Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
Starry Night Festival Chapter 3
Location: Broadcasting Room
Nazuna Nito School Dialogue Render

Funfufu~n ♪

I was able to freely create the “Lunch Broadcast” and “School TV Program” without the Student Council saying all kinds of complaints after all ♪

I’ll have to work hard today and think up tomorrow’s broadcast, right~?

Nn? What is this… something seems a little out of place, huh?

Ah, I see. The manuscripts I organized during lunch time are all scattered about. …Hm~mm, did someone enter the broadcasting room?

But today neither Shinobun nor Mako-chin are on broadcast duty.

Well, there is a key in the staff room after all. If someone asked the teacher if they could borrow it, it’s not like they couldn’t enter.

If it was Mako-chin and the others, there’s no way they’d leave the manuscripts all scattered like this. Which means it has to be some other student, right~?

…! You, over there, dun move!

Nn. I fumbled up my words again. Wait, that’s not what I meant! That wall over there is the only one that feels out of place, so it’s obvious that someone’s hiding!

This broadcasting room is Nii-chan’s sanctuary after all. I won’t show any mercy to inva…

Wait, Anzu?! Why’re ya hidin’ in a pwace like this?!

Wa, Wait jus’ a bit. …Hoo… Hah…

Nn, I’ve relaxed now ♪ Now, coming back to what we were talking about… Anzu. You, why were hiding in here?

Hm, hm. You planned for the “Starry Night Festival” to utilize the “temporary unit” system, but since you don’t know which members grouped together would be best, you’re worrying over it, huh.

And so, you thought of coming to me for consultation and decided to wait in the broadcasting room… I see. Yeah, I fully understand your reason ♪

But there’s no need for you to hide, you know~? I thought you were a suspicious person and got super surprised after all?

Hmmm. You were taught the “ninja skill of camouflage” by Shinobun, but since you’re quickly spotted you wanted to try adding on your own improvements to it.

And so, you wanted to test if you would be noticed… Wait, are you really worried?

Or is it that you’ve been at a standstill for so long, it came out as some crazy behavior or something? Ah, but you did say you wanted to test it out after all, huh?

You, you’re really not troubled, right…?

Really, if you’re going to apologize, don’t do it in the first place~? But still, Anzu you’re surprisingly childish?

Well, you are younger than me. You’re still at the prime of your life where you still want to keep playing, right?

The “ninja skill of camouflage,” was it? Next time I’ll keep you company, so can you promise me you won’t sneak into the broadcasting room without my permission?

Yup, yup. If you break your promise you’ll have to swallow a thousand needles alright?[1]

Um, we were talking about you being troubled over how to group the “temporary units”, was it?

As to how to liven up the “Starry Night Festival”, of course thinking about it from the point of view of how to improve the technique of the 1st-years…

Having two 3rd-years and one 1st-year sounds ideal to me.

If we’re basing it off the members that were assembled last time, then me and Tenshouin and Shinobun will be one group. Kanata-chin, Wataru-chin, and Hajime-chin will be the second group.

The 1st-year from “Knights” is stronger than Shinobun and Hajime-chin in terms of technique, so pairing him together with just Izumi-chin should be alright, no~?

That’s the sense of what I think, but what do you think, Anzu? I see. If you think it has a good feel then I’m glad~♪

Once he hears that he’s together with Tenshouin, since it’s Shinobun we’re talking about he’s sure to wither up. That’s where Nii~chan will have to indirectly back him up ♪

Putting Hajime-chin with two of the “Three Oddballs” is a little… Honestly, I’m quite worried, but.

Since it’s Hajime-chin, I’m hoping that he manages to become close with the two of them ♪

Shinobun and Hajime-chin are shy, you know~? As a Nii~chan, it’s not like I don’t feel like I want to gather those two together and look after them, but…

If I say something about anything and everything, the two of them won’t grow.

As their Nii~chan, sometimes I have to watch over my underclassmen’s growth ♪

Unya!? Don’t pet my head! Don’t treat me like a kid~!

You’re praising me for being diligent, but I’m a third year, you know. I’m your senpai, you know~!

If you’re sorry about it, then would you go get the bottle from my bag?

Gulp, gulp. Haah… strawberry juice really is delicious ♪

A lo~ng time ago, when I was little, my parents took me to a church on a holiday~

The strawberry juice that I drank after hymn practice there was so good that even now I’ve come to completely love it ♪

Nn? Ah, I guess I didn’t tell you this, Anzu. I used to be a member of a choir.

Singing many songs and interacting with many different people– What I felt then is still connected to me even now, I believe.

Though it did happen a while ago in the past, so I don’t really remember a lot, you see?

The thought of singing for other people came to me around that time. I guess you could also say it was the trigger for me start aiming to become an idol?

…That’s why, when I heard for this Christmas Live we were doing a “Starry Night Festival” I was surprised.

Yeah, I know that it won’t be any different from a regular DreamFes, even though the songs are based off of hymns...

You’re going to be thinking up the choreography for that afterwards, aren’t you?

Like I said before, singing was fun.

I was super happy that time when everyone applauded and said it was wonderful after listening to my hymns, after all~♪

Alllright, as an idol this time, I’m gonna make this enjoyable for everyone!

Since my voice has changed, using the same singing voice as back then… would be difficult, but…

There are songs I can sing because I am who I am now. ♪ Hey, Anzu. I’m going to be doing my best, so you do your best too, okay~?

I’m looking forward to it, Nishishi ☆

  1. This is the JP equivalent of EN kids saying “if you lie, stick a needle in your eye”.
Translation: Karen/Yui
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