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Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirement: Intimacy Level 2
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Season: Spring (春) Location: 2-A Classroom

Anzu-dono, I have a huge favor to ask of you.

Please forgive my rudeness, but if I may, I should like to ask you to be a guinea pig for my new technique... Or rather, would you be so kind as to accompany me for a "lesson"?

I usually ask Adonis-dono seeing as he's strong and sturdy, but I missed my chance to do so today.

It appears that he has already left for his club's practice, and I could hardly bear to call him back just to assist me.

However, I remembered something Adonis-dono told me before.

Anzu-dono, as a producer, you are in a position to guide and oversee our studies[1], are you not?

I swallowed my pride and came to ask that you extend your guidance to me as well.

If you've other matters to attend to, I will desist. However, if you've no urgent plans, I would ask for your support in the name of our bond as fellow "classmates".

Hm. You'll accompany me? I am deeply grateful. You are most kind, Anzu-dono.

It's been so long that I had all but forgotten the warmth of such simple kindness. The other guys are far from cooperative. If anything, everyone seems to run away at the sight of me.

Very well. Here I come!


Hm, Anzu-dono, what's wrong? You're so shocked that you can't stand up? There's no need to worry so much. I'm not going to misaim and hurt you.

Despite my looks, I endeavor night and day to polish my swordsmanship.

Allow me to try again. I would prefer if you held still and kept your eyes open this time. Please point out any flaws you see in my technique.

Hmph, why are you tearing up? How troubling. I'm rather weak to women's tears.

If my performance was lacking, I deeply apologize. It seems as though there is some conflict in our perceptions of the situation.

Um. Hm, I approached you for help with my swordsmanship studies, but... Was this not what you had in mind, Anzu-dono?

Oh! Now that you mention it, I'm also an idol! I hadn't considered that. How thoughtless of me!

So "lessons" refer exclusively to the polishing of an "idol's" skills...

Hmm, I see.

I was completely ready to do some practice cuts.

No wonder I didn't sense any fighting spirit from someone about to have my sword thrust at them!

I've heard that those who master the ways of the sword can conceal their bloodlust and appear wholly at ease...

I assumed that you were in possession of such mastery, Anzu-dono.

After all, a "producer" to an "idol" is as a lord is to his swordsmen!

The only way to atone for the grave sin of humiliating my lord is death!

I will apologize for my misdoings by committing seppuku!

Hm, why are you stopping me? I know of no other means to take responsibility for my conduct!

... You truly are most kind, Anzu-dono.

I, Souma Kanzaki, am deeply impressed by your selfless display of compassion!

I vow that I shall not forget this debt! I will devote myself most diligently to my studies, so I humbly request you guidance and encouragement! Anzu-dono...!

  1. The word he uses for 'studies' here connotes diligent effort.
  2. as in he's calling his shot
Translator: Linnæus
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