New Reader Guide
  • When starting Ensemble Stars!, players can begin by reading Main Story or by reading the other story elements of Ensemble Stars! (events/scouts, sub stories, or even mini events) and return to Main Story later. Likewise, players can also choose to read other story elements of Ensemble Stars! between each main story installment (Main Story, Kiseki Series, Project-Saga, EP:Link).
  • If you're interested in starting with events/scout stories, you can either start reading stories by order of release or chronologically, or by reading stories involving characters you may be interested in.
  • Click here for a list of every story each character appears in.
  • A note for players reading events/scouts featuring the rival group, Eden: Eden is introduced in Kiseki Series. Other stories that feature Eden characters will rely on Kiseki as Eden's introduction.
  • The outcome of Trickstar's revolution in Main Story is often referenced in scouts and events. Knowing the outcome is important for contextualizing subsequent story events.
    • Adaptations that cover Main Story include the stage plays, the novels, the first manga, and the anime.
    • For those who have already viewed Main Story once, here is a refresher on the basic premise of Main Story and its outcome, as well as how it links to Kiseki Series; it is not recommended you read this blurb if you have not already finished Main Story:
Main Story Spoilers
  • Yumenosaki's environment grew stifled under the student council's rule, and freedom of expression was discouraged. While Yumenosaki produced excellent idols, idols who did not abide by the school's vision of what a "good" idol was would ultimately score so low they would be forced to leave school.
  • Trickstar defeats fine, the school's top unit led by the student council president, Eichi Tenshouin, in the DDD, which is a special DreamFes. This effectively ends the student council's reign over the students. Students are now free to express themselves and perform as they wish, and Eichi, moved by Trickstar's "miracle," says he would like to see what this new future has in store.
  • By winning the DDD, Trickstar is now eligible to participate in the SS, a nation-wide idol competition. In the coming months, Trickstar will now have to prepare to represent their school on the national idol stage.
  • Kiseki Series covers the months leading up to the SS, as well as the SS itself.
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