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Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirement: Unlock in (Way of the Katana) Souma Kanzaki's Idol Road
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Season: Summer (夏) Location: Ground


Nine hundred and ninety-eight! Nine hundred and ninety-nine!

One thousaaand!

Hmm. That should be enough practice swings.

(I have been putting too much focus into my activities for "Akatsuki" and the Marine Life club lately, so it feels as if I am lacking in my training.)

(Both my katana and technique may rust away at this rate.)

(I must not neglect my training. Martial Arts are a form of mental training as well, so it should be useful and essential for being an "Aidoru".)

(I shall train my mind and body, and stand on the battlefield known as the Entertainment World.)

(Moreover, I cannot feel at ease if I do not do my training every day. Freeing my mind of all thoughts, and swinging my katana— times like these are necessary for me to be at peace.)

(But this katana is far too sharp. I end up using too much force in my swing when I try to cut through the air cleanly.)

(I might even accidentally hurt myself on the thighs or feet if I swing it around too much. Any injuries would also hinder my "Aidoru" activities.)

(Perhaps I should have on hand with me wooden swords for training.)

(No. If I brace myself and focus, then I shall not make any mistakes. By swinging my drawn katana around, there is a sense of excitement. And even if I train by swinging it around aimlessly, it makes me feel at peace.)

(Yes— now then, I shall practice my swinging anew!)

(3000 swings in the morning— 8000 in the evening— and without the need to strike twice— such is the teachings of Jigen-Ryu[2]! Chest!)

... Hmph!?

Ooh, Anzu-dono. Why have you thrown this empty can at me, I wonder?

I immediately sliced it apart without much thought... The edge of the blade will nick when cutting metal, so I do wish that you would have consideration. But do you have some business with me?

Hmm. Anzu-dono, are you cleaning the garbage around the campus?

Indeed, there are visitors from outside the campus who gather for the "dorifesu" and because of the ill-mannered ones, "rubbish" like empty cans and candy wrappers are littered about afterwards.

Collecting that rubbish and cleaning up is a campus "arubaito"[3]... is that so. Thank you for your hard work, Anzu-dono— it is very like you ♪

Hmm. You are saying that even though you finally gathered up all the "rubbish" and dead leaves, you are having a hard time because the wind from my practice swinging is blowing it away?

How rude of me— I was not aware. But even so, it would have been better for you to call out to me. Suddenly throwing an empty can my way is quite the tomboy of you.

I even thought for a moment that I was being ambushed by an assassin. Hmm, you called out to me but I took no notice... is that right?

There are good things and bad things to be had from concentrating too hard, I see. Again, I must express my shame at my impoliteness.

Very well. As an apology for causing you trouble, I shall lend you a hand with cleaning the campus.

There is more to training than just swinging a katana around. Honest labour such as picking up "rubbish" is also an "excellent" lesson for the mind and body.

Anzu-dono is my "kurasu meito" after all. When you are in trouble, I shall share the struggle with you ♪

There is no need to be modest. Yumenosaki Academy's campus is large— with only Anzu-dono cleaning, it would not be done by the time a whole sexagenery cycle[4] has come and gone, no?

Leave this to me. I have a "naisu aidia".

If the "rubbish" is being blown away by the wind from swinging the katana, then I shall use that effect...

— to create a precise wind pressure so that it will be possible to gather all the "rubbish" on the campus in one place!

Please observe! I, Souma Kanzaki, shall put my all into it! Campus Cleaning Sword Dance!

Take that! Over there! Huuuryuaaaah!

... That was dangerous!? You have thrown another empty can at me, Anzu-dono!

Or rather, you threw the empty can at me when I showed an opening— is this what this training is? As expected of "Puroduusaa"-dono!

Eh? "You're the one that's dangerous here" is what you are saying? Indeed, if I carelessly strike Anzu-dono then that would be a great disaster...

I shall reflect on my actions, and ought to go about picking up "rubbish" normally.

I thought that I had come up with a good strategy to help out Anzu-dono while keeping up with my sword training, but... not everything can be done by killing two birds with one stone— how terrible, I have failed not once, but twice[5].

Anzu-dono, could it be that this is what you were trying to tell me...?

I am impressed! Well done, well done ♪

Hm? You want me to lend you my katana? That would be risky— it is not something that one with no understanding of it should handle.

I would not be able to face everyone else at Yumenosaki Academy if I were to let some harm come to Anzu-dono.

"You're one to talk"? Well, yes, but... Hm? Are you making a bonfire? You are going to set fire to the gathered dead leaves and use that to bake sweet potatoes?

You are skewering the sweet potato onto my katana, then slowly sizzling it over the open fire... A delicious smell is wafting up. I just finished with my training too so my stomach is feeling empty.

Hold on! I do wish that you would not use my katana for such purposes! My katana is not a skewer for food— aaAH you must not throw it on the fire!

It is covered in soot— how shall I face my ancestors now!

Uuuu. Anzu-dono can be harsh sometimes. Well, no matter... A katana is certainly not something needed at a school for Idols anyway.

If it can be of help in satisfying the stomach of "Puroduusaa"-dono, who works day and night for our sake, then—

Both my katana and I cannot hope to achieve more. That is what I shall believe in, yes.

Just like with my katana, I ask that you also make use of me once again. The first thing to do is pick up the "rubbish", is that correct, "Puroduusaa"-dono?

Very well! Here I go— leave it to Souma Kanzaki ♪

  1. "Chest" is a shout that Samurai back in the day used when engaging in battle with one another. You can think of it as 'En garde', 'Here I come', 'Prepare yourself' etc. It signals that you're ready to clash and that there's nothing else on your mind. Previously, I've translated this depending on the context Souma uses it in, but since this whole story is about his katana, I decided to leave it as it is here.
  2. "Jigen-Ryu" is a martial arts school focusing mainly on swordsmanship.
  3. "arubaito" means part-time job
  4. "Sexagenery Cycle" is an old East-Asian calendar for counting time periods. You'll be more familiar with its use in the Chinese Zodiac. Apparently, even Souma's choice of hyperbole is archaic. Bless.
  5. I took liberty when translating over "I failed not once, but twice". The phrase is "abuhachi torazu" where you try to do two things at the same time and end up accomplishing neither. The English equivalent would be "between two stools you fall to the ground".
Translator: Nhi
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