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Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirement: Unlock in (Sharp Blade's Edge) Souma Kanzaki's Idol Road
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Season: Spring (春) Location: Rooftop


Hyah-! Take that! Huuryaaaah!

Hmm— no good. It seems I am lacking concentration today.

To endeavour in one's training— that is the way of the Samurai. But what a predicament! When I wear this outfit, I am repeatedly reminded that I am an "aidoru".

... By honing my "aidoru" skills, I can continue to uphold the image.

But I must acquire more skills or I cannot call myself a real "aidoru".

Even so... I only know how to swing my sword around— it seems I am a guy with nothing else on his mind.

I am one with my blade, in body and soul. The administration has also given the approval to carry a sword around— it cannot be forcibly taken away from me.

Oh! If it's "dansu" practice, then on top of the "aidoru" skills, it will also be sword training!

This sword has excellent cutting abilities. If I practice "dansu" without a scabbard, then I will lose my lower half— to bear such injuries would be the worst.

Of course, there is still a chance of getting hurt when I draw my sword. Should that happen, I would not be able to face Hasumi-dono or Kiryuu-dono!

I shall wear my sword on my waist, and strive to practice "dansu"! If it interferes and causes me harm either way, then I will temporarily halt the practice.

If it doesn't, then I shall continue practicing. I shall endeavour— till my body can take no more! That is the best way!

Hm, to arrive at that decision— I did very well ♪

I, Souma Kanzaki, will no longer hold back!

~ ... ♪

(Sharp Blade's Edge) Souma Kanzaki CG.png

(My mind is being freed of all thoughts— this sensation— it is like wielding a sword! I shall make the most of this "dansu" practice!)

(How similar it is to sword dancing! Sword dancing is also a form of traditional art so it is very fitting for "Akatsuki".)

(I may be clad in the common Idol outfit provided by the Academy, but I feel as if I am wearing the finest garments around.)

(Even if I am clothed in rags or in uniform— I will always be an "aidoru"...!)

... Huh? It is better if you do not stay hidden— please come forward. Your eyes have been intensely focused on me for a while now. I may not have eyes on my back, but I knew by your presence!

Oh! It is Tenkousei-dono! Is something the matter— you're clutching that book tightly with both hands. If you're looking for the Library, then it is on the second floor. Should you lose your way, then I shall accompany you for the journey!

Hmmm, is that right— you are not a wandering lost child then?

So you borrowed a book on "toreeningu" from the library, and have come to this rooftop to put it to practice.

The will to strive and better improve your stamina by "toreeningu" is praiseworthy indeed ♪

What am I doing? As you can see, I was practicing my "dansu"!

I too am an "aidoru" after all! It is only natural that I endeavour towards my "aidoru" training.

That openly frightened expression of yours— it is very troubling, you know. Have I done something to Tenkousei-dono to deserve such a reaction?

I am aware that Tenkousei-dono did request that I discipline myself in non-"aidoru" activities. I guess it cannot be helped that you have your guard up after witnessing that.

But even so, I am an "aidoru" and Tenkousei-dono is a "puroduusaa". It will be a hindrance to our next lesson if we don't work to build this relationship into a favourable one!

It seems that you are the "puroduusaa" mainly for "torikkusutaa" at the moment.

But it's not like Tenkousei-dono is exclusively the "puroduusaa" for "torikkusutaa" either.

You will "puroduusu" "Akatsuki" and other "yunitto" next time as well, won't you.

Even without the ties that bind us as "aidoru" and "puroduusaa"— I and Tenkousei-dono are still "kurasumeito".

As expected, wanting to be friendly is a common thought when you are "kurasumeito"!

... Oh? It could be my imagination— but I think there was quite a magnificent growling just now. It sounded like it came from my stomach.

Hmm, it is already nearing the end of lunch. With just this much practicing— I did not expect to become so hungry...?

Woah-! Tenkousei-dono!? Why are you striking my back? And to not hold back any restraint too! Was it a bug?

To notice even without hearing the buzzing of the wings— an admirable feat! I will praise you ♪

That's not it? Hmmm, I see. You missed your chance to have lunch because you were busy with borrowing books from the Library.

You cannot fight on an empty stomach!— the people back in the days used to say this.

It is good to be enthusiastic in your efforts of "toreeningu". But if you neglect your meals then you won't be able to achieve results you can be proud of.

Training while you don't feel well is also no good— not even half of your usual potential will show! You should properly eat your meals and then challenge yourself to perfection.

Hmm, if it's okay with you— I, Souma Kanzaki, shall make something! If you have a "rikuesuto" then I shall show you the exciting preparation of the meal!

Hahaha, will you settle for fish or would you prefer to eat meat? Okay— I understand! If that's the case, then how about something like "hambaagu"[1]?

Humhmm, come now— onwards forth ♪

The story title is "o-aji wa ikaga", literally meaning "how is the taste (of the meal)"; I had several translations (varying along the lines of "how was the meal" to "is the taste to your liking" etc) but ended up keeping the above version. I am open to renaming it though! :)

  1. "Hambaagu" = hamburger steak
Translator: Nhi
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