Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
StarFes Epilogue 3
Location: StarFes Stage (Second Half: Knights)
Tsukasa Suou StarFes Dialogue Render

...Narukami-senpai, I presume something painful has happened. For now, swallow your sadness, and let us join in this enjoyable live together.♪

Arashi Narukami StarFes Dialogue Render

Hmm? Ah, what do you mean?

Tsukasa Suou StarFes Dialogue Render

Narukami-senpai, the other day… I saw you praying at the cenotaph at school. I thought that perhaps, someone dear to you passed away around this time...

I had thought the reason you also looked quite unwell today was because of that.

Arashi Narukami StarFes Dialogue Render

Goodness, I guess I was seen… No, no, it’s nothing as heavy as that.

As I was taking a walk around school, I noticed snow had piled up on that cenotaph…

I felt sorry for it, so I just wiped off the snow… The favor might be returned someday, like in “Kasajizou”, you know?♪[1]

Tsukasa Suou StarFes Dialogue Render

Is that so? Narukami-senpai, you are inhumanly kind… I am sorry for getting such a strange thought in my head!

Arashi Narukami StarFes Dialogue Render

Yup. More importantly, let’s start singing already!

Izumi-chan’s looking over at us with an expression that could scare away even a demon from hell, like he’s wordlessly telling us, “Get serious!”

It’s Christmas, I don’t want to hear Izumi-chan’s lectures right now…

Let’s sing, with splendor. Let’s celebrate this holy night, lively and fun!♪

(Holy Knight of Silver) Arashi Narukami CG2
Arashi Narukami StarFes Dialogue Render

Merry Christmas...♪


Tsukasa Suou StarFes Dialogue Render

(Fufu. What’s this again? I cannot stand how I am always having these strange misunderstandings.)

(It was nothing, right, that’s right. I am relieved, Narukami-senpai.)

(However, is it really true? Narukami-senpai often tells meaningless lies, after all…)

(Could he not have been pretending to be at peace out of concern for worrying me?)

(No… Even so, no matter what the lie or the joke… Narukami-senpai’s consideration, his kindness, is the real thing.)

(For now, I shall pretend to be a foolish child and believe such hastily thrown-out words.)

(Santa Claus will surely visit a good child like that.)

(Today is cause for celebration. It is Christmas, after all.)

(However. No one really believes me, but I am not a young child anymore.)

(Someday, please tell me when you are bearing something heavy and painful.)

(Aligned Stage) Tsukasa Suou CG2
Tsukasa Suou StarFes Dialogue Render

(Even if just a little, I will shoulder it together with you.)

(We are not nomads wandering about in solitude, we are a band of knights, lining up our steeds side by side as we speed across the battlefield.)

(That is the sort of lovely group it was supposed to have become. On and on eternally, to the end of these days of strife…)

Merry Christmas! On this holy night, to be able to join hands with one another and dance until dawn… Tsukasa is truly happy.♪


Arashi Narukami StarFes Dialogue Render

(Fufu. Tsukasa-chan is getting so innocently excited…)

(But in reality, he’s not a child anymore. Knowing him, he might have a vague idea…)

(I’m sorry. I’ll tell you for real someday, so wait for me, okay?)

(I’m in your care, everyone in Knights.)

(Until I’m cut down by this adversary called reality, I’ll at least fight close together with all of you.)

(No… I pray it will be for all eternity.)

Leo Tsukinaga StarFes Dialogue Render

There we go. You finally have the face of a man ready to fight. You look cool, Naru.♪

Arashi Narukami StarFes Dialogue Render

No way, I was making a face like that? If I had to choose, I’d say I’m going down the sexy, charming, beautiful lady route.♪

Leo Tsukinaga StarFes Dialogue Render

We don’t have a position like that. Your place is that thing, uh… Joan of Arc?

Arashi Narukami StarFes Dialogue Render

Oh, like a holy saint? I like that, but if you praise me so much I might fall in love.♪

Leo Tsukinaga StarFes Dialogue Render

Don’t come over here! We’re gonna crash into each other!

...There’s no point in being praised after death. You should put your all into living through this performance right now.

That’s what I plan to do too, though I don’t know if I’m doing a good job.

Arashi Narukami StarFes Dialogue Render

Mhmm. You’re a fine “Ousama”, I guarantee it.

Lately, you haven’t been putting yourself down, like calling yourself “the naked king”.

It leaves a pretty good impression. So does that mean you really did have a change of heart after Judgment?

Leo Tsukinaga StarFes Dialogue Render

Wahaha. It’s because some snot-nosed kid, who didn’t know what was going on, gave me a warm cape to wear.

It’s winter, after all. Whatever the case, it’s too cold to be naked.♪

...You didn’t tell Suo~ about that thing, did you?

Well, he’s pretty unstable… if his balance gets thrown off while onstage, it’d be trouble, so I think it was the right choice.

Arashi Narukami StarFes Dialogue Render

Oh, my. The one who said I was the most beautiful person in the world, who said they loved me…

Without even speaking to me about anything, had their dreams broken, and committed suicide? That thing?

Did I end up telling you about that, Ousama? On that day we had a Christmas party together…

Well, I guess you did grab me by the shirt and force it out of me! I hate violence, you know?

...It’s not something to keep dwelling on, I’ve already come to a conclusion about it. It’s not like I was in love or anything like that.

But for some reason, when this season rolls around, I end up remembering it.

There was no one there to stick by that person.

...So at least, I don’t want to repeat the same mistake over again. I’ll be by the side of everyone in Knights.

Leo Tsukinaga StarFes Dialogue Render

I see. Alright then, if you break your vows, I’ll have your head. If it gets too much to bear, talk to me! I’ll make sure I can learn that kind of dependability, at least.

At any cost, I’ll become a person fit to be your Ousama.

For me, the naked king, it will become the most beautiful outfit in the world.

Humpty Dumpty, had a great fall… And all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again.

That’s how it was supposed to be, but you all tried your hardest to gather up all my pieces, and reconstructed them.

(Holy Knight of the Golden Lion) Leo Tsukinaga CG2
Leo Tsukinaga StarFes Dialogue Render

Whether shattered to pieces, or unsightly and pitiful, I will accept you as you are.

I will thank you and attend to you, because I was truly happy. I will reign as a king, and serve as a knight.

Even for an ugly little egg, covered in cracks, I believe something noble and precious will be born from it.

Merry Christmas.


  1. “Kasajizou” is a Japanese folk tale about a very poor old man who gave his last kasa (that cone-shaped hat associated with rice farming) to some boddhisatva statues and the next day, found a bunch of food outside his house, a gift from the statues.
Translation: royalquintet
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