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The Star Medal Shop, released 10/26/18 (15:00 JST), allows for players to obtain old, previously unobtainable cards, new exclusive cards, and an item called the Rainbow Key, which unlocks a node on the Rainbow Road, an upgraded Idol Road that causes rainbow effects to appear on a card. It has been stated that new cards will be added over time, so if an old card you want is not seen here, it may be added eventually. You are able to buy up to 5 copies of each card, allowing you to max them.

The Star Medal Shop can be accessed via the same place as the Diamond and Yumecoin shops. Click on the building on the upper right of the school map, labeled School Store/Shop (購員部/ショップ), and click on the right of the two buttons on the bottom, called the Star Medal Shop (スターメダル ショップ).

Rainbow Road

Rainbow Road

Rainbow Card Example

The Rainbow Road requires a total of 10 Rainbow Keys (5000 Star Medals Star Medal mini.png) and varying large amounts of Jewels in order to max it. It provides varying amounts of stat increases equally to all three attributes. Once maxed, a rainbow border, signature, and stars will appear on the card. For non-5★ cards, the signature is black. This status applies to both the unbloomed and bloomed versions of a card.

Totals for complete Rainbow Road:
5★: 2000 Small Jewels, 800 Medium Jewels, 400 Large Jewels + 2500 stats per attribute
4★: 1500 Small Jewels, 600 Medium Jewels, 300 Large Jewels + 1500 stats per attribute
3★: 1000 Small Jewels, 400 Medium Jewels, 100 Large Jewels + 1000 stats per attribute
2★: 800 Small Jewels, 200 Medium Jewels, 50 Large Jewels + 600 stats per attribute
1★: 500 Small Jewels, 100 Medium Jewels, 30 Large Jewels + 300 stats per attribute

Star Medals (Star Medal mini.png) can be obtained by playing lessons. When a circle with a dog (Daikichi or Leon) or a bird (Wataru's doves) appears in one of the four locations in the lesson, choosing that location will allow you to obtain a few Star Medals. This often occurs a couple times a lesson. Each circle states how many turns it will last for, so be sure to click on it before it disappears.

Daikichi Lesson.png Dove Lesson.png Leon Lesson.png

Interacting with a Wataru's doves will give you 1-2 Medals, Daikichi will give you 4-6, and Leon will give you 8-12. This amount is doubled during Fever.

Shop Items

Items in Shop
Rainbow Key.png Rainbow Key 500 Medals
(Way of the Bow) Tsukasa Suou Mini.png (Way of the Bow) Tsukasa Suou 300 Medals
(Game Dialogue) Sora Harukawa Mini.png (Game Dialogue) Sora Harukawa 300 Medals
(Rainy Day) Natsume Sakasaki Mini.png (Rainy Day) Natsume Sakasaki 300 Medals
(Study Session) Chiaki Morisawa Mini.png (Study Session) Chiaki Morisawa 300 Medals
(Practice Match) Rei Sakuma Mini.png (Practice Match) Rei Sakuma 300 Medals
(Fashion Showdown) Arashi Narukami Mini.png (Fashion Showdown) Arashi Narukami 300 Medals
(Carrot's Relations) Kuro Kiryu Mini.png (Carrot's Relations) Kuro Kiryu 300 Medals
(Handmade Coupon) Mika Kagehira Mini.png (Handmade Coupon) Mika Kagehira 300 Medals
(New Year Trick) Souma Kanzaki Mini.png (New Year Trick) Souma Kanzaki 5,000 Medals
(Ball Sports Lesson) Izumi Sena Mini.png (Ball Sports Lesson) Izumi Sena 300 Medals
(Playing at the Beach) Kanata Shinkai Mini.png (Playing at the Beach) Kanata Shinkai 300 Medals
(Manga Exchange) Tomoya Mashiro Mini.png (Manga Exchange) Tomoya Mashiro 300 Medals
(Words and Music) Madara Mikejima Mini.png (Words and Music) Madara Mikejima 300 Medals
(The Song I Want to Hear) Yuta Aoi Mini.png (The Song I Want to Hear) Yuta Aoi 300 Medals
(Watchful Gentleness) Ritsu Sakuma Mini.png (Watchful Gentleness) Ritsu Sakuma 5,000 Medals
(Expectations and Nervousness) Tori Himemiya Mini.png (Expectations and Nervousness) Tori Himemiya 300 Medals
(Motif Bread) Mitsuru Tenma Mini.png (Motif Bread) Mitsuru Tenma 300 Medals
(New Outfit) Shu Itsuki Mini.png (New Outfit) Shu Itsuki 300 Medals
(Party Seat) Shinobu Sengoku Mini.png (Party Seat) Shinobu Sengoku 5,000 Medals
(Senpai Discussion) Midori Takamine Mini.png (Senpai Discussion) Midori Takamine 300 Medals
(Lying Youth) Jin Sagami Mini.png (Lying Youth) Jin Sagami 300 Medals
(Innocent Position) Akiomi Kunugi Mini.png (Innocent Posture) Akiomi Kunugi 300 Medals
(Entering the Stage) Rei Sakuma Mini.png (Entering the Stage) Rei Sakuma 300 Medals
(Promising Stage) Jin Sagami Mini.png (Promising Stage) Jin Sagami 300 Medals
(Idolized Stage) Akiomi Kunugi Mini.png (Idolized Stage) Akiomi Kunugi 300 Medals
(Both Sides of the Back) Adonis Otogari Mini.png (Both Sides of the Back) Adonis Otogari 300 Medals
(Both Sides of the Shirt) Koga Oogami Mini.png (Both Sides of the Shirt) Koga Oogami 300 Medals
(Place to Write) Leo Tsukinaga Mini.png (Place to Write) Leo Tsukinaga 300 Medals