Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
StarFes Epilogue 1
Location: StarFes Stage (Second Half: Knights)
Tsukasa Suou StarFes Dialogue Render

Izumi Sena StarFes Dialogue Render

You look bothered, Kasa-kun. Stop pouting, it’s not very attractive.

Ritsu Sakuma StarFes Dialogue Render

Ahaha. Isn’t he just tired, after all?

We wasted some mental energy helping out Valkyrie too. In a way, the first half was pretty rough.

Leo Tsukinaga StarFes Dialogue Render

I told you, right? If you jump in right from the start, you’ll just wear yourself out! You okay? Need to sit out the second half, Suo~?

Tsukasa Suou StarFes Dialogue Render

It is no problem, my seniors.

I always say this, but please do not treat me like a child. I am fine, I can still continue.

Arashi Narukami StarFes Dialogue Render

Fufu. You’re frustrated that our results in the first half didn’t go as high as we’d hoped, right, Tsukasa-chan?

Though we didn’t reach up to fine or Trickstar’s level, I thought it was a pretty reasonable number.

Tsukasa Suou StarFes Dialogue Render

That’s just it, Narukami-senpai. Stopping to back up Valkyrie in the middle of it is no excuse.

It was a natural action grounded in knightly spirit, and a duty of the nobility.

In other units, it seems there was also trouble, both big and small.

So, the difference in pure strength… it is not reflected in the performance order for the second half. It makes me frustrated.

I thought we could win. As we are now, as Knights, together with my honorable seniors…

But we could not make it. It was an unexpected shock.

Arashi Narukami StarFes Dialogue Render

Let’s bounce back from it, Tsukasa-chan. There wasn’t much we could do, especially against Trickstar, who were a dreadfully strong force this time around.

Ritsu Sakuma StarFes Dialogue Render

Yep. I heard from Ma~kun earlier…

Looks like Trickstar sent fine, or rather Ecchan, a letter of challenge.

In the SS at the end of the year, they’ll be representing Yumenosaki as the highest achieving unit.

So they’re determined to get first place in StarFes.

If they can’t get the grand prize in a competition that includes almost all the units at Yumenosaki…

They have no right to be in the SS, or so they believe.

If they couldn’t win through the first half and end up in first place, they were going to withdraw from the SS.

They were fighting with their backs against the wall all this time, like their lives depended on it.

In reality, if they said they were withdrawing from the SS this late in the game, it’d be impossible.

For about half a year already… an enormous amount of investment and people have been used to support them.

Izumi Sena StarFes Dialogue Render

They couldn’t possibly bring it back to square one. They’re as egocentric as always, our protagonists…

But that’s fine, boys are better when they can’t see so far ahead.♪

It seems like Yuu-kun had been avoiding me because he thought if I knew all that, I’d worry about him too much.

I’m glad! He doesn’t actually hate me.♪

Arashi Narukami StarFes Dialogue Render

Ahh, so that’s why you’re in a weirdly good mood. Yuuki-kun and others are bad at lying. If I was like that, I’d avoid Izumi-chan too.

Isn’t that great, though? Trickstar managed to win first place in the first half and proved they have the right to go to the SS.

Everything turned out alright, ufufu♪

Ritsu Sakuma StarFes Dialogue Render

But learning all this after the fact is like a splash of cold water. I wish Ma~kun had come talk to me about it…

Even after I got up and cheered for him, in return for his care for me all the time.

Ecchan definitely wouldn’t have pulled his punches either.

If Trickstar really didn’t win first place, didn’t they say their right to be in the SS would have been revoked?

Leo Tsukinaga StarFes Dialogue Render

That’s true. That blockhead emperor might be a rotten fiend, but he’s methodical. A man’s fine art is his pride.

He wouldn’t go easy on anyone foolish enough to go back on something they’d vowed to do.

These Trickstar guys are pretty good… I’m getting more and more interested, wahaha☆

In any case, we’re also right in the midst of the battlefield, so we don’t have the time to be entertaining our thoughts about other units.

Bring back your energy! It’s almost our turn.

Tsukasa Suou StarFes Dialogue Render

I understand. Or rather, I’ve already gotten fired up. Our greatest enemies are better stronger, our journey better riddled with hardship.

Is that not right, Leader?

Leo Tsukinaga StarFes Dialogue Render

That’s right! Wahaha, finally you have a good face on too, Suo~!

Let’s enjoy the hardships, go on a rampage, laughing and soaked in blood!♪

Only at the end of a harsh journey do we find our utopia. Let’s aim for that together.

This holy grail we call glory, obtainable only as spoils from a terrible conflict, let us take it all for ourselves.

Wahaha! I actually can’t stop smiling! It’s the same for you all, right, my Knights...☆

Tsukasa Suou StarFes Dialogue Render

Yes. As your Knights… no, as our Knights… this evening, let us magnificently unfold our legend, fit to be passed on into eternity.

(To everyone in Trickstar… I shall give up the stage as a Christmas present to you all, just this time.)

(I do not yet know the satisfaction of sitting at the throne at the top of Yumenosaki Academy. Please have your fill of it.)

(However, someday I will have you give it to me. I believe you all know this veeery well, but I am quite greedy.)

(I believe in acquiring everything I want, no matter what.)

(Tori-kun. You must be frustrated as well. You have cried loudly waking up from nightmares of your loss to Trickstar in DDD…)

(I have heard from Fushimi-senpai.)

(Even now, I’ve had nightmares many times. But I believe that in time, they will be covered with a shining reality, and the future, and eventually disappear.)

(On our respective battlefields, let us raise our swords and claim victory.)

(My sworn enemies. I am honored to have been born in the same era as you all.)

(Fufu. I am sure Santa Claus will gift us something nice...♪)

Translation: akiratotsuka
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