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Writer: Happy Elements K.K Year: 2018
Subaru Akehoshi Birthday Celebration - Natsume.png
Location: Birthday Party Venue

Baru-kun, Happy Birthday... ♪

What's with that surprised Look? Didn't you call for a Magician?

What a shame, and I even came all the way here because I promised Little Kitten I would.

Ahh, right. Sorry, I only just heard about this, so I couldn't get a present for you in Time.

Woah! Why are you hugging Me? Could you not? It's suffocating... Yeah, I got that you're happy, so...

Is it really that surprising that I'm here? Fufufu, though I would've been more surprised if you said "Just as I expected"... ♪

Translator: Euni2319
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