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Several stage plays have been made to adapt the Ensemble Stars! Main Story, the Kiseki series, and many event stories.

Event stories that have been adapted typically are stories that primarily focus on one group or character(s) and are stories that are pivotal to their development.

Characters from each unit have appeared on stage except for members of ALKALOID and Crazy:B, as no Ensemble Stars!! stories have been adapted yet. In addition, Anzu's character does not exist in the stage play, so her presence in the stories have been written out in these adaptions.

Main Story

The Ensemble Stars! Main Story is covered in a three part On Stage series.

On Stage On Stage ~Take your marks!~ On Stage ~To the shining future~
Enstage - Main Story Promo.png Take Your Marks Poster Vertical .jpeg To the Shining Future Vertical Poster.jpeg
Adapts Hierarchy, Rebellion, Revolution, Kingdom, and Ensemble.

Extra Stage

Extra Stages are stage plays that cover event stories.

Extra Stage ~Judge of Knights~ Extra Stage ~Memory of Marionette~ Extra Stage ~Destruction × Road~
Enstage - Judge of Knights Promo.png Enstage - Memory of Marionette Promo.png Enstage - Destruction x Road Promo.png
Adapts The King's Horseback Ride Adapts Reminiscence * Marionette and Milky Way Adapts Crossroad and Pirate Festival
Extra Stage ~Night of Blossoming Stars~ Extra Stage ~Meteor Lights~
Enstage NoBS poster.png Enstage - Meteor Lights Promo.jpeg
Adapts Rocket Start and Pleiades Night Adapts Meteor Impact

Kiseki Series

The second part of the Ensemble Stars! Main Story, the Kiseki Series is covered in the ongoing The Stage series.

THE STAGE -Track to Miracle-
Enstage - Track to Miracle Promo.jpeg
Adapts Summer Live and Revenge Match


The theater Dramatica is an acting company run by Wataru Hibiki. The Dramatica project operates as productions by the members of this circle. Unlike the other Ensemble Stars! stage plays, it showcases theatrical tellings of original stories that aren’t adaptations of any in-game story.

ACT 1: Journey to the West ACT 2: Phantom and Invisible Resonance
Dramatica ACT 1- Journey to the West Promo.jpeg Act 2 Phantom and Invisible Resonance Logo.png
Relates to Scout Story Dramatica Original story


This category includes other stage play related media such as concerts featuring stage play actors or behind the scenes footage.

On Stage Festival On Stage Fan Discs
Enstage - Festival Promo.png On Stage Fan Disc Vol 1.jpg