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Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirement: Intimacy Level 10
Souma Kanzaki Sub Story Part 2.png
Season: Spring (春) Location: Garden Terrace

Hyah...! Huryaah...!

If it isn't Tenkousei-dono[1]. What brings you here at this hour of the time?

Me? I was preparing the evening meal, but it is not for me to eat.

A "membaa" was talking about how they were going to be late because of work.

So I have offered up myself to have them allow me to make the evening meal instead.

I am the youngest amongst the "membaa". Of course, the chores are left to me. It is also my duty to prepare the meals.

And you as well, why are you here? It is already far past the time where the school day has ended.

... I see. Tenkousei-dono was thinking of providing the "membaa" with provisions... That consideration for others, it is to be admired.

If I can be of assistance, could I ask that you allow me to help, Tenkousei-dono?

I may not look the part, but cooking is my strong point. Japanese, Western, Chinese, and even the likes of sweets, I can roughly make them all.

Because it is provisions we are talking about, it should be okay to go with something sweet.

However, it is not good for the body to consume too much sugar content. It will temporarily restore your energy, no doubt, but there is also the fear of the blood sugar levels dropping.

We should go with okara[2] "dounatsu". Okara contains a lot of dietary fibre, and it is also useful for preventing arteriosclerosis[3] and heart disease.

And it is low in "karorii" too. You will also be able to feel full to the stomach— it is a magnificent snack.

It is not that difficult to make either. Tenkousei-dono should also be able to make it with no problem.

... Tenkousei-dono, please lift up that head of yours.

You are a "puroduusaa", are you not? To us "aidoru" especially, a "puroduusaa" holds the same meaning as a Lord.

A Lord should never lower their head to a subordinate.

Not to mention, I have been in your care for various things.

For me who has never before done any "aidoru" activities, Tenkousei-dono has given me guidance that was kind and thorough.

If I can repay that kindness even a little this time around, I shall immediately offer myself up.

Tenkousei-dono should not feel guilty, nor should you feel that you must extend your thanks.

... But to be thought of this much by Tenkousei-dono, the "membaa" is a fortunate person.

I am able to be close to Tenkousei-dono the "puroduusaa", yet I am not the "membaa" you are looking out for right now.

I do feel a sense of loneliness when I think like that... But it is unavoidable.

I apologise. The conversation has gone astray. Well then, let us get to making the sweets.

Do not worry, Tenkousei-dono. If it is you, it can be done. For that sake, I am here. Please, I would like you to believe that you are in capable hands.

  1. Tenkousei-dono = Transfer Student aka Anzu ("dono" is the honorific Souma uses)
  2. Okara = soy pulp (powdery, looks like whole wheat flour)
  3. Arteriosclerosis = thickening and hardening of the artery walls
Translator: Nhi
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