Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
Sports Festival 2 - Chapter 10
Location: Sports Festival Grounds
Hajime Shino Cheerleader Dialogue Render
(Everyone on the white team is raising their voices along with Ritsu-senpai, and the “let’s go white team” cheer is nice and loud. They’re going to send shivers down my spine.)

(This is amazing. It feels like I’ll be swallowed up by their intensity.)

(I wonder why. Ritsu-senpai’s voice isn’t particularly loud, but still.)

(Just his presence alone is overwhelming, isn’t it? The president is like that too...)

(I bet no one can take their eyes off of real idols like them, huh?)

(While I’m an idol too, I’m still a long ways away from being a fully-fledged idol.)

(I have Nii-chan, Tomoya-kun, and Mitsuru-kun, though. With such great companions at my side, I’ll be able to aim higher and higher.)

(I’m really fortunate. I won’t lose to Ritsu-senpai in that regard...♪)

Ritsu Sakuma Sports Festival Dialogue Render
Thanks for listening to me cheer, guys. Do your best in the afternoon games too...♪
Hajime Shino Cheerleader Dialogue Render
(Oh, Ritsu-senpai is back!)

Ritsu-senpai, good work out there...♪

Ritsu Sakuma Sports Festival Dialogue Render
I didn’t do much you could really call “work.” I just tossed some confetti and shook my pompoms.

Ha~kun, the red team is waiting for you.

They took away my chair, so I can’t stay up close, but I’ll be here watching over you... Go get ‘em.

Hajime Shino Cheerleader Dialogue Render
Okay, I’ll do my best...!
(Cheer in the Sun) Hajime Shino CG2
Hajime Shino Cheerleader Dialogue Render
Everyone on the red team~ Please repeat the cheer after me.

Let’s go red team~ let’s go...♪

Ritsu Sakuma Sports Festival Dialogue Render
(He’s shaking his pompoms as hard as he can. His face is so bright that it’d put even the sun to shame. I almost can’t help but avert my eyes.)

(Yet I still can’t look away. Even though I know I shouldn’t keep watching, it’s too tempting. Oh, Ha~kun, you little geezer pleaser.)

(Ecchan’s really taken a liking to him too. Same with Anzu...)

Hm~? Oh, Anzu. I thought you were in the first-aid tent. You ditching?

Or is someone hurt? I don’t smell blood, though. I’m not hurt or anything, but no one’s gonna rat you out if you hang here and play hooky.

Huh. So you’re still helping Sagami-sensei.

You’re really letting him push you around. Where is he?

You brought him back to the tent, but as soon as you took your eyes off him, he disappeared again, huh? ...What is he, a little kid?

You have the three-legged race in the afternoon, right? You’d better find him by then. If I see him, I’ll bring him to you even if I have to drag him by the scruff of his neck...♪

Ahh... The red team’s finished cheering. Looks like Ha~kun is looking for me.

Uu~... I was already raising my voice during the cheer contest, so I don’t want to shout.

Hey, Anzu. Flag down Ha~kun for me.

He’ll definitely notice us if you’re the one calling out to him. I know I’d notice your voice, so I’m sure he’s the same...♪

Translation: Linnæus
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