Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirements: (Carefree Misfortune) Sora Harukawa's Idol Road
Sora Harukawa A Small Token of Gratitude - 2
Season: Spring (春) Location: 2-A Classroom
Sora Harukawa Switch Dialogue Render
HaHa~ ♪ It’s lunch break~

It’s sunny today! Sora feels happy when the weather’s nice too~

HaHiHeHeHo~…♪ Oh, I see Anzu! Sora has business with Anzu! That’s why Sora ran all the way to Anzu’s classroom~ Sora’s glad she’s here!

Hm? Anzu, you haven’t had lunch yet? The same goes for Sora~ Let’s eat together once our business is finished ♪

Anzu, you’re the type who brings a boxed lunch to school, right? The same goes for Sora~

The cafeteria’s always crowded and the school store sells out in now time, after all~

But Sora doesn’t have to worry with a boxed lunch~ Sora can eat it even when it gets late!

HuHu~ Repaying Anzu takes priority over lunch right now~ Sora remembered HiHi~ ♪

Hm~? Repayment, as in what you were talking the other day, you say?

HuHu~ that’s right! Sora told you Sora will come up with something~ Sora has finished preparing for that! Sora’s sure Anzu will like it~ ♪

Hurry hurry, Senpai’s waiting~ Sora’s gonna run! Anzu, you, too…!

[Scene Change: Outdoor Stage]
Sora Harukawa A Small Token of Gratitude - 2 Scene Change
Sora Harukawa Switch Dialogue Render
HoHo~♪ We’re here! Senpai, sorry for the wait~
Tsumugi Aoba Switch Dialogue Render
Ahaha, it’s all right. I was just killing time by adjusting the lighting and audio. I like these sorts of monotonous tasks, it’s quite calming… ♪
Sora Harukawa Switch Dialogue Render
HiHi~ Sora’s got nothing to worry about now since Senpai’s done all the adjusting~ I’m always adjusting them by instinct~ Sora likes “fun” colours HuHu~♪
Tsumugi Aoba Switch Dialogue Render
But you’re rather skilful, aren’t you, Sora-kun? Natsume-kun also mentioned that you’re a child who gets most of the job done.

It’s amazing to hear Natsume-kun praise someone like that~♪

He’s nice to Sora-kun, so I’m slightly envious. I won’t tell him to respect me properly as his senior, but I’d prefer if he stopped hitting me…

Sora Harukawa Switch Dialogue Render
Hm~? Master sure likes Senpai~♪ Master always has a “happy” colour about him whenever he’s talking to you, Senpai! HaHa~ Master and Senpai are really good friends~♪
Tsumugi Aoba Switch Dialogue Render
Ehh? You think so? I don’t understand the thought patterns of a young child!

Calm down? Y-You’re right. If someone older than you starts losing his composure then…

Wait, Anzu-chan? Eh? Ehh? Why is Anzu-chan here? Sora-kun brought you here?

Ohh. The reason why Sora-kun suddenly appeared was because he brought you here, right?

You’re the “producer”, so I wonder if you’re here to watch our live. You may be able to allocate appropriate work to us once you’ve gotten a grasp on our abilities as well…

I didn’t think that far. Actually, it was rather sudden when Natsume-kun told me to prepare for a performance…

For him to decide on performing out of the blue like that isn’t anything new, but I’d like him to put himself in my shoes for a change…

Sora Harukawa Switch Dialogue Render
Senpai, where’s Master? Sora doesn’t see him anywhere~ Is he not here yet?
Tsumugi Aoba Switch Dialogue Render
He scorned at me and said “why do I have to help yOU?” when I asked him to help me!

I haven’t said anything strange, have I? Uuu, so why did he do that!? On second thought, I really don’t understand young people!

Sora Harukawa Switch Dialogue Render
Sora was saved by Anzu! We’re gonna put on a live as thanks~ HoHo~ Senpai, can Sora get onstage now?
Tsumugi Aoba Switch Dialogue Render
I don’t mind, but… what do you mean by as thanks? Did something happen to you, Sora-kun?
Sora Harukawa Switch Dialogue Render
Anzu saved me the other day when Sora was stuck on a tree branch and couldn’t come down! It’s thanks for that~ HaHa~ ♪
Tsumugi Aoba Switch Dialogue Render
I can’t seem to picture the situation, but…

Anyway, I’ve understood that you were saved thanks to Anzu’s help. Please let me thank you as well.

Anzu-chan, thank you very much…♪

The stage preparations are all set, so you can go on up whenever you like. I’ll let you know when Natsume-kun is here.

Please do show Anzu-chan your wonderful singing and dancing, okay? ♪

(Carefree Misfortune) Sora Harukawa CG2
Sora Harukawa Switch Dialogue Render
HiHi~ Roger that~♪

Anzu, watch me. Sora will cheer you up with his singing and dancing~


(Anzu sure is watching me closely~ Her eyes are sparkling!)

(It’s such a pretty colour~ It’s Sora’s favourite “light blue”…♪)

(It’s nice to work hard~ But overdo it and you’ll get tired~ You can’t catch your breath! It’s important to take appropriate breaks~…♪)

HuHu~ How was that? Sora had fun~ Sora’s happy that Anzu’s in good spirits!

It’s monochromatic when it’s just Sora~

But it can turn into any colour in the world with Master and Senpai here~ The possibilities are infinite!

Anzu, Sora hopes you’ll continue to support “Switch”~ HaHiHuHeHo~♪

Translation: Creampuffs
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