Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
Sports Festival 2 - Prologue
Location: Garden Terrace
Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
Hahhh...... Hahhh......

I- I’m sorry I’m late. Class ran long. You must have already started preparing for the tea pa— Huh?

(Neither the president nor Ritsu-senpai is here. Hm~...... I wonder if I mistook the meeting place.)

(President said, “Let’s have a tea party in the usual place,” though.)

(If he changed the location, he probably would have called or messaged me to get in touch.)

(Hmmm, what should I do? I wonder if I should go over to President’s class.)

(His class might just be running long like mine did, though. It’d be bad if we ended up missing each other.)

(Besides, it would be nerve-wracking to intrude on the upperclassmen’s class. Uuu, I broke out into a nervous sweat just imagining it.)

(Maybe he’s busy with student council work...... I’ll wait a little longer, and if he still doesn’t come, I’ll try to contact him.)

(No need to rush. I’ll just wait, no worry~......♪)

(Oh, it looks like someone came. They don’t look like President or Ritsu-senpai. Is that...... Anzu-san?)

Hello, Anzu-san. You can get a great view of the flowers from here~

Oh, if you’re meeting with someone, though, I’d be a bother if I was with you, wouldn’t I?

Please have a seat......♪

Huh? You came to drink tea? Is that so~? I jumped to the wrong conclusion. That’s embarrassing.

What about me? I’m waiting for President and Ritsu-senpai. The tea club is meeting today, so I’m really excited~♪

Umm, the tea club meets on Fridays, but sometimes that changes depending on President’s condition and the members’ schedules.

Today just happened to work for everyone, so we were talking about meeting up for a tea party after class......

Now that summer break is over, it’s finally cooled down, but it’s still hot during the day. I’m worried about whether President feeling well.

Uuu, now I’m feeling anxious. Ritsu-senpai didn’t seem to be doing well during the summertime either, so maybe I should go see how they’re doing......

Huh? You saw Ritsu-senpai on your way here?

Ritsu-senpai asked you to tell me a message? “An old man like me can’t run. I’ll probably be late, so take it easy and wait for me~”

Haha, thank you for telling me. As thanks, if you’re alright with me brewing it, would you like some tea?

There are snacks for tea parties in the cupboard, but we’d need the key to open it.

President might get mad if we ate some of the snacks in the refrigerator instead without asking, so...

I can only make tea without anything to go with it. Is that still okay......?

Thank goodness......♪ Okay, I’ll go make some, so please wait here......♪

Ritsu Sakuma Summer School Dialogue Render
*yaaawn*......♪ It’s tough to come all the way out to the garden terrace. Ha~kun, I’m tired~ Rub my shoulders, okay?

Hm? Anzu’s here, but Ha~kun isn’t.

He~y ♪

Still, it’s past our meeting time, but Ha~kun still isn’t here, that naughty kid......

Ecchan’s not here either, and he’s the one who suggested we meet in the first place. Unbelievable~

Huh, Ha~kun’s just off making tea?

If you didn’t see Ecchan when you got here, though, maybe he’s still in class......?

Ahh, I worked super hard to walk here, so I’m thirsty. I guess I might ask Ha~kun to make some tea for me too.

Or, if you’re up for it, I could just drink your blood, Anzu~♪

Nah, even I would pass on that with you making such an obviously troubled face. Well, I can just take blood in a worst case scenario if I have to......♪

Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
Anzu-san, it’s hot today, so I prepared iced tea......♪ Or would you have preferred hot tea?
Ritsu Sakuma Summer School Dialogue Render
Hey there, Ha~kun ♪
Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
Oh, hello, Ritsu-senpai~♪
Ritsu Sakuma Summer School Dialogue Render
I didn’t ditch club activities~ Praise me~ Fawn over me and spoil me~......♪
Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
Ehehe, Ritsu-senpai likes to be pampered, huh? You’re like my little brother and sister~♪

Oh, I’m sorry. It was rude of me to treat an upperclassmen like they’re younger than me, sorry!

Ritsu Sakuma Summer School Dialogue Render
You’re so serious, Ha~kun. I would really hate it if Anija tried to act like a big brother, but I don’t mind if it’s Ha~kun.

Anyway, Anzu is fine too, so spoil me~ Sweets are the best thing for you when you’re tired, right?

(In Japanese, the word for “spoil/pamper” uses the same kanji as “sweet,” so Ritsu’s making a pun when he says sweets are good for when you’re tired)

Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
Ritsu-senpai, you’re heavy if you lean your head on my shoulder like that~ Awawa, you’re going to spill the tea?

I’ll go make tea for you too, so could you sit down and wait here? Are you okay with iced tea like I made for Anzu-san?

Ritsu Sakuma Summer School Dialogue Render
Yeah, thanks~♪
Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
Alright. I’ll go prepare it right away......♪
Ritsu Sakuma Summer School Dialogue Render
......Anzu, aren’t you gonna drink yours? The ice will melt and make the glass sweat. You’ll get your hand wet, so shouldn’t you hurry and drink it?

Seeing as you’re here with everyone, you want to drink tea together? That’s just like you, Anzu. but you don’t have to so that considerate of me.

Uu~, the sunlight is kinda strong. We don’t have to sit at the sunniest table, of all places. You think the seats further in would be any better......?

You’re going to participate in the tea party too, right, Anzu? Ha~kun’s tea is so good that I end up drinking too much and can’t sleep at night.

Vampires are at their best once the sun goes down, so I’m usually more active at night, but it fills me up with even more energy and makes me all lively......♪

It makes moving around more troublesome the next day, though, even at night. I guess there are ups and downs to being too energetic, huh......?

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