Chatting with idols and taking videos with a camera is real easy money, ain’t it!

It's a pretty good break from doing Lives, and it's really fun to do too!

Since it's Eichi-senpai's request, I don't think the footage I took'll be used for anything particularly bad either.

And for now... since adults can be so fussy about this, the company has gotten permission to interview beforehand too.

Hm? But I just took a video of you without permission just now, you say?

It's just something I did because I felt like it, so since it's not for work it's fine! It's for my eyes and personal enjoyment only ☆

Huh? But I should still ask for permission before taking a video of someone? You're right! Sorry!

Then lemme get a do-over-- Producer, is it okay if I shoot a video of you while we talk a bit?

It is? Yaaay, you're so nice, Producer! This is why I love you!

Thanks! With this video, I won't be lonely even when you're not working with us!

Huh? You're sorry you can't partner up with us as much anymore?

No worries, no worries, it's not like you're exclusively our producer or anything, y’know~?

... It does get pretty lonely, though. But that's just how it is, we've both become crazy-famous.

Yeah, ‘cause we won the ultimate face-off for idols -- the annual SS, and all...

Somehow, we got ridiculously popular from that, or I guess it's more like our value in society's risen or something~?

The new kids at Yumenosaki Academy ask me if I'm “THE Subaru Akehoshi-san from Trickstar”, and ask for my autograph with nervous looks on their faces.

I keep getting surprised whenever I hear their screams from afar.

Like, just about this time last year, we were just some nobodies.

It's a total 180 from then, but it is what it is... I can’t really get used to it, so I keep feeling dumbfounded by it.

But, it is thanks to everyone's help that we won the SS, and I appreciate the recognition we got from that, so...

This is way better than getting no attention, and just rotting away like some rando, that's for sure.

There's still days where it feels pretty surreal, but I'm gonna keep pushing through it.

Dad probably also had a moment in his life like this looong ago -- So I’ll keep on going like this, as an idol.

Anywho! That's why, so that I can keep working as an idol in peace, I’ve gotta listen to what the bigwigs ask just a little bit, right~?

After we made a mess of our whole out-of-nowhere "BIGBANG" thing, it feels like we’re being watched by ES, soo...

I'm not saying we have to kiss up to them, but we still gotta show them that we’re willing to listen to what they say as long as we’re in agreement.

I mean, there’s nothing good you get from antagonizing everyone and isolating yourself.

And so, that's why I'll keep doing paparazzi hunts of idols one after the other!

On the weekdays I've got school, and I'm otherwise busy with Trickstar, so I'll get through as many as I can on my days off!

But there's still people like Sakuma-senpai or Tsukinaga-senpai, who're so popular you can't get a single word with them, and others like Natsume or that little blondie, who can't even be located...

So I’m in a rough spot right now, and I thought you'd be able to tell me where they are and what their schedules look like, Producer.

Yeah yeah, that's why I came to this office! But, y’know, you looked like you were having sooo much fun doing work!

So I got so caught up in taking a video of you and admiring your sparkle that I forgot why I came here in the first place! Aahaahaa☆

Yup, I looove your smiling face the most..☆

I'd be happy if you'd love our smiles just as much!

This has been Trickstar's number one star, Subaru Akehoshi!

Alrighty, I'll get out of your way so you can finish your producer work now!

Bye-bye~, see you next time! Hope you're looking forward to it too ♪

Translation: Peace
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