Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
Sports Festival Chapter 5
Location: Grounds (Sports Festival)
Mao Isara Sportsfes Dialogue Render

Buchou. It'll be our turn soon, right? Come on, please let go of Anzu's hand.

Chiaki Morisawa Sportsfes Dialogue Render

Woop, it's that time already!?

I'm barely going to make it, but I feel that if I run, I'll be able to do it! Farewell, Anzu. Please keep watching over our efforts!

Mao Isara Sportsfes Dialogue Render

I'm sorry Buchou is being such a bother.

Hey, Takamine, don't start sneaking away now.

Midori Takamine Sportsfes Dialogue Render

... Even though I could have run away at this time, I got exposed, how depressing...

Mao Isara Sportsfes Dialogue Render

Yeah, yeah. Whether it's depressing or not, let's get going, alright~?

Anzu is returning to the tent, aren't you? If you're over there, you can probably watch the ball toss activities...

Cheer us on so that we get first place, won't you? ♪

Chiaki Morisawa Sportsfes Dialogue Render


... Anzu! Where's Anzu!?

Ohh, there you were! Anzu, don't ask me anything, just come with me...!

(Wholehearted Sports Festival) Chiaki Morisawa CG
Chiaki Morisawa Sportsfes Dialogue Render

Impossible? But why, Anzu?

Were my burning feelings not reaching you, is that what it is...!?

What's that? Since Sagami-sensei has left without telling you his destination, you can't leave from here even if you want to?

I see. If those are the circumstances, then there's nothing I can...

No, it's not that there's nothing I can do! The truth is, I'm doing the borrowed item race.

There is no other person that can fulfill the theme but you! Won't you come with me if you consider it for my sake?

Thank you, Anzu! Since it's you, I believed that you would say that...!

However, just looking for you regretfully already took too much time. If it's like this, then we might not get first place...

Anzu, sorry! Endure it for just a short while! I'm going to dash like this, so for you not to be thrown off, hold tightly onto my shoulders

Then, here we go! Hahahaha ☆

Woop, will you be alright? While I did say that I'll go fast, I shouldn't forget that I'm carrying a girl!

But, Anzu is pretty light, huh. Have you been properly eating your meals? If you don't eat all three meals, you can't get bigger, can you?

I never fail to eat my morning, noon and evening meals ☆ Thanks to that, my body is healthy!

Though if I grew a little taller because of it, I wouldn't complain about that...

Woop, I'm grumbling, aren't I? Please forget what I just said!

(Wholehearted Sports Festival) Chiaki Morisawa CG2
Chiaki Morisawa Sportsfes Dialogue Render

Is that... Anzu, I can see the goal from here! Somehow, everyone else with is fighting hard with the theme, hm?

Alright, this is the home stretch. Anzu, hold on tightly! Tou...!!

Did you see, Anzu. We're first place...!

... Anzu?

Woop, sorry. Though I want to, I can't be carrying you forever! How about it? Would you like to get down?

Mmhmm. In that case, good!

... The theme? I'm sure it's bothering you, hm? However, please don't ask me about it...!

Right right. So you won't be asking about it? Thanks, Anzu!

Well then, I'll bring you up to the tent. While I'm at it, I'll look for Sagami-sensei for you too, so I want you not to worry about it!

I'm always in debt to Sagami-sensei, so I generally know where to find him.

As soon as I find him, I'll contact you, so believe that you are in good hands ☆

Translation: Riitranslates
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