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Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
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Location: In Front of Fountain
Kanata Shinkai School Dialogue Render.png

Bubble, bubble...♪

The “fountain” during “summer” is nice as well, but swimming in the “fountain” during “winter” feels good too...♪

It makes you want to float in it forever~♪ Oh my, Anzu-san. Hello.

Staring at me like that; is something wrong...? Aah, you want to swim in the “fountain” as well, Anzu-san?

Come in, come in. It feels good, you know, swimming in the “fountain”...♪

Nn? I can’t swim in the “fountain?”

Anzu-san, you’re like the “student council” people, aren’t you~? I was found by a “student council” member in the past and scolded too.

As I thought, it might be better to go to the “ocean” to swim, huh~? But I can’t swim.

If it’s the “ocean,” I’ll sink. Since “pools” are scary as well, I have no other choice but to swim in the “fountain”~♪

Nn? I’ll catch a “cold?”

You’re right~ My “uniform” has gotten all wet. If it was “summer” then my “uniform” would quickly dry.

But it’s “winter” right now, yes~? At this rate I really will catch a “cold.”

Up we go...♪ Fuu, that was a nice “swim” ~♪


Uu. After coming out from the “fountain,” I’m starting to shiver. Somehow, I feel “cold”~...


Achoo... Achoo...! This is a problem. The “sneezing” won’t stop, will it...?

Wearing this wet “uniform” may cause my cold to get worse.

But since my “unit” outfit and “gym clothes” are in the laundry, I have no clothes to change into, huh~?


...? What’s wrong, Anzu-san?

Even without you pulling my “hand” I can walk you know~?

Aah, we’re moving to another “place” are we. Understood~


It’d be bad if my “cold” transferred to you Anzu-san. Please let go of my “hand.”

Erm, Anzu-san is also “stubborn,” huh~? But you’re worried about me, aren’t you.

Fufufu. Anzu-san is “kind”~♪ ...Achoo.

It’d be best if I don’t “speak” much. So that my “cold” doesn’t transfer to Anzu-san, I’ll “shut” my “mouth”~♪

[Scene Change: Dance Room]
Starry Night Festival Chapter 4 Scene Change.png
Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render.png

Hop, Step, Jump...♪

Doing basic training occasionally is nice, huh. Fufu, it’s been awhile since I’ve worked up such a nice sweat.

There’s not that many days left until the “Starry Night Festival,” and I have to build up stamina so that on the actual day of the event I can stay on stage until the very end.

Kanata Shinkai School Dialogue Render.png
Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render.png
Oh my, Shinkai-kun and Anzu-chan. Are you here to practice too?
Kanata Shinkai School Dialogue Render.png
Nope~ ...Achoo.
Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render.png

Could it be you have a cold? Now that I think about it your whole body is soaked...Is it raining, perhaps?

Hmm. You can’t tell me about the situation. Is it because I’m a member of the “student council,” I wonder?

Fufufu. Looks like I was right on the mark. Aah, you don’t have to be so scared. I don’t have any intentions of preaching to you right now.

Leaving that aside, changing his clothes takes top priority. Shinkai-kun, do you have a change of clothes?

Kanata Shinkai School Dialogue Render.png
I don’t~
Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render.png

I’ll lend you my gym clothes then, so change into those...

Workout clothes for the “Starry Night Festival?” Aah, there’s no way you could let him change outside, so you brought Shinkai-kun all the way here.

Kanata Shinkai School Dialogue Render.png
They feel very nice “to the touch.” I like them very much ♪
Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render.png
Shinkai-kun. She’s being considerate and turning around, so why don’t you change while she does that?
Kanata Shinkai School Dialogue Render.png

That’s true~ Off we go, off we go...♪

Fuu. I’ve finished “changing”~

Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render.png
Fufu, they suit you very well.
Kanata Shinkai School Dialogue Render.png

Thank you very much~♪ The clothes that Anzu-san makes feel very good “to the touch,” don’t they...?

“Ryuuseitai’s” outfit also feels “very nice” you know~♪ Somehow, they feel similar.

Is that so~ You’re taking lessons from the person who made the “Ryuuseitai” outfits, are you.

Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render.png

Is that so. That must be enjoyable...♪ “fine’s” clothes are provided by a professional designer.

Lately the amount of favors asked of Anzu-chan has increased, hasn’t it?

It’s not like I’m saying that their craftsmanship is bad. On the contrary, they create clothes that are perfect for “fine,” after all?

But I’ve started to feel like there’s something missing. It was then that while I was looking at the clothes Anzu-chan made, my heart became drawn to them.

“Aren’t these the kind of clothes I’m searching for,”...I thought. And now, looking at the clothes for the “Starry Night Festival,” my premonition has become conviction.

Dressed in the clothes that you made and dancing on stage is surely a wonderful feeling.

To say I’m not envious towards “Trickstar” who have received that blessing would be a lie.

However, you are everyone’s “Producer.” If you were to receive requests by other units, you would be undertaking the task of creating clothes not just for “Trickstar.”

And I am aware that we are taking advantage of that. Regardless of how skilled you are at being a “Producer,” it’s not good to rely on you for every little thing here and there.

In order to lessen your burden, we have to do what we can on our own.

Oh dear, it seems like I’ve talked for far too long. I didn’t intend on speaking for this long, but I wonder if it’s because you’re such a good listener.

By the time I realized, I ended up talking about things that didn’t have to be said. Fufu, you really are a strange girl.

To have one of the “Three Oddballs,” Shinkai-kun, like you so much is no surprise I suppose.

Kanata Shinkai School Dialogue Render.png
It’s the same case for the “Emperor” as well, no~?
Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render.png
Oh my, have I been found out? Shinkai-kun looks absentminded, but you’re actually perceptive.
Kanata Shinkai School Dialogue Render.png

You can tell just by looking at the “Emperor’s” “face”~♪

“Rei” and “Wataru” have recently been wearing very “lovely” “smiles,” too. This is also due to Anzu-san, yes?

Translation: Karen/Yui
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