Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirements: (Carefree Misfortune) Sora Harukawa's Idol Road
Sora Harukawa A Small Token of Gratitude - 1
Season: Spring (春) Location: In Front of Back Gate
HaHa~, HuHu~ ♪

Sora makes an energetic appearance!

It’s morning~ Sora’s a student, after all~ He has to attend class seriously!

Ohh, Sora can see the front gate now~ In order to get in, he has to pass through the reception first~

Sora will take out his student ID out of his bag! Rummage rummage, rummage rummage ♪

(Sora has put his student ID in the pocket of his school uniform! Did you know~?)

(Sora wanted to practise this morning so he didn’t wear his school uniform! But Sora’s uniform is in his bag~ He just needs to look for his uniform…)


(I-It’s not here~!? Sora can’t find his student ID! His school uniform is here, though~)

(This is bad~ Sora can’t get past the reception without his student ID~ He can’t enter the school! HiHi~! ♪)

(If only Master~ or Senpai was here~ They might let Sora in if he explains his circumstances~)

(But they’re not here! Only Sora is here~ This is bad, Sora’s in trouble!)


(Amazing, Sora has thought of an idea! If he uses the back gate then Sora won’t have to get past the reception~)

(Sora’s speciality is parkour, after all~ This wall is a piece of cake ♪)

HuHu~ HeHe~ HoHo~…

A big juuump ☆

(HaHa~ ♪ This is so high up~ Sora feels like he’s a bird!)

(…Ah, Sora can see the bike parking lot! It’s a success~ Sora just has to get climb over this tree and he’ll reach the back gate in no time HiHi~ ♪)

(Carefree Misfortune) Sora Harukawa CG
…Woah!? S-Sora’s jacket is stuck on the branch~ He can’t move!

When Sora struggles about~ leaves come falling down! And Sora can hear groaning~

Maybe it’s because the branch is gonna snap~ If it does, Sora can reach the ground~ Sora will be saved!

Uu~… The more Sora struggles, the more leaves fall, but it doesn’t look like the branch will snap anytime soon~

This branch is pretty sturdy~ Sora has a feeling his jacket will rip apart before the branch snaps!

(Hm~…? Someone’s heading this way! Who is it~? Master~ Senpai? It’s not Hina-chan or Mitsu-chan~)

(They’re wearing a skirt! It’s a girl~ But there aren’t any girls in the idol course~)

(Sora has heard of fans who try to sneak into the school to see the idols though~ The person at the reception was troubled! Sora will warn her!)

You shouldn’t come into the school just because you want to~ Go to the reception and show them your student ID!

The same goes to Sora~ Sora forgot his student ID, but he’s a student from the idol course~ Sora isn’t lying!

…Huh? Now that Sora takes a closer look, it’s Anzu~ Anzu’s a girl, after all~ It’s not strange for her to be wearing a skirt! Sora made a mistake~

Why did you come in this way, Anzu? Did you forget your student ID like Sora did? HoHo~?

So you showed your student ID at the reception, huh~ You were going to head straight into the school, but you heard a shout and came over to take a look? HeHe~ ♪

That’s probably Sora’s voice~ As you can see, Sora’s stuck and can’t get down~ Anzu, please save me!

…~♪ There, a safe landing! It’s all thanks to you, Anzu~ Sora is terribly grateful ♪

Master~ told me to repay those who help Sora! So what would you like as repayment~?

Sora’s supposed to be giving back, but it’ll be bad if he gives something Anzu doesn’t like~ Sora will do some research! What do you like, Anzu? …Work?

You sure do like work as the “producer”~ Anzu is a “producer”; it’s nice that you like what you do… ♪

Sora likes playing video games at the Game Club~ Master’s~ good at analysing things, after all~

He’s always analysing Sora’s playstyle and coming up with new strategies! Master~ doesn’t like losing~

Sora doesn’t really mind~ Sora isn’t bothered with it as long as it’s fun ♪ Hmm~… we’re getting off-topic.

Sora understands that Anzu likes work, but he doesn’t want to ask for work as repayment~ It doesn’t feel right!

This is troubling~ Even if you tell Sora not to worry about it, the fact that you saved Sora still stands~

If you weren’t here, Sora will still be hanging on a tree branch!

Woah, time sure has flown by while we were chatting~ Sora won’t get any time to practise at this rate! Sora has to a lesson to go to, so Sora will leave now!

Let’s talk about this later~ Sora will come up with something as thanks! Look forward to it, okay~? See you later, Anzu. Bye bye ♪

Translation: Creampuffs
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