Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
Sports Festival 2 - Chapter 11
Location: Sports Festival Grounds (School Building Side)
(Live Broadcast and Participation) Nazuna Nito Full Render
Ah~ Ah~! 1, 2, 3~ Testing~!

Alright, the volume’s okay. The event everyone’s been waiting for, the red versus white relay race, is up next, so let’s get this show on the road~!

Oh, Anzu. What’s up? The relay’s about to start, so don’t step on that white line, okay? We don’t want to have to re-chalk it.

......Hm? Is this a megaphone I’m holding?

Yeah, it is. C’mon, I told you I was going to be commentating for the relay, right? That’s what the megaphone’s for ♪

The relay has clubs, units, classes, and teams, and...... Oh, you don’t really need a run-down, do you?

It’s all written in the pamphlets, after all.

At any rate, this race is the main event. I’m all fired up for the broadcast~♪

Oh, the athletes are taking their places. Anzu, you’re in the way there. If you wanna watch, there are chairs in the tent, okay?

They’re supposed to be for members of the broadcasting committee, but a bunch of them are out there, so it’s fine~

I’ll give you permission as the chair of the committee. If anyone says anything, give them my name.

“Everyone, thanks for waiting......!”

“The athletes participating in the red versus white relay race have just taken their places. They’re all looking ahead with serious expressions on their faces!”

“The starting pistol has been fired and they’re off!”

“The white team is in the lead, followed by a member of the red team, another person from the white team, another from the red team, and so it continues......!”

“Oh no, the red team runner in second place appears to have dropped his baton. In the blink of an eye, he’s fallen to last place, with a runner from the white team taking second place!”

(Live Broadcast and Participation) Nazuna Nito CG2
(Live Broadcast and Participation) Nazuna Nito Full Render
“The first and second place runners are both with the white team! Will the white team be able to keep up their advance?”

“Or will the red team turn the tables on them? ......And the white team runner in first place has fumbled the baton pass!”

“The red team runner in third place rushes forward and he’s overtaken the second place runner!”

“The first and second place runners are neck and neck! Now you can’t take your eyes off of them, can you? Let’s hear some noise, folks. Cheer for your team with all you’ve got~☆”

(Glasses Prediction) Makoto Yuuki Full Render
Nito-senpai, I’m back~......

Huh? Anzu-chan?

I thought these seats were reserved for the broadcasting committee...... Right? Maybe I’m in the wrong place?

I’m not? Oh, I see. Nito-senpai offered you a seat here because there were plenty of open chairs.

That aside, Nito-senpai’s commentary is really something, isn’t it?

I’m a member of the broadcasting committee too, so I was handling the morning broadcast with him.

When I hear him commentate though, I realize all these new ways to speak. I’ve learned a lot just from listening~♪

(Live Broadcast and Participation) Nazuna Nito Full Render
Uuu~...... I shouted too much.

Anzu, would you mind grabbing the water bottle in my bag for me? And welcome back, Mako-chin~♪

All that’s left is the last event in the Sports Festival, the tug of war. The relay really got people excited, so we’ll have to make sure the tug of war is just as lively~♪

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