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Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirement: Unlock in (Sharp Blade's Edge) Souma Kanzaki's Idol Road
Souma Kanzaki How is the Food 2.png
Season: Spring (春) Location: Garden Terrace (Kitchen)

Oh, Tenkousei-dono— that restless feeling when having to wait, I know it very well! But would it have not been better than joining me here in the kitchen?

It is no bother to me, but you will probably be bored having to watch my cooking. Or is it that— you want to snack on some side dishes?

Even though Tenkousei-dono does not look it, you are quite the glutton! Failing to eat lunch must have been painful...

Ah-I've been hit-!?

T-tenkousei-dono-? Suddenly throwing apples my way— what has overcome you?

I understand that being called a glutton was embarrassing, but to take physical action instead of using words to express yourself! That is what tomboys do.

You mustn't waste food. Those are good apples— they were picked just as they became ripe and fell from the trees. If they bruise after falling to the floor, then it is no different to collecting the ones that have long been scattered on the ground?

Hmm, it seems you are repenting so I will say no more. I am also at fault for calling a woman a "glutton"— I shall reflect on my behaviour.

Now that we have made up, I have a question. Were those apples taken out from the refrigerator?

So you used the apples left in the "shinku" to throw at me. Then there is no problem— they were probably left there and forgotten. It is not something you should feed others.

There are apples in the refrigerator— I shall peel and present them for "dezaato".

Hm, I stored them there to eat at the end of the day— but to think I would be so hungry from just moving my body! If it's apple "compooto"[1], then it should take no time to make.

It is an easy dish to cook— simply add sugar to the pot and let it simmer... No, how rude of me. This amount of labour cannot be called cooking.

Tenkousei-dono has also chosen to make a "coosu" on your own before, no? I often choose a "coosu" that I can make by myself— this way I can save on the expenses for the ingredients!

I, Souma Kanzaki, really like cooking— it is truly enjoyable! But there are times when I make too much without knowing and it can be troubling to dispose of.

It is also disrespectful to the manufacturers to waste such ingredients— it is crucial to be moderate in one's use.

But this is no time to be idly talking. If we linger and delay any longer then the afternoon break will end before we know it!

The food we're putting great pains into will go to waste if the bell rings just as we finish cooking.

Haah-! Hiyaah-! There-...!

Now we drop the finely chopped onion into the "furaipan" and cook it till it has become transparent... ♪

Hahaha, Tenkousei-dono— what enthusiastic cheering!

Now for the "hambaagu" patty in the "bouru"— place it in the "furaipan" and stir it around. A delicious smell should waft up if you cook it like this!

Demonstrating is a lot better than instructing after all.

You may also feel the need to take a bite to taste it now, but remember to watch out for the oil splashing— there's a chance of getting burned so it's dangerous! All that's left is to wait a while...

Okay! It looks like it's cooked to a good state. The dish will be complete with a garnish of carrots and potatoes on the side. Tenkousei-dono, I humbly offer this meal up for your relishing!

Fufu— "delicious", you say? It is well worth the trouble of making if I can receive such high praise in return. My love for cooking has probably deepened even more!

I, Souma Kanzaki, am truly glad to have put my all into cooking!

Woah! The meal was consumed in no time at all— praise must be given! Well done, Tenkousei-dono! It was a commendable display of eating... ♪

(Sharp Blade's Edge) Souma Kanzaki CG2.png

Tenkousei-dono! Are you ready for the "dezaato"? Then I shall show you how I cut the apple up in one go!

... Here I come!

Tenkousei-dono— you need not look at me with such wide eyes.

Though it is probably a reasonable response. I have also shown this to others, and they have all been generally surprised at first too— I am quite used to it by now!

Tossing an apple in the air and slicing it with precision is nothing special for me. "Conquer one and you shall conquer all"— if you can master an art form then you will naturally be able to master a skill like this too!

But to speak like that is overambitious. Even I, Souma Kanzaki, have yet to master the ways of martial arts. As of now, I am still only half-way there.

To reach the end of that path, I will need even more training— life is a long journey!

I shall acquire more abilities so that I can live without shame as an "aidoru" and a samurai. That is how I want to live!

What's this? Tenkousei-dono also wants to try learning the art of Iai[2]?

You were deeply moved by my display of cutting the apples? I admire that spirit of yours, but that alone is not enough. Just swinging around a kitchen knife will only make you a dangerous person!

Oh? By saying that Tenkousei-dono could be a "dangerous person", it seems I have single-handedly stopped you from that idea.

I have also been told that I am a "dangerous" person— for whatever reason, I do not know at all.

Hm. Even if you tell me that it could be my sword— to a samurai, a sword is his soul. It is a habit of mine to draw my sword from its scabbard, but it does not mean I will continue to carry the blade as it is.

It is a sword that cuts splendidly— you will be hurt if it even brushes you. One must always be aware of how they are handling it. I also have my honour as a samurai, after all— it will do no good to be careless.

Hmm. It is becoming more and more difficult to approach Tenkousei-dono with this talk. Could I request that we cease this conversation here?

I don't really understand it myself— but I will feel as if I have done something wrong if you ask me with such teary eyes.

Tenkousei-dono, it looks like you have finished eating the "dezaato" so let us clean up and return to the classroom!

Cleaning up is also a part of cooking— come Tenkousei-dono, let me borrow that hand of yours... ♪

  1. "Compooto" = Compote, a dessert made of fruits in sugar syrup
  2. Iai(do) = a Japanese martial art that emphasises being aware and capable of quickly drawing the sword and responding to a sudden attack (taken from wikipedia). Souma uses this technique when cutting the apples.
Translator: Nhi
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