Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
Sports Festival 2 - Chapter 1
Location: Garden Terrace
Ritsu Sakuma Summer School Dialogue Render
Nn~ Looks like Ha~kun is back. Over here, over here~♪
Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
R-Ritsu-senpai, don’t cling to me, it’s dangerous~ Please drink your iced tea before the ice melts......♪
Ritsu Sakuma Summer School Dialogue Render
*gulp gulp* Ha~kun, you’ve gotten better. I could drink a million cups of this. Gimme another~♪
Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
Eh!? You already finished drinking it? You must have been really thirsty, Ritsu-senpai......

I’ll bring you a refill right away, please wait.

Ritsu Sakuma Summer School Dialogue Render
While you’re over there, I’d like a snack too~ There’s some cake I made in the fridge.

There’s Anzu, me, and Ha~kun...... I wonder if there’ll be enough for everyone even if Ecchan shows up.

Let’s just start the tea party without him. Even if Ecchan complains, it’s his fault for being late......♪

Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
Umm, is it really okay for me to have some too?
Ritsu Sakuma Summer School Dialogue Render
If anything, I’m curious as to why you’d think it wouldn’t be okay...... You’re a member of the tea club too, Ha~kun, so you don’t need to be so reserved.

My sweets are super good, after all. They’re so delicious that you’ll be licking the plate ♪

Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
Ehehe, I’m looking forward to it......♪

Um, Anzu-san? Why are you motioning at me? You need to tell me a secret?

That’s, but, I don’t think it’s right to do that. If I’m doing something wrong, there’s no need to be so secretive about it. Please just tell me outright!

Huh? It’s about Ritsu-senpai’s sweets......?

Oh, yes, I know about them~

When I first joined the tea club, they put out a cake Ritsu-senpai made and... Um... It was rather surprising. I was really flustered, but...

When I worked up my courage and ate it, it was really good...... Ever since then, I always sort of look forward to getting to eat Ritsu-senpai’s sweets ♪

Of course, the teacakes President prepares are delicious too, but once you’re used to the taste of Ritsu’s sweets, they somehow feel a little lacking......

Uuu, I’m sorry for saying something so outrageous!

Ritsu Sakuma Summer School Dialogue Render
Heheh. Ha~kun, you’ve got sense, just like Anzu......♪ Ecchan would probably be bitter if he’d heard that just now, but too bad for him ♪

I’m in a super good mood right now. I’ll get the cake ready, so go make some more tea, Ha~kun. It’ll be faster if we divide and conquer, right?

Anzu, sit back down. You’re a guest that we invited to our tea party, so we have to be hospitable......♪

These are my best cakes, so you can pick whichever you’d like.

I guess I’d recommend this one based on Munch’s The Scream. It’s pretty faithful to the original, isn’t it? Go on, eat up~☆

Me? Which should I eat~? This toxic swamp themed cake was pretty hard to make.

They say stuff about a mandrake’s scream, but at the end of the day, it’s just a legend.

In order to cause a scream like that, I just mixed in a special spice as a secret ingredient, and what do you know?

It makes a sauce with a creepy, hair-raising color like a toxic swamp......♪

Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
Everyone, I brought refills for the tea~ Ehehe, here, pardon me ♪

Wow, what colorful mushrooms~ Did you make this, Ritsu-senpai?

Ritsu Sakuma Summer School Dialogue Render
They sell “cute” decorations, but not “horrifying” ones, you know? If they don’t have any, then there’s nothing else for it but to make them myself, right?

They look like poisonous mushrooms, but they’ll taste good. I promise~♪

Translation: User:Linnæus
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