Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Silent Knights Star Festival 4
Location: Studio
Leo Tsukinaga School Dialogue Render

...Mm, okay. I know. We’ll throw a Christmas party.

Tsukasa Suou School Dialogue Render

Right now?!

Leo Tsukinaga School Dialogue Render

I mean, we’ll be insanely busy before, after, and obviously during Christmas, right?

So I figured if we want a party, now’s our only chance. Everyone’s here anyway, so let’s celebrate Christmas Eve ♪

Tsukasa Suou School Dialogue Render

Eh? Eh? Ehhhhh... But we were finally having a serious discussion for once.

Leo Tsukinaga School Dialogue Render

It’s fine, it’s fine - we’ll split up now and gather back here later, alright! Everyone, make sure get some presents!

Ou-sama’s orders are absolute~ ☆

Rittsu, you’re good at baking, so make some cake and stuff!

Suo~ will provide any other food we want and work with Sena to decorate a Christmas tree and this room, okay?

Naru, come with me. Let’s get some party goods and whatnot. ...Also, there’s something I want to talk to you about.

Arashi Narukami School Dialogue Render


Star Festival Silent Knights 4 (2)
Location: Corridor
Arashi Narukami School Dialogue Render

Geez, what’s going on, Ou-sama... You’re always so impulsive.

Stop pulling me by the arm~ My arm’s gonna fall off~

Leo Tsukinaga School Dialogue Render

(humming)♪ Twinkle~ twinkle~ little star ☆

Arashi Narukami School Dialogue Render

Oh, is that ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’? You really do love Mozart... ♪

Leo Tsukinaga School Dialogue Render

I don’t!

While it’s true that Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was arranged by Mozart, what I like is the original version of the song by Mother Goose!

Arashi Narukami School Dialogue Render

...Sure, whatever you say. So what is it that you wanted to talk to me about?

I know I haven’t been putting my all into Knights recently. You’re planning to lecture me about that right? Ou-sama.

Leo Tsukinaga School Dialogue Render

Nah~ I’m the one who holed myself up at home and didn’t bother participating in any of our activities.

I have no right to lecture you - the one who supported and kept Knights together while I was gone, do I?

Arashi Narukami School Dialogue Render

Then why did you want to be alone with me?

If you’re planning to hit on me, then give up. I’m only interested in refined, mature adults ♪

Leo Tsukinaga School Dialogue Render

Ah, did you just indirectly call me childish?

It’s not my fault that I’ve stopped growing. Also, a true artist is one who possesses the heart of a child but the skills of an adult!

Arashi Narukami School Dialogue Render

The reason why you come off as childish is because what you say and how you act, Ou-sama.

Please make an effort to behave in a more well-mannered fashion that suits your age, or you’ll suffer once you go out into the world on your own, you know?

Besides, aren’t you already working as a professional composer?

I know it’s under some peculiar alias you made up, but are you really doing okay? Do you get yelled at by your higher-ups?

Leo Tsukinaga School Dialogue Render

Well~ I think the fact that I’m a high-schooler means I can usually get away with some impoliteness.

Besides, I’m not like the typical employee, so what I produce matters more than my personality, as long as I’m not being too unreasonable.

I do want to avoid causing trouble for the people around me, and I know I’m putting my family through a lot all the time...

So I have been thinking to myself, “I can’t be like this forever. I have to get myself together,” but-

Wait, why are we suddenly in a situation where you’re the one listening to my worries, Naru?! I brought you out here to listen to what you had to say!

Arashi Narukami School Dialogue Render

There’s nothing I really have to say though?

Leo Tsukinaga School Dialogue Render

As if. There’s bound to be drama in your life, as long as you’re human. Everyone could probably write a book about their own lives.

Though the only ones who’ll be remembered in history are legends like me. But there’s no way only people like Mozart exist in the world, right?

Arashi Narukami School Dialogue Render

Mm~ I don’t really get what you’re trying to say... I’ve always thought that one of the positives of being a part of Knights is that no one asks too many questions.

Leo Tsukinaga School Dialogue Render

But Knights isn’t like that anymore, is it? That’s why I came back, after all.

Instead of it being filled with bloodthirsty rule-breakers who constantly tried to kill each other, it’s somehow become more like a caring family now, hasn’t it?

What happened while I was gone? What changed? ...Tell me, Naru.

After all, you’re the one who created the bright, gentle atmosphere that Knights has now, right?

It’d be nice if you could tell me a bit more about yourself too.

I’ll accept anything you say, be it something stupidly trivial, or something painfully serious.

I barely know anything about you.

Even if it’s only for a short period of time, we’ll be fighting together from now on. I want to know more about you - I couldn’t possibly leave someone I don’t even trust to watch my back.

It doesn’t matter how dark your inner thoughts are, or what the sins you carry are.

I hate how everyone is trying to act more refined than they really are... Who do you think you’re putting your facade up to, huh?!

I want us to become allies who can go through thick and thin together on the bloody battlefield, trusting and relying on one another, and come out victorious.

Or am I the only one who wants that?

Come on, Naru... Slice yourself open, and show me who you really are inside, while laughing loudly from the bottom of your heart.

We’re high-schoolers now - “Santa’s not going to give us presents if we’re not on your best behaviour...”

Neither of us is a~ctually idealistic enough to think that, right?

Arashi Narukami School Dialogue Render


Translation: Riebakkari
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