Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Holy Knights 5
Location: StarFes Stage (First Half)
Arashi Narukami Knights Dialogue Render

No! Calm down, Mika-chan!

Stop thrashing around, you’re gonna get chased out of the auditorium.

It’ll be bad if you don’t have anything to show for StarFes, right? If you have a fight over here, then it’ll all be for nothing!

(Road to the Sovereign) Mika Kagehira Full Render

Naru-chan, shut up!

Arashi Narukami Knights Dialogue Render

No, I will not shut up! I know how hard you worked for Valkyrie’s sake, I’ve been right there with you!

Even though you’re bad with people, you stepped down and did all those campus jobs…

Didn’t you smile and go, “It’s nice seein’ the quality of our fabric go up every time we save a little”?

Did you forget? Just like always? Even when you thought it was painful, or you were tired, or you didn’t want to do it anymore, did you not swallow back your tears and work so hard until now?

There’s obviously no way you can just tear all of that down in a place like this, right?!

(Road to the Sovereign) Mika Kagehira Full Render

I got it, Naru-chan… You’re right, but I can’t take it anymore.

Nazuna-nii… Why… are you wearing Valkyrie’s outfit now?

(Nostalgic Outfit) Nazuna Nito Full Render

(Road to the Sovereign) Mika Kagehira Full Render

Oh, just say somethin’ already! Traitor!

Is your mouth jus’ for decoration? I thought you got sick of bein’ Oshisan’s doll and ran away so you could start talking!

What the hell is this now?! You think you can come waltzing in and I’ll greet you happily like, “Thank ya kindly, welcome back♪”?!

Ya got no right to put your arms through those sleeves…!

Take it off! It’s makin’ me mad! Do ya even know what a cruel thing you’re doin’ right now?!

When we were at our worst, ya didn’t even stand by us!

I don’ wanna say all this to Nazuna-nii…

It woulda been fine if ya just went and got happy somewhere far away. Why’d you come back now?

(Nostalgic Outfit) Nazuna Nito Full Render

Kagehira. …Mika-chin, listen.

Everything is just as you say.

You’re so kind, I understand why you’re angry. I’m a horrible guy who betrayed you. I don’t have the right to wear this outfit now.

(Road to the Sovereign) Mika Kagehira Full Render

(Nostalgic Outfit) Nazuna Nito Full Render

I could never ask you to believe me. But, I want to do what I can to atone.

If it’ll make you feel better to hit me, then hit me. Even if you kill me, I wouldn’t complain.

But, I want you to hear me out…

I love you both. Every day, I realize more how much you loved and treasured me too.

I was always bad at talking, and unsociable… Even the one song I thought was the only thing of worth about me, I couldn’t sing it well anymore after my voice changed.

I spent all my days in melancholy.

But, Oshisan saw through all that and made me into an idol.

He nurtured me. He put me in the center, gave me gorgeous clothes, praised me and called me cute…

That’s why I’m here today. Why I can live proudly.

Mika-chin. I just want to return that single favor. I’m through with leaving grudges.

I was desperate, immature and heartless… I made a lot of excuses and ran away from something I didn’t like. I was a coward.

The both of you, who stood firm in the face of certain death… you looked so incredible.

But. That’s why I can’t overlook you not being fairly evaluated now.

Your participation in official DreamFes battles will affect your grades.

You’re only active outside. If you don’t at least get results from the seasonal S1 shows, you could get expelled.

No… Considering the future, Mika-chin, you should be getting a more official evaluation.

At Yumenosaki Academy, underground idols will just remain hidden, never to be found.

That’s probably why Oshisan ignored his bad health and decided to participate in StarFes.

He’s awkward, so it’s hard to read his true intentions, but that’s what I think.

So, Mika-chin, I know you don’t like it, and it makes you angry…

But I really do think of you as my little brother. You’re important to me, and I want to help make your future bright.

Receiving help is against the rules. I checked with Tenshouin just now, and my request to leave Valkyrie is still only recognized as temporary.

With some processing, I can come back to the group temporarily.

So I’ll stand on the stage as Valkyrie. With two people, that fulfills the requirement for units.

Of course, I might not be of much firepower having been in Ra*bits all this time.

Even if I’m just here as a placeholder, even if I’m of no use, I still won’t let you stagnate.

I won’t allow it. Not you, who always supported us, no matter what.

(Road to the Sovereign) Mika Kagehira Full Render

…Have the other folks from Ra*bits agreed to this?

If ya end up a helper over here, those kids won’t have a leader.

Can they win through a big event like StarFes like that?

Isn’t that the place ya found and held onto so much ya had to hurt us and make us hate you? …Nazuna-nii?

(Nostalgic Outfit) Nazuna Nito Full Render

Yeah. Actually, the kids from Ra*bits said this to me.

They said they would feel bad if I had to hold and carry them forever.

They said if we put a Valkyrie with me and a Ra*bits without me side by side… if they can win, then they can finally move on.

They can prove to me that they don’t have to be protected forever, they’ve gotten strong enough to fight on their own. And that I would be relieved, too…

They’re so cheeky for being little chicks.

So me wearing this outfit isn’t for you guys, it’s to test how much the kids I’ve raised have grown.

It’s an act of self-interest, if you don’t like it, then reject it.

But if they can, I’d like both Ra*bits and Valkyrie to grab onto a happy future.

I don’t mind if I have no place to belong in either one.

They say if you chase two rabbits, you won’t capture either one.[1] I did once dream of something stupidly convenient like that.

You’re the one who will decide. If a doll has a heart, it should be able to think for itself and decide where it belongs.

There’s not much time left. Let me know your answer as soon as you can.

  1. Nazuna’s last name, Nito, means “two rabbits” in Japanese.
Translation: akiratotsuka
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