Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
Sports Festival 2 - Chapter 8
Location: Sports Festival Grounds
(Glasses Prediction) Makoto Yuuki Full Render
Iz- Izumi-san, don’t pull me! I have to go give this spare pair of glasses to Isara-kun and get the glasses I gave him back...

If you need to find glasses, the vice president wears a pair, so go borrow his. Izumi-san, I’m really sorry!

(Trial's Fate) Izumi Sena Full Render
Wait, Yuu-kun...!

(...Yuu-kun told me I should borrow glasses from the “vice president,” so I guess that means Hasumi, huh?)

Keito Hasumi Summer School Dialogue Render
(Trial's Fate) Izumi Sena Full Render
(Speak of the devil. It seems like he’s heading towards the school building. I wonder if I can still catch up if I chase after him.)

(There’s no one else I can borrow a pair from, after all. Give me a break...)

Sports Festival 2 - Chapter 8 Scene Change
Location: Sports Festival Grounds (School Building Side)
(Trial's Fate) Izumi Sena Full Render
Hasumi. Give me your glasses.
Keito Hasumi Summer School Dialogue Render
That was sudden. Could I at least get a “hello”? Even if you suddenly ask for my glasses, I can’t just give them to you. Well, it’s not as though I wouldn’t consider it, depending on the circumstances.
(Trial's Fate) Izumi Sena Full Render
Do the words “borrowing race” ring any bells? Need I say more?
Keito Hasumi Summer School Dialogue Render
Ah, I see. I understand. You have to borrow glasses for the borrowing race. If you’d spouted some nonsensical reason, I would have flatly refused you, but if that’s the reason, I suppose I have no choice.

These glasses are important to me. Whatever you do, don’t lose them, got it?

(Trial's Fate) Izumi Sena CG2
(Trial's Fate) Izumi Sena Full Render
Uhh, I’m over here? If you can’t see anything without your glasses, sit in this folding chair and wait. I’ll come give them back once I pass the goal.
Keito Hasumi Summer School Dialogue Render
Hmph... I suppose I will. I can’t see even a few steps in front of me.

If I walked around like this, I would only cause trouble for others. Be sure to take good care of them. I’m counting on you, Sena.

(Trial's Fate) Izumi Sena Full Render
Again, I’m over here... Here, sit down. Don’t get up until I come back for you, okay? You seriously seem like you’d get in some sort of accident.

(Yuu-kun and Hasumi both completely entrust themselves to these fragile glasses.)

(Even though the frame would easily snap under a little pressure, they treat them like they’re so, so important.)

(If my eyesight got bad enough that I had to rely on glasses to see, I wonder if I’d understand how they feel.)

(Well, I guess they’d be fine if I was just reading, but I’d definitely go with contacts for everyday usage.)

(...If that ever happens, I’ll ask Yuu-kun for advice. Ufufu, it’ll be sort of like we’re real siblings...♪)

Sports Festival 2 - Chapter 8 Scene Change 2
Location: Sports Festival Grounds
(Cheer in the Sun) Hajime Shino Full Render
Hah... Hah...♪

(I’ll keep taking deep breaths until I can relax. If I keep on telling myself I’m okay, the obstacle course race will be no problem...♪)

(S- Still, I’m really nervous.)

(What if I trip in the middle of the race? What if I can’t make it to the goal? All these doubts keep popping up.)

(Uuu~ I have to get it together! It won’t do me any good to go on stewing over this all by myself. Why don’t I find someone to talk to to ease my nerves?...♪)

Umm, Sengoku-kun. We may be in different classes, but as fellow members of the red team, let’s do our best ♪

(Fight of the Troops) Shinobu Sengoku Full Render
Sh- Shino-dono, you’re very calm de gozaru, huh? I feel like I’m about to take a huge plunge de gozaru. I’m so nervous~!

Although, I am a ninja, after all. This obstacle course will be a good chance to show the extents of my ninja abilities de gozaru~

The first obstacle is to crawl under the net, right de gozaru? Hahaa, I’ll get through that net gracefully and take first place de gozaru ♪

(Cheer in the Sun) Hajime Shino Full Render
Wow, that’s amazing...! I’m really slow, so I’m jealous of how athletic you are, Sengoku-kun ♪
(Fight of the Troops) Shinobu Sengoku Full Render
Hmmm. I’m not necessarily that athletic either, though, de gozaru?

Besides, the nets aren’t really a matter of how athletic you are.

It all depends on how well you can use the space made by people in front of you de gozaru~

One of the main features of an obstacle course race is that your sense of balance is often more important than your speed de gozaru.

When you’re crossing the balance beam or carrying a ping pong ball, for example, if you lose your balance, you have to start over, after all de gozaru.

Oh, they’re getting the starting pistol ready de gozaru.

Whoaaaa... The crowd’s gone wild de gozaru. It’s almost like we’re doing a live de gozaru, isn’t it?

(There are similar races in the West with eggs, but for the ping pong part of the races, you have to carry the ball on a spoon without dropping it.)

(Cheer in the Sun) Hajime Shino Full Render
S- Sengoku-kun, if I hold you back at all, I’m really sorry!
(Fight of the Troops) Shinobu Sengoku Full Render
Huh? Please don’t bow your head to me like that de gozaru. We don’t know that I’ll do well either de gozaru, okay...?

Ninjas pave the way for others de gozaru.

I’ll take the lead for the net obstacle, so follow me closely and slip through using the space I make de gozaru.

As long as you do that, you won’t need to worry about getting caught in the net de gozaru~♪

(Cheer in the Sun) Hajime Shino Full Render
Doesn’t that make it harder for you, though? I’m sorry that I’m making you go through all this trouble for me~

Oh, the starter is looking at us expectantly. Yes, we’re ready~ I’m sorry we talked for so long!

(They sounded the pistol and everyone took off running. I have to catch up...!)

(Fight of the Troops) Shinobu Sengoku Full Render
Shino-dono! Here, crawl through the net de gozaru. I’m going to start on the next obstacle ahead of you de gozaru. Good luck!
(Cheer in the Sun) Hajime Shino Full Render
(Ahh, Sengoku-kun got ahead of me!)

(Uuu, I ended up getting in his way after all.)

(He’s breezing through obstacles one after another. Sengoku-kun is amazing...♪)

(T- This is no time to hang around watching him. Sengoku-kun paved the way for me, so I have to slide through the space he left...)

(Cheer in the Sun) Hajime Shino CG
(Cheer in the Sun) Hajime Shino Full Render
(Oh no, the net got caught on my hair. Awawa, now my hand is caught too and I can’t move forward~)

(The more I struggle, the less I can move. Even though I got to go through the net second, now I’m in last place.)

(Everyone else is heading to the next obstacle and I’m the only one still stuck here in the net...)

(No, I can’t be timid. I have to get as low to the ground as I can so the net won’t catch me... There, I’m almost out!)

Yesss...♪ I finally made it out of the net...♪

(Alright, I’d better get going towards the next obstacle. I’ll do my best to reach the goal...!)

Translation: Linnæus
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