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Writer: Happy Elements K.K Year: 2018
Subaru Akehoshi Birthday Celebration - Koga.png
Location: Birthday Party Venue

Oi, Akehoshi. Don't get too hyper just cuz it's your birthday, take proper care of Daikichi.

He just ran around everywhere cuz he was left alone, y'know?

I stopped him in time, but he was seriously this close to jumpin' into the cake.

Guess Daikichi's hyper just like his owner, eh? Hehe, there's really no helping you~ ♪

Huuuh? You're just fine on your own, Akehoshi. Don't give me that "be nice to me too!" crap!

Well, I guess I could say this to you at least, so you better be thankful! Happy birthday!

Translator: Euni2319
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