Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
Starry Night Festival Chapter 2
Location: Soundproof Lesson Room
Izumi Sena School Dialogue Render
Heeey? Exactly why is Kasa-kun here, huuh?
Tsukasa Suou School Dialogue Render
I was called here by Onee-sama because she said she had something to talk about. But why are you here, Sena-senpai?
Izumi Sena School Dialogue Render

The same reason as Kasa-kun. …Still, what’s up with this gathering? If it was just me and Kasa-kun, I’d get it’d be something about "Knights" .

There’s Nazu-nyan and… ugh, 2 of the "Three Oddballs", isn’t there. To put it bluntly, I have no idea what kind of intention there is behind this gathering.

And even if we wanted to ask the reason why, without the one who gathered us here (Anzu), there’s no way to talk about it. Really, so~ annoying!

Tsukasa Suou School Dialogue Render

Sena-senpai, please calm down. Since the last person to arrive still hasn’t come yet, Onee-sama went out to look for them just now.

Whether or not she returns here depends on if she finds that person.

Izumi Sena School Dialogue Render

But we have no idea how long that’ll take, right~?

Aah, really, when she comes back if I don’t give her a piece of my mind in exchange for the time spent making me wait I won’t be able to settle down, you know?

Or rather, I’d be thankful if that was enough to calm me down. There aren’t many instances where I have to wait in order to voice my complaint after all…?

[Scene Change: 1st Year Hallway]
Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render

Oh no... What should I do…!

Because my part-time job got prolonged, at this rate I’ll be past the scheduled time!

But since one shouldn’t run in the hallways, I have no choice but to fast walk. I’m slow, after all. I’ll have to be careful to not tangle my feet and fall over…

Wa-wah, wah… O-Oww. I bumped my nose on something.

Y-Yes. I’m alright… Eh, Anzu-san?

I-I’m so sorry! Um, I just ran into into you without thinking, huh. You didn’t get hurt, did you?

That’s good… if Anzu-san were to be injured I’d be so sorry I wouldn’t be able to live in peace anymore.

Eh? You were looking for me…? Ah, could it be I’m way past the appointed time?! Oooh, I’m so sorry, I’m really sorry!

…You’re not angry? If that’s the case, then I’m glad.

Ehehe, Anzu-san is kind, huh…♪

Oh, this isn’t the place to be talking around like this. We shouldn’t keep the others waiting any longer than this.

Now that I think about it, I didn’t get to hear why we were summoned by Anzu-san. …Um, did we possibly do something bad?

But Nii-chan is also there, huh. I also heard the President of the Tea Club is there as well.

Umm, not knowing what’s going on makes me a little nervous.

So you’re going to include that during the discussion. I’m a little relieved now ♪

Yes? Is this way of walking strange? Since it’s not good to run in the hallways I tried to walk at a brisk pace.

For trying to match my pace, Anzu-san is really kind, huh. Cool and kind… you give the feeling of an ideal "big sister" ♪

I have a younger brother and sister but no older sister you see. I was wondering if this is what it would feel like if I did.

(Song of Sincerity) Hajime Shino CG
Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render

Um, Umm. Is it alright if I call you Onee-chan? I’m happy, but saying it in front of everyone is embarrassing…

That’s why, I ask that you let me call you that when it’s just the two of us. That is… Onee-chan ♪

[Scene Change: Dance Room]
Starry Night Festival Chapter 2 Scene Change 2
Tsukasa Suou School Dialogue Render
Oh my, that’s Onee-sama and… Hajime-kun, I wonder?
Izumi Sena School Dialogue Render
Whaat? They finally came~?
Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
E-Everyone, I’m sorry for making you wait!!
Nazuna Nito School Dialogue Render
It’s fine, it’s fine. Come on, lift your head and smile~? Hajime-chin’s smile has the power to fill someone with energy after all ♪
Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
Nii-chan, thank you very much…♪
Nazuna Nito School Dialogue Render
Yup, yup, that’s a good smile ♪ Um, Anzu. Is everyone here now? Then can you tell us the reason why you assembled us here?
Izumi Sena School Dialogue Render

Hmm. Since Christmas is coming up I get that there’s gonna be a Christmas Live happening but.

If that’s the case wouldn’t it be fine gathering each unit respectively?

Me and Kasa-kun are from the same unit, but Nazu-nyan and everyone else belong to different units after all, right?

Aha, so you’re planning on using the "temporary unit" system, huh. If so, then I guess I can live with this lineup.

Tsukasa Suou School Dialogue Render

If I remember correctly… a "temporary unit" is a unit that is formed for a short time.

I remember hearing that it is a short-term unit formed for a specific purpose.

Izumi Sena School Dialogue Render

Yeah, you sure have a good memory, huh? The assembled units here are fine, Ryuuseitai, Knights, and Ra*bits, right?

And then, since the 3rd and 1st years from those groups have been assembled here, it only leads to one conclusion, no?

Nazuna Nito School Dialogue Render
Ah, I get it. Only units with 1st and 3rd years were gathered, right?
Izumi Sena School Dialogue Render

Exactly. Most likely, the efficient 3rd years and the 1st years lacking in technique in some areas are going to be grouped together, am I wrong?

But if you’re going to be using the "temporary unit" system, it won’t be an official DreamFes, right? Lately they’ve been pretty loose in that field.

Even if the Student Council side is regulating the S1 and S2 ones, I don’t want to do it. …Or more like, we can’t even participate.

A1 is the DreamFes category for newbies, so the unofficial B1 is reasonable.

Nazuna Nito School Dialogue Render

If it’s going to be a DreamFes, does that mean it’s going to be a tournament? Aah, but if it’s a DreamFes that Anzu’s thought up of then there’s no way it’d be, huh.

I have faith that you’ll think up a kind DreamFes like you did for the "Tanabata Festival" ♪

And besides, if the Christmas Live ended up being a tournament, it’d end up so bloodthirsty there’d be no way to enjoy it, right~?

Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render

A DreamFes planned by Anzu-chan, huh… Fufu, I’m looking forward to it. A name like "Starry Night Festival" is perfect for Christmas Eve, I feel.

The last time I participated in a"temporary unit", I wore the "Knight Killers'" costume and played the part of a villain.[1]

This time however, I’ll be placing the clothing of the "Starry Night Festival" on my body and be delivering dreams to everyone. Fufu, you really think of interesting things, don’t you.

Even though I was so bored constantly, like a lie, I became content with that. Thank you, Anzu-chan.

As long as you are at this school, it looks like I can spend my days without being bored ♪

  1. For those who don’t get the reference, Eichi joined Leo’s side during the Rebellion Event where the rest of Knights basically had a DreamFes against their “King.” Leo’s unit was called the “Knight Killers.”
Translation: Karen/Yui
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