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Starlight Festival
Starlight Festival (Episode)
Episode 22
Air Date December 8, 2019
Dub Release January 5, 2020
Blu-Ray Volume 8
Chapters Jingle Bells: Prologue,
baby talk ~1+4,
surprise party 3
Star Festival:
Silent Knights 1,
Holy Knights ~3-5

The twenty-second episode of the Ensemble Stars! Anime Adaption by David Production. The opening song is キセキ (Miracle), and the ending song is Promise Swords. The commercial break illustrations are from (Fervent Whirlwind) Arashi Narukami and (Egoistic) Tori Himemiya.


Eichi falls asleep on his desk in the student council office and dreams about last year, when he was in his hospital bed and dreamt that Wataru was an angel who came to see him. He wakes up coughing and is met with Tori showing him a proposal for the Starlight Festival, the winter S1. Trickstar discusses StarFes in the garden terrace while Knights loafs around in the studio. As Yuzuru comes up the stairs, he sees Tori run out crying. Yuzuru recalls how he and Tori worked on the proposal, and Eichi mentions that the proposal would put fine too much in the spotlight given that year's StarFes being dedicated to Trickstar. Hokuto encounters Wataru in the park at night and receives his old mask from him. The next day, Hokuto declares Trickstar's decision to yield the right to participate in the SS to whoever wins StarFes, raising the other units' morale. After Knights performs during the first round of StarFes, they see Mika backstage, saying he couldn't find Shu. Izumi and Leo go search for him and find him asleep in the snow, bringing him back to the stage. Meanwhile, Nazuna has appeared in Valkyrie's unit outfit, not wanting Valkyrie to be disqualified, and Mika yells at him until he is placated by his words. Nazuna performs alongside Valkyrie, followed by most of the other units. Later, Madara comes to wake up Trickstar and Anzu, who fell asleep after their live. Realizing how late it was, they run back to the stage, where all the other units are waiting, having stalled for time until Trickstar's arrival. Being declared the winners, they sing a last song before closing.

Character Appearances in Order

Characters in italics are seen but do not speak during the episode.

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