Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
Sports Festival Chapter 2
Location: 2-A Classroom
Subaru Akehoshi Summer School Dialogue Render

*yawn* ... Ah, sorry. I'm kinda lacking sleep...

Did I stay up late? No no, that's not it. We've been training hard since this morning, so I can't help being tired...

Even though we're weak in the morning, how the heck is Chi~chan-buchou so energetic...?

Ah, right. I haven't spoken to Anzu at all about it, have I~? Truth is that we've joined the Sports Fest as a club.

Because of that, Chi~chan-buchou is completely in high spirits

Speaking of which, what's Anzu gonna do? Anzu is a student of the Production Department, right?

I see. Sagami-chan arranged it so that you'll joining as part of the White Team. And after that, you'll be helping him out?

Since it's a Sports Fest, there's a chance for people to get injured. That's why Sagami-chan asked you for this favor... But are you going to be okay?

I mean, it's "that" Sagami-chan, isn't it? He keeps his personal stuff in the infirmary, and the other day, he was dozing off during class, you know~?

That guy, he's really a useless person.

If you're gonna be taking over for Sagami-chan who doesn't even do anything, you might be running around everywhere...

Chiaki Morisawa Summer School Dialogue Render

Akehoshi! Is Akehoshi here? Your dependable senior, Morisawa Chiaki, has come to see you...☆

Subaru Akehoshi Summer School Dialogue Render

Wh-whoa, that surprised me.

Chi~chan-buchou, what is it all of a sudden? I was talking to Anzu.

Chiaki Morisawa Summer School Dialogue Render

Hmm, when Akehoshi uses respectful language with me, he's usually in a bad mood. What's wrong? Is your stomach feeling bad?

... Hm? That's right, I've got it! I obstructed you while you were speaking with Anzu, so that's why you're in a bad mood. Mmhmm, it's the springtime of youth...☆

Subaru Akehoshi Summer School Dialogue Render

Chi~chan-buchou is really good at getting on a person's nerves, isn't he~?

It's not lunch break yet, is it? It's a bother for you to come see me despite that.

Chiaki Morisawa Summer School Dialogue Render

Certainly what Akehoshi says is true! It is the ten minute recess time, now.

I was anxiously waiting for lunch break, and so, without realizing it, I came here to check on you...! Mmhmm, please excuse me ☆

Farewell, Akehoshi, Anzu! Let's meet again at lunch!

Hahhahhahha ♪

Subaru Akehoshi Summer School Dialogue Render

... I'm tired. Suddenly I'm so tired~...

Nngh, having to go along with Chi~chan-buchou even during lunch, it might be even harsher than Hokke's demonic special training.

Ah right, Anzu! Won't Anzu come with me?

Ah, I don't mean for you to join us in our training, I think that Anzu just being there will help with the mood

Is it no good...?

Great! Thanks~ Anzu! As thanks I will give you the spare change I've diligently saved~ Eh? I don't have any?

Even if I don't have any money to give, would you still do this for me?

Although there's a saying that "The relationship ends when the money ends," Anzu is different, right? ☆

Ahaha. You don't have to guard yourself, I won't hug you, okay~? It's not good to give a girl a friendly hug like that

I'm not like Chi~chan-buchou, am I~? At any rate, don't worry about it!

Huhh... But that's good, with this I might be looking forward to lunch break a little bit~

[Scene Change: Grounds]
Sports Festival Chapter 2 Scene Change
Midori Takamine Sportsfes Dialogue Render

... *sigh*

It's so depressing, I want to die...

During the break, I only wanted to eat my packed lunch and have a good rest...? I don't really care about special training, please don't take away my time to relax...

... What do I do? If I leave now, I might not be found out...?

Though he gathered everyone else, Buchou himself isn't here...? If I left now, there's no one here to hold me back...

I'm sorry to Buchou but I'll go ahead and leave... That's what I'll do...

Huh...? Hello. Anzu-senpai. What are you doing here...?

Akehoshi-senpai asked you to come? Ah, so you heard from Akehoshi-senpai that we'll join the Sports Fest then?

But it looks like you aren't with Akehoshi-senpai... Oh. So he went with Buchou to call Isara-senpai, did he?

Oh. Since I've been waiting here in the grounds since earlier, Anzu-senpai thought to come here so that I won't be lonely.

... You think I'm that much of a kid, don't you...? Well, I don't have anyone to talk to, so I was getting bored, but...?

The thing is, since Anzu-senpai is here now, even if I wanted to leave, I can't... Rather, I wanted to be left alone...

No, it's not really a bother...? I mean, I only lost my chance to leave right away.

But if Anzu-senpai is here, I think I can do my best... Senpai, you resemble the mascot characters that I like, so seeing you makes me feel rejuvenated...♪

Mitsuru Tenma PE Dialogue Render

Dash dash dashing around~♪

(Display of Skill) Adonis Otogari Full Render

Tenma. If you don't warm up before you start running around, you'll damage your muscles. Do some light calisthenics before running.

(Substantial Jump) Mitsuru Tenma CG
Mitsuru Tenma PE Dialogue Render

Ado-chan-senpai, roger that~. One and two, three four...☆

Huh? It's Anzu-neechan and Midori-chan!

Midori Takamine Sportsfes Dialogue Render

Erm, Tenma-kun and... Ado-chan senpai?

(Display of Skill) Adonis Otogari Full Render

Ado-chan-senpai is not my real name. My real name is Otogari Adonis

We came here to do special training for the Sports Fest. You're Takamine, aren't you? What is your objective?

Midori Takamine Sportsfes Dialogue Render

For the same reason as Otogari-senpai... The basketball club is also going to be in the Sports Fest...

Ah, I think the other club members should be coming here soon...?

(Display of Skill) Adonis Otogari Full Render

... I see. I understand that the Basketball club is participating in the Sports Fest. But why is Anzu here? I'm sure that Anzu is not a member of the Basketball club.

Midori Takamine Sportsfes Dialogue Render

Needed support for Akehoshi-senpai? I think that's what he called Anzu-senpai here for...

(Display of Skill) Adonis Otogari Full Render

I see. I've understood. As a producer, such work is also entrusted to you.

I don't know if I will be of help, but if there is any manual labor, I want you to leave it to me. That's the extent of my helpfulness.

You may not be a "small weak creature". Nevertheless, while we are within the school campus, please allow me to protect you.

... I wish to be of assistance to you, that is all.

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