Sports Festival
Event story 9
Season: Summer (夏)
Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Chapters: 9 Translator: Riitranslates
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Translation Notes
Titles and Honorifics
  • Taishou: Though this has been translated as "Boss" by many (and may be the intended meaning as Tetora uses it on Kiryu Kuro), I keep this as Taishou since it has many meanings, including Chief, or a familiar way to address a fellow male. Notably, it also seems to have this meaning: "The athlete who competes in the last match of a team competition, particularly martial arts" and since they're Karate Club, it felt worth mentioning
  • Buchou: Club Leader. I'm keeping it as Buchou because Club Leader Chi~chan doesn't have as nice a ring to it.

Character Speech Patterns

  • Tetora has this speech tic where he shortens "desu" to just "ssu" and changes "-masu" forms to "-ru 'ssu." It seems to be something that isn't too uncommon (I've seen Midori do it sometimes too), but Tetora uses it almost all the time. It's a bit hard to portray this in translations, though I have attempted to by making him speak more casually or by shortcutting his words and sentences.
  • Kuro is a huge mystery to me because he has the delinquent slur but otherwise speaks kindly/politely. Because of that, I didn't really bother TOO much in making his speech sound different.
  • Koga is really really crass and is fond of butchering words. I tried to simulate that. I also added cursing to him (probably not too vulgar) so if that's something that makes you uncomfortable and you feel I need to tone it down, then please let me know.
    I think that's everyone with special speech patterns in this one. Everyone else speaks casually enough.

The Sports Fest Events:
I decided to explain the events because they get mentioned repeatedly. The three-legged race, the tug of war and the ball toss are already well known or self explanatory so I'm going to concentrate on these two: the borrowed item race and the bread eating race. Both are regular/common in Japanese school sports fests/athletic meets, so you might be familiar with either of them from anime or manga or dramas. But in case you aren't, this section is for you:

  • 借り物競争 (Karimono Kyousou) - Borrowed Item Race
    When the race starts, everyone is given an item that they need to retrieve, usually something they need to "borrow" from a classmate, a visitor, or whatever else. It's similar to a scavenger hunt, just that you only need to find one item, then run to the finish line right away. For example, you might receive "glasses" as your item, so you would have to ask someone for their glasses, then cross the finish line while carrying the glasses. Apparently, this needed item can be anything from accessories and school supplies, and has even been known to include people, as long as they fit the requirements (i.e. "someone wearing glasses"). Whoever crosses the finish line first with a valid item wins.
  • パン食い競争 (Pangui Kyousou) - Bread Eating Race
    For this race, your hands are tied behind your back. Along the track, there's a bar from which there are packets of bread (or maybe some other kind of food for other variations) hanging on strings. When you reach the bar, you need to catch or grab the food with your mouth or teeth, then carry it that way all the way up to the finish line, with normal victory conditions. Suffice to say, someone with good jumping ability or someone that's tall is supposed to have an advantage in this game.

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