Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
Sports Festival Chapter 7
Location: 1st Floor Passage
Tetora Nagumo Sportsfes Dialogue Render


It's no good to be sighin' like that! As soon as the lunch break ends, it's the three-legged race with Anzu-san.

Since Anzu-san discussed it with Sensei and asked him to allow this special case just this once.

I'll go eat lunch and recharge my energy~♪

(... But, for the three-legged race, won't we be running together with our ankles tied by a cord? Not only that, we'll be putting our hands on each other's shoulders, too, won't we...!?)

(Wh-wh-wh-what do I do!? I'm not confident I can stay calm~!!)

Eh, Anzu-san!? W-wh-wh-wh-why are you here!?

You're Sensei's assistant...?

So you offered to help him yourself, that's really admirable, huh~? I really respect that...! Am I wrong?

But but, there haven't been any incidents to help with. Ah, there aren't enough people, so that's why you're helping?

Uh huh. Up until now, Leader was helping Anzu-san out too, huh? Then the lunch break started, so you came back...

Then, it's lunch time right now, isn't it? Truth is, I was kinda wondering if I should eat lunch, too~♪

...! N... N-n-n-n-no good! No, it's not no good!

Ossu! Nagumo Tetora, recovery ☆

Umm, though I'd be happy I can have lunch together with Anzu-san, the handmade bentou is no good!

Ah, I don't mean that Anzu-san's cooking isn't appetizing! Rather, it's pretty delicious which is why it's a problem!

If I keep on having all this good luck, I'm scared I'll get attacked by disastrous bad luck~

Mitsuru Tenma Sportsfes Dialogue Render

Hm? Ah, Anzu-neechan, it's Anzu-neechan isn't it~☆

Is that your lunch box in your hand? Ah, then you're going to have lunch now, aren't ya!

Anzu-neechan's cooking is known to be yummy~. I wanna try eating Neechan's cooking too ☆

Is it okay? Yahoo~☆ Lunch with Neechan ♪ I'll eat it all up~

Tetora-chin too, don't be crouching there looking confused, let's go eat lunch together~

Tetora Nagumo Sportsfes Dialogue Render

No, I'll be fine so I want you two to go ahead and eat, yourselves!

Mitsuru Tenma Sportsfes Dialogue Render

Tetora-chin's being weird huh~? Come on, this way this way~☆

Tetora Nagumo Sportsfes Dialogue Render

Wh, wh-whoa! Pulling on my arm all of a sudden, it's surprising~!

Mitsuru Tenma Sportsfes Dialogue Render

But if I don't do this, Tetora-chin won't move.

Since you won't move, if I force you to move, it'll be okay~ I'm so smart ☆

Tetora Nagumo Sportsfes Dialogue Render

Mitsuru-kun is really pushy, huh!? But because of that pushiness, you helped me out just now ♪

Thanks to Mitsuru-kun, I can eat Anzu-san's delicious food, huh? I'll eat a lot, and do my best in this afternoon's match~♪

[Scene Change: Grounds (Sports Festival)]
Sports Festival Chapter 7 Scene Change
Tetora Nagumo Sportsfes Dialogue Render


... *breathe in* ... *breathe out* ...

(Urgh. Why am I so nervous?)

(It's really a shame I can't join the games with Taishou, but he's bound to be watching over me from somewhere. If I can't show him a properly gallant figure it's no good at all!)

(Erm, errrm... We'll tie our legs together with the cord, and the pistol is the signal that it's okay to start running, yeah?)

Wah! Why are you peeking at me like that?

Ah, that's right! I should tie the cord, please wait a bit.

Alright, this's fine, right? Does it hurt a little? Then I'll loosen it a bit more. About this much then...?

(Ugh. I'm nervous so I can't tie it very well... As I thought, it might've been good if I'd asked one of my classmates.)

(No, no, Anzu-san specially said that she'll do this for me, it would be really rude if I flatly refused the favor!)

(C-calm down, you! At times like this, calm your mind and remember what Taishou said!)

(H~m, h~m... Hhh~m...)

(N-no good. I can't remember anything at all~! In the first place, the things Taishou says are only related to "flaming emotions"!)

(Something about the smell of tobacco (wood) sticking to clothes, what was it... Huh? It isn't the flames but the clothes that I'm worrying about, huh?)

(No matter what I do, it's not any good! Anyway, isn't there anything I can do about this awkward mood~!?)

(If we start like this, it'll be impossible to synchronize with Anzu-san! I'm really in a pinch!)

(...? Just now, something on my shoulder... Is this Anzu-san's hand?)

(I see. While I've been thinking about this or that, the signal to start had sounded, huh?)

(All things considered, it's strange. Up til now, even though I'd been thinking that it'd be impossible to synchronize running with Anzu-san.)

(As soon as we put our arms around each other's shoulders and started running, my nervousness vanished... It started to feel like I can do anything.)

(... As expected, Anzu-san is a really amazing person, huh? I believe from the bottom of my heart that it's great that Anzu-san is our producer.)

(This person will really go to the ends of the earth. Aside from Taishou, Anzu-san is the only other person that gives me that kind of feeling.)

(Even Taishou seems like he's really pleased with Anzu-san, huh?)

(For Anzu-san's sake, he's been wanting to teach her more sewing skills, or that's what he says.)

(Ah, I can see the goal from here. If I keep synchronizing running with Anzu-san like this, we might barely manage to reach the goal.)

...! We, we did it. Anzu-san, we did it...!

It's too bad that we missed out on first place, but second place is pretty cool too!

(Sports Festival Decision) Tetora Nagumo CG2
Tetora Nagumo Sportsfes Dialogue Render

I'm really glad that I came out in the three-legged race with Anzu-san... Anzu-san, too? Hehe, it's kinda embarrassing, huh?

Anzu-san, I'll be happy if you join with me again next year. At that time, we'll make it to first place, so please look forward to it~♪

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