Stars ★ Glitter of the Prism
Event story 99
Season: Summer (夏)
Writer: 西岡麻衣子 (Nishioka Maiko, Happy Elements K.K) Chapters: 8 Translator: Peace (Chapters 1-4) & Bakemonoremy (Chapters 5-8)
Tori Head Adonis Head Subaru Head Koga Head Leo Head Alexander Head Shin Head Hiro Head Taiga Head Kakeru Head
Translation Notes
Chapter 7
  • The original Prism Jump by Hiro is “Starlight Kiss”, but Leo changed this to “Ki-chu”

Chapter 8

  • The word vainglory/self-conceit here is usually written as 唯我独尊, but they replace the second Kanji (我/ga) with the one for fang (牙/ga) that also appears in Koga’s name. Neither the pronunciation nor the meaning changes, but it’s a bit of wordplay.
Story CGs
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