Sports Festival 3
Event story 56
Season: Summer (夏)
Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Chapters: 15 Translator: nebulancer
Mika HeadShu HeadYuzuru HeadArashi HeadTsukasa HeadKeito HeadTsumugi HeadMitsuru HeadAdonis HeadTori HeadIzumi HeadShinobu HeadMidori HeadHajime HeadRitsu HeadLeo Head
Translation Notes
Chapter 5
  • [1] The original 切ない現実, which literally means "a painful/miserable truth" is close enough to the common saying "cold hard truth," which also rolls off the tongue more easily.

Chapter 7

  • [1] "スコン," the phrase used here, is a stock sound effect used in manga or the like, which indicates something being dropped or making a "donk/thunk" type of noise.

Chapter 8

  • [1] One of the sports festival's events. Carry a ping pong ball on a racket without letting it fall.
Story CGs
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