Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
Sports Festival 3 Prologue
Location: Archery Grounds
Tsukasa Suou Archery Dialogue Render
Excuse me.
Keito Hasumi Archery Dialogue Render
Oh, Suou. Have you seen Tsukinaga?
Tsukasa Suou Archery Dialogue Render
No, I haven't seen him... Speaking of which, I would like to know as well. I haven't even seen that person's figure in the activities for "Knights" either?

I wonder if he could be lazying about somewhere. If one does not speak up to Leader with a few words, his attention would be excused.

Keito Hasumi Archery Dialogue Render
I see, you haven't seen him either, Suou. He's someone who doesn't show up at the club much, however... At this rate, there won't be any prospects of having Tsukinaga participate.
Tsukasa Suou Archery Dialogue Render
Is there a problem of the sort with that?
Keito Hasumi Archery Dialogue Render
It's not as if I'd call it much of a problem. Do you know about the "Sports Festival" which is coming up soon?

I was thinking of entering the Archery Club in its club competition relay.

I thought about making him as part of the member application, but... I guess I'll make Tsukinaga the alternate applicant.

Tsukasa Suou Archery Dialogue Render
Hm. Club competition Relay... As the name implies, it is a competition in which the comrades of clubs compete against one another?

If we're to be competing, we mustn't lose. Hasumi-senpai, Fushimi-senpai, let us work our hardest to aim for first place♪

Keito Hasumi Archery Dialogue Render
You're right. If we're doing it, we'll have to exert all we have.
Yuzuru Fushimi School Dialogue Render
Keito Hasumi Archery Dialogue Render
Fushimi? You've been ignoring your practice to only polish that camera. Were you requested to do so by someone?

After all, you're in a trance, much like how you are when you're cleaning.

I won't say sorry, as I can't admire you for narrowing your field of vision.

Yuzuru Fushimi School Dialogue Render
My deepest apologies, Hasumi-sama. I simply cannot wait to have fun during the "Sports Festival."

Nevertheless, it was rude of me to be restless despite having shown up at the Archery Club. I shall change my feelings and concentrate on club activities.

Keito Hasumi Archery Dialogue Render
No, a club is where one gathers for hobbies, after all. I didn't mean to say that you had to focus singlemindedly on only club activities. If you have some work to do, I wouldn't mind if you prioritized that.
Yuzuru Fushimi School Dialogue Render
Haah, those are appreciated words, but... I had not been polishing the camera as work, you see.

It is in order to acquire the gallant figure of Young Master on the camera during the "Sports Festival" that I am polishing it...♪

Keito Hasumi Archery Dialogue Render
Aah. Watching over Himemiya, aren't you... You really do love Himemiya.
Yuzuru Fushimi School Dialogue Render
Yes. Though it has been more than once or twice that I have thought his heartless behavior to be irritating.

Despite his incorrigibility, that lovely form of his is what I shall adore.

Keito Hasumi Archery Dialogue Render
Hm. Indeed, when Himemiya tells you one thing or the other, you have trust in him regardless.

Anyways, as the "Sports Festival" includes the idol course, it's been decided that the entirety of the student body will participate.

Because it's not as if the Dreamfes of this time are both within the school and outside alike... It wouldn't be bad to do things that are student-like sometimes.

Tsukasa Suou Archery Dialogue Render
That's correct. Much like Fushimi-senpai, I am looking forward to it♪

I shall be in the white team. Which ones will Hasumi-senpai and Fushimi-senpai be in?

Yuzuru Fushimi School Dialogue Render
I am in the red team. The events which I will participate in are the obstacle course and tug of war... We have the club competition relay as well, so that would be three events in total.
Keito Hasumi Archery Dialogue Render
I'm in the white team. My events are the giant ball roll, cavalry battle, and tug of war.

Along with the club competition relay, the Student Council has business in supervision and such, so there isn't time for me to relax on that day.

Tsukasa Suou Archery Dialogue Render
For Hasumi-senpai to be busy, that is the norm, yes? However, it is unexpected for Hasumi-senpai to be participating in the giant ball roll.

I have heard that it is difficult to move the giant ball if your back is tall... As Hasumi-senpai is tall indeed, that would seem to be quite the pain.

Keito Hasumi Archery Dialogue Render
For the record, I didn't want to be entered.

This was Eichi, again, going, "I want to see Keito rolling the giant ball, because it seems funny" and for that reason, he arbitrarily entered me.

Eichi had been waiting for the "Sports Festival" so long, I had no choice.

With his eyes sparkling like that of a child's and looking so pleasant, I wanted to forgive him for even pulling me into it. Thanks to that, my plans had gone severely off track.

It seems there'll be a cheering battle incorporated from this year and on too... Seeing as how it's the first trial, even if there's trouble, that wouldn't be unheard of.

When I think of what would correspond with the following, my head begins to hurt.

Tsukasa Suou Archery Dialogue Render
If I recall correctly, Tori-kun was to participate in the cheering battle.

Tori-kun was telling, to anyone who would listen, "President told me that he was requesting me to be a member to cheer~. Fufun, you're jealous of me, aren't you♪" and boasted that way.

I would be happily pulled along if I were to be requested by Tenshouin onii-sama as well.

With this, the feelings of my mutual rivalry with Tori-kun have been dragged into a field in which they should not have been. Kuwaahh, how envying, how frustrating!

Yuzuru Fushimi School Dialogue Render
Aah. Tsukasa-sama and Young Master are in the same white team. Fufu, he is a selfish master, but please do get along♪

These are not idol activities, after all. In the "Sports Festival" you may as well see a different Young Master than you usually do see.

It was for this reason that I purchased a camera.

I would have preferred that a pro cameraman take them, but there is no way that they would be able to capture all of his slight movements.

Thus, it is best if I were the one to use the camera.

A designated folder of new pictures of Young Master shall fill up again. Aaahh, I have been waiting for so long, but there is no way otherwise...♪

Tsukasa Suou Archery Dialogue Render
For someone such as Fushimi-senpai, it's a mystery as to why you feel inclined to Tori-kun with such affection.

With his personality so difficult, as for myself, whenever I meet him face-to-face, I quarrel with him.

Well, we are the same white team in the "Sports Festival," yes. Although we hold back each other from achieving success, I would like to avoid losing to the red team.

For the entirety of this time, I'll make a truce, and we shall hold hands to aim for the victory of the white team. He must be able to match up to me in that degree...♪

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