1st Year Students

Hajime Shino

Hinata Aoi

Midori Takamine

Mitsuru Tenma

Saved Souma together with Arashi after he had collapsed during Greek Legends.

Shinobu Sengoku

Sora Harukawa

Tetora Nagumo

Tomoya Mashiro

Tori Himemiya

Tsukasa Suou

Yuta Aoi

During Crash Course, Yuta had commented that the rest of the students were avoiding Souma due to his katana. As such, Souma wanted to prove to Yuta that his katana would cause no harm, but was intervened by Shinobu and Anzu.

2nd Year Students

Adonis Otogari

Souma's close friend. When Adonis encounters something unfamiliar, he is prone to seeking answers from Souma. They are often seen together in the classroom, and the two are known to accompany each other during morning runs.


His fellow classmate in 2-A. Souma and Anzu get along well and even endeavor in a girl talk concerning hair in Quarrel Festival. Souma often protects Anzu from Kaoru, whom he believes to be a danger to her.
It is revealed by Adonis during Greek Legends, that Souma often avoided contact with girls, but wouldn't hesitate to put Anzu's hand to his face.

Arashi Narukami

Arashi and Mitsuru saved Souma during his collapse in the Greek Legends story. Arashi likes to dote on him due to his big sister personality.

Hokuto Hidaka

Koga Oogami

Makoto Yuuki

Mao Isara

Mika Kagehira

Natsume Sakasaki

Ritsu Sakuma

Subaru Akehoshi

Yuzuru Fushimi

3rd Year Students

Chiaki Morisawa

Eichi Tenshouin

During Quarrel Festival, Souma became enraged with Eichi's decision to disband AKATSUKI, not hesitating to threaten him with his sword.

Izumi Sena

Kanata Shinkai

The Captain of the Marine Life Club. Souma highly respects Kanata and found his admiration of the sea through him. He sometimes gets submerged in the school's fountain by Kanata, as being showed in Quarrel Festival and the Ensemble Stars manga's weekly 4-koma - marine bio club's case.
Although he is troubled when Kanata lazes around in the fountain because it breaks the school rules, he doesn't want to tell him not to do something he clearly enjoys so much and so sometimes stands guard for him, keeping a lookout in case any student council members come by.[1]
He and Kanata often go to the aquarium together for Marine Bio Club activities, and it always ends with Souma excitedly point out all different kinds of fish for Kanata to teach him about.[2]

Kaoru Hakaze

Fellow member of the Marine Life Club. Souma bears great dislike towards Kaoru, not hesitating to swing his sword at him.

Keito Hasumi

Leader of his unit, AKATSUKI. As the leader of his unit and senior, Souma holds great respect for Keito.

Kuro Kiryu

Member of the same unit, AKATSUKI. Similarly to Keito, Souma highly respects Kuro.

Leo Tsukinaga

Nazuna Nito

Rei Sakuma

Shu Itsuki

Tsumugi Aoba

Wataru Hibiki

During Quarrel Festival, Wataru had put Souma to rest by hypnotizing him in order to protect Eichi.


Akiomi Kunugi

Jin Sagami



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