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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
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Location: Strawberry Farm
Hinata Aoi School Dialogue Render.png

Hm~ It feels like the party's in full swing but, everyone, could you give me a sec?

Today, the entire time we were working... I was sending messages back and forth with Anzu-san on my smartphone.

Shinobu Sengoku Casual Winter Dialogue Render.png

Ehh, with Anzu-dono? Amazing, Hinata-kun is a man of valor, is he not!? For myself, I am completely tense toward Anzu-dono, thus I am unable to send her messages.

Hinata Aoi School Dialogue Render.png

It's better if you message her diligently, y'know, since that person's a worrywart.

"The seniors have already graduated so I wonder if Ryuseitai is okay~?" She was worrying like that a bit.

So today, I messaged her with "I'm going to help Midori-kun picking strawberries~"... Because of that, I was told to ask about it.

Since we're mutual friends in the same year, it's probably easier for you to talk to me, she thought.

Shinobu Sengoku Casual Winter Dialogue Render.png

It is not that I am particularly hiding anything from Anzu-dono, however... Anzu-dono as well, seems to have become busier and busier, thus I hesitate to contact her.

Hinata Aoi School Dialogue Render.png

Hm~ It's 'cause that person really loves to work. Though I think it's fine if she depended on us more readily, huh?

Anzu-san is a person of few words, but she will reply on her smartphone quickly and thoroughly.

Shinobu Sengoku Casual Winter Dialogue Render.png

Incidentally, what matters do you speak of with Anzu-dono? I wish to ask you this for future reference!

I have no inkling whatsoever on proper ways to converse with women!

Well, no, I am even troubled on topics to discuss with a male companion, however... Must I find other interests aside from those related to ninjas?

Hinata Aoi School Dialogue Render.png

Hm~ Usually, most of the things we talk about are work, but we also chat about unimportant everyday stuff. For me, it's better to have quantity over quality in communication.

Right now, it seems like Anzu-san's having problems with what to do with circumstances at home... So I’m keeping the messaging to a minimum.

By saying dumb things, I can give her laughter as "medicine" and she'll let out some steam that way, won't she? While talking about whatever, I get some work for her, too, and all.

There's just a difference of one year between us, but strangely, it feels like she treats me like a kid, it's unbearable, you know?

So~mehow, isn’t that person thinking of herself as our guardian or something?

But it's fine, I guess. That she's kinda like a mom... But, I want her to properly see me as an equal, you know?

Shinobu Sengoku Casual Winter Dialogue Render.png

Indeed. I understand that sentiment. There are many cases, as well, where Anzu-dono handles me as if she were dealing with a small animal.

However... We have caused Anzu-dono to worry for us, have we not? Although, Ryuseitai is doing well.

In my case, generally speaking, it is because Tetora-kun is "working hard" at it.

Midori Takamine Casual Winter Dialogue Render.png

Ahaha... But Sengoku-kun and I are all over the place, so I feel like we're only putting the responsibility on Tetora-kun...

We have to act properly too, huh...?

Shinobu Sengoku Casual Winter Dialogue Render.png

Indeed. What Midori-kun says is absolutely correct. We must give Tetora-kun our support.

Hinata Aoi School Dialogue Render.png

Hee hee hee. I have go~od news for you two. Earlier, I received a message from Anzu-san...

It seems like she is in a bit of trouble, but shall we give her a hand?

To return the favor for what she did for us over the year... Though it would be too much to say that. We're equal in troubled times, right? How about it?

It's work related to being idols, so we'll add it to our track record ♪

Midori Takamine Casual Winter Dialogue Render.png

Well, it's fine since we've finished off the strawberry harvest but... It depends on the details, right? Is it something we can do something about…?

Hinata Aoi School Dialogue Render.png

Yeah. Or rather, it's suitable, isn't it?

Earlier, you were saying things like you didn't know what kids' tastes were, and that you wanted to bring them to the plantation. We might be able to deal with those kinds of worries in one go, too ♪

I'll send the reply to Anzu-san, okay, saying "OK~ please leave it to us" ♪

[Time Change: Sunset]
Shinobu Sengoku Casual Winter Dialogue Render.png

Anzu-dono~! Come this way! This way, this way~♪

Hmm? That is Anzu-dono, is it not? For what reason, a mascot costume...?

Midori Takamine Casual Winter Dialogue Render.png


Anzu-san! For you to make an appearance again in a mascot costume. No way, is it for me?

Thank you very much! It's so cute. Anzu-san is the cutest in the universe... ☆

Ehh? You're the strawberry fairy, Berry Happy-chan? Is that what you said?

I can’t tell what part of the design is supposed to be a strawberry. It feels like the deadline arrived when the design wasn't fully formed yet.

"Berry Happy," the "Berry" part is most likely from "Strawberry," isn't it?!

Isn't it~? It's a bad pun, isn't it!? I understand, that's the way a mascot character is, right? ♪

Ahh, I knew it, Anzu-san understands! You're the best. Please marry me...☆

Shinobu Sengoku Casual Winter Dialogue Render.png

Calm yourself, Midori-kun! If you cling to her that way, Anzu-dono will topple over, will she not?

Within the plantation, the roads are not paved, therefore it seems that while wearing a mascot costume, you cannot walk very well~?

However, Anzu-dono... For what reason are you dressing yourself in a mascot costume once again? Impossible, it could not be that you are only performing this service for Midori-kun?

Hm. There is that, too, however, there is yet another reason? H~mm, it is difficult to hear and understand your voice through the mascot costume, is it not?

Midori Takamine Casual Winter Dialogue Render.png

It's alright. Leave the translation to me.

Even a mascot character that just uses gestures and hand movements, and lets out a strange voice once in a while, I'll show you how to read their heart. Right, with the power of love... ☆

Shinobu Sengoku Casual Winter Dialogue Render.png

Ooh, Midori-kun is unusually reliable... ☆

Translation: Riitranslates
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