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Writer: Happy Elements K.K Year: 2018
Subaru Akehoshi Birthday Celebration - Makoto.png
Location: Birthday Party Venue

Why, hello~! Look who came forth~?

Uh— Akehoshi-kun? Why aren't you saying anything? This is the moment to say "Tadaaaaah!☆" you know!?

Jeez, don't joke around like that~! I really thought you forgot to do a followup...

You know how we're called the "idiot duo"?

That name makes me really, really happy. Makes me feel like we're super close... ♪

You're the only one who can be my partner in this duo, so let's keep working together, okay?

Um, this ended up being last, but... Happy birthday, Akehoshi-kun!

Translator: Euni2319
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