Star Festival
Event story 38
Season: Winter (冬)
Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Chapters: 16 Translator: Riebakkari, royalquintet
Leo Head Tsukasa Head Arashi Head Ritsu Head Izumi Head Mika Head Shu Head Nazuna Head
Translation Notes
Associated Songs: Last Lament *, Article of Faith

Silent Knights - 5

  • 1 - Another name for December in Japanese is ‘Shiwasu’ (師走), where the kanji literally means ‘a teacher, running’ and is used to represent how busy the month of December can feel each year.
  • 2 - Reference to the Ako incident.

Holy Knights - 4

  • [1] Who Killed Cock Robin is apparently an old English nursery rhyme. Leo’s second nursery rhyme reference, but a rather macabre one at that.

Holy Knights - 5

  • [1] Nazuna’s last name, Nito, means “two rabbits” in Japanese.

Epilogue - 3

  • [1] “Kasajizou” is a Japanese folk tale about a very poor old man who gave his last kasa (that cone-shaped hat associated with rice farming) to some boddhisatva statues and the next day, found a bunch of food outside his house, a gift from the statues.
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